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The Best Medical Billing Companies in Pittsburgh

Running your medical practice in Pittsburgh and maintaining an efficient in-house medical billing department can be indeed difficult. If you have already made sure that this approach is not effective enough but pretty costly, we can offer you a viable option that is the outsourcing of your medical billing to companies that make a specialty out of these services.

With the help of the best medical billing companies, hospitals, clinics, as well as individual physicians can forget about all this nightmare related to medical billing management. Take care of your patients, while trustworthy specialists of the professional medical billing services Pittsburgh will take care of your medical billing. Rest assured that within a short period of time you will notice positive changes - the number of errors will be significantly reduced, claim processing will be accelerated, reimbursements will be increased, denied claims will be efficiently and timely handled.

So, do not hesitate to hire one of the best medical billing companies in Pittsburgh. Our list of the leading medical billing firms in Pittsburgh can be a reliable source of information helping you to identify the most suitable billing partners.

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List of the top Medical Billing Companies in Pittsburgh

Updated: 05 April 2024
Medwave Billing & Credentialing logo
United States

Medwave Billing & Credentialing

Medwave Billing & Credentialing is dedicated to providing unparalleled medical billing and credentialing services. Whether setting up a new individual or group practice or managing your veteran practice, billing and credentialing can be a daunting task and knowing where to start and what information is needed to bring in revenue is a key process in ensuring your practice’s success. Servicing the healthcare community for over 20 years, we’ve provided the highest level services. Excelling on your behalf with tenacity, transparency, quick turn around and a dauntless approach. Our team of experienced professionals do the job right and ensure medical practices the peace of mind they deserve.

Service Focus
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Schmidt Medical Billing logo
United States

Schmidt Medical Billing

Schmidt Medical Billing is a medical billing company that serving medical practices and other healthcare facilities across Pittsburgh.

Schmidt Medical Billing pays special attention to accounts receivable in your practice, so SMB staff responds quickly to insurance company denials and ensures prompt payment.

SMB knows all the nuances of insurance companies, adapts to working with them, and achieves positive decisions on even the most complex and controversial claims. SMB's specialized staff has in-depth knowledge, many years of experience, and up-to-date background in all areas of medical billing. Partnering with Schmidt Medical Billing will allow the medical staff at your practice to focus on patient care without having to worry about the administrative tasks related to refunds, reimbursements, claims, etc.

The Schmidt Medical Billing team provides:

  • 24 hr claims processing turnaround;
  • Secondary / Tertiary claim submission;
  • A/R clean up;
  • Credentialing / accreditation;
  • Patient payment tracking;
  • EHR software Intergration;
  • Denial follow-up for rapid payment;
  • In house certified medical coders;
  • Monthly practice analysis, etc
Service Focus
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Medical Service Associates logo
United States

Medical Service Associates

Medical Service Associates is one of the leaders in physician billing and medical billing outsourcing based in Pittsburgh. 

Launched in 1995, Medical Service Associates helps relieve physicians and private practices of the worries related to medical billing and collections by providing full reimbursement for money owed to medical practices. Over the years in business, they have managed to build an impressive client base of nearly 100 private clinics and physicians in the tri-state area. Medical Service Associates is a full-service provider of billing services from registration to patient billing that are designed to maximize profits for your medical practice while minimizing costs. 

List of services you can get at Medical Service Associates:

  • Billing Service;
  • Electronic Health Record;
  • Billing Cost/Benefit Analysis;
  • Provider Specialties;
  • RemoteScan Business Partner.
Service Focus
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Triple B Billing & Consulting, Inc. logo
United States

Triple B Billing & Consulting, Inc.

Triple B Billing & Consulting is a team of highly skilled and experienced medical billing and coding experts located in Pittsburgh.

Triple B Billing & Consulting believes that combining direct medical responsibilities with administrative financial functions can be very challenging, so having a strong and experienced medical billing team can greatly simplify the work of medical staff, increase their productivity, and at the same time improve the financial situation of the medical practice. The Triple B Billing & Consulting team aims to build long-lasting and strong partnerships with clients, so they work hard to increase reimbursement and provide effective and motivating counseling to improve medical staff productivity and allow them to focus on patient care.

Services provided by the experts at Triple B Billing & Consulting:

  • Claims Submission (Paper & Electronic);
  • Medical Coding;
  • A/R Collections, Appeals, Denials;
  • 835, 997, 277, 835 Review & Submission;
  • Insurance Verification & Authorizations;
  • Documentation Updates & Requirements;
  • Legal Charting Requirements & Auditing;
  • Medical Necessity Guidelines;
  • Medical Policy & Coding Updates, etc.
Service Focus
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Quick Med Claims (QMC) logo
United States

Quick Med Claims (QMC)

Quick Med Claims (QMC) is a nationally recognized leader in the medical billing industry.

The (QMC) team specializes in billing and reimbursement in such medical fields as emergency medical transportation. QMC is committed to providing services that comply with all the rules and requirements of the billing and reimbursement process. QMC's years of experience have allowed them to provide the highest level of quality in all aspects of service while maintaining a personalized approach to each client. This balance has been a hallmark of QMC's approach since its foundation.

Quick Med Claims services:

  • Insurance Verification;
  • Claims Processing;
  • Accounts Receivable Management;
  • Review and Appeals;
  • Software Integration Support;
  • Budgeting and Financial Analysis;
  • Clinical Documentation Training;
  • Procurement Support, etc.
Service Focus
  • Services
ClaimCare logo
United States


ClaimCare provides complete first-class, unique medical billing solutions for more than 17 years.

The main goal of the ClaimCare team is to collect maximum revenue for your practice as quickly as possible while easing the cost and hassle for your organization so that you can focus only on your direct responsibilities

ClaimCare's medical billing expertise includes both office specialties (from cardiology to general surgery, pain management, etc.) and freestanding facilities (ambulatory surgery centers, radiology clinics, etc.).

Service Focus
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Electronic Medical Claims Consultants logo
United States

Electronic Medical Claims Consultants

Electronic Medical Claims Consultants is a full-service billing company that provides professional billing services to a wide range of healthcare providers.

The EMC Consultants team is committed to increasing accounts receivable and reducing medical practice costs. The main goal of Electronic Medical Claims Consultants is to provide its clients with maximum profits and positive resolutions to even the most challenging and complex claims. Electronic Medical Claims Consultants also includes experienced medical insurance professionals. All claims are processed by Electronic Medical Claims Consultants' staff within the first 72 hours, allowing you to receive payments in a shorter amount of time.

EMC Consultants offers:

  • Persistent follow-up on all claims;
  • Creation and mailing of patient statements;
  • Prompt postage of payments;
  • Collection and analysis of patient information;
  • Courteous but effective collection of outstanding receivables;
  • Personally and efficiently answered patient billing questions;
  • Customized monthly statistical reports tracking business activity and productivity;
  • Optional benefits verifications available.
Service Focus
  • Services
American Billing Company logo
United States

American Billing Company

The history of the American Billing Company began in 1982 when Paul began working in the medical field as a billing manager in a clinic. After gaining experience he decided to create his own medical billing company, so in 1992 American Billing Company was born. The company initially started with just one client. By 2007, the company was recognized as one of the leaders in the medical billing market in Pennsylvania, and ABM had a customer base of about 400 clients.

Qualified staff, unmatched service, competitive pricing, and in-house software make ABM one of the most sought-after and trusted medical billing service providers among medical practices in 17 states.

Services provided at American Billing Company:

  • Complete billing from patient encounter to remit;
  • EHR/EMR real-time interface with your charts;
  • Account supervisor specific to your practice;
  • Electronic claims direct to government payers;
  • Electronic claims to par commercial payers;
  • Document imaging & retrieval;
  • Insurance claim follow-up & secondary claims;
  • Compliance with billing regulations, etc.
Service Focus
  • Services
Healthcare Management Advisors, Inc logo
United States

Healthcare Management Advisors, Inc

Healthcare Management Advisors is a reliable medical billing, practice management, tax, accounting, and consulting firm based in Pittsburgh.

Since its founding, the Healthcare Management Advisors team's primary goal has been to provide the highest level of customer service. Originally founded as a company to provide tax and consulting services to physicians and private practices, Healthcare Management Advisors has expanded to include providing medical claims billing and practice management services. Over the years, Healthcare Management Advisors has developed a wide range of products and services to provide clients with a comprehensive solution for the entire medical practice workflow.

Healthcare Management Advisors services:

  • Medical Billing;
  • Financial Services;
  • Payroll Services;
  • Long Range Planning;
  • Operational Services for new practices;
  • Income tax preparation Services;
  • Financial Services;
  • Payroll Services;
  • Software Services;
  • Long Range Planning.
Service Focus
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Virtual Revenue Solutions (VRS) logo
United States

Virtual Revenue Solutions (VRS)

Virtual Revenue Solutions (VRS) is a medical billing company serving Pittsburgh medical practices and clinics.

Virtual Revenue Solutions (VRS) understands that medical practices, private physicians, and clinics need to keep patients healthy and provide them with the highest quality of service while maintaining a healthy revenue stream. It is difficult for medical professionals to take care of patients and deal with administrative issues regarding refunds, reimbursements, etc. at the same time, so the VRS team takes full control of all billing processes of their clients. In addition, the experts at Virtual Revenue Solutions help identify barriers in the revenue cycle and ensure faster reimbursements, with less administrative work.

Services provided by the Virtual Revenue Solutions team:

  • Accounts Receivable;
  • Charge Entry;
  • Claim Submission;
  • Credentialing;
  • Denial Management;
  • Patient Statements & Payments;
  • Payment Posting;
  • Personalized Support;
  • Reporting & Analytics;
  • Workflow Analysis.
Service Focus
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