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Are Custom Websites Better For SEO?

Your business website should be more than just your online personality; it should be the center of all your branding and marketing efforts.

Mack Chris

Guest Author

27 Oct 2022

Not only should your website look good, but it should also be speedy, user-friendly, and spontaneous. Most of your customers are on mobile devices, so your website should work well on phones and tablets.

Also, remember that a website without traffic is useless. Plus, just getting traffic from the web doesn’t put money in the bank. Instead, a good custom website design converts lead and maximize traffic.

Instead of concentrating on SEO, which is a crucial factor required to maximize a website’s visibility to the general public, many companies spend all their efforts creating websites that look “beautiful.” Adopting an intelligent SEO strategy can help businesses maximize profits. Overlooking SEO as an important factor when designing a website is the lethal blunder of putting your business at risk. Having a custom website design is useless if your user cannot access or find your website on the first page of SERPs.

What Is SEO Web Design?

SEO website design involves creating an organic traffic generation plan and designing a website according to it. This method goes against the template-based web design process of creating attractive websites without traffic or customer acquisition strategies.

Marketers and web designers have the same primary goal: to create great websites. However, there is a conflict between the concepts of effective website marketers and web designers. A web design team and SEO experts need to agree on the terms of a good business website to succeed. The company’s goal is to have a website that assists present customers, attracts and converts potential leads, and provides a meaningful ROI.

Does Custom Websites Are Better For SEO?

It’s hard to find a definitive answer in the matter of SEO, as the goals of Google are constantly changing, but custom website design seems to support your SEO efforts.

But why are SEO and web design so intertwined? First, let’s look at a few key features.

  1. Search rankings and algorithms of Google are not designed to attract your business. In its place, it is intended to provide users with the best experience when searching for businesses on the Internet. However, if your website design provides a good user experience, you can expect higher search engine rankings.
  2. SEO algorithms monitor various metrics. Unfortunately, a little bit of this data includes visitor bounce rates and per-session page data. A fully custom website design can help improve these key metrics unswervingly.
  3. Google always cares about websites with clear and concise pages designed to offer visitors the exact info or data they are looking for. If your website design has all these features, then it is more likely that the chances of your website to rank well on SERPs.

Benefits Of Spending Time and Efforts On A Custom Website

If you have just started a business and wondering whether to save or spend money on your website, here are the benefits of spending both time and money to have a custom website for your business.

Value and User Insight

Frankly, it’s easy to differentiate between a template-based and a custom website design. Template-based websites are synonymous with poor-quality websites, and users tend to associate poor-quality sites with substandard services and products.

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A bad website encourages people to leave and look elsewhere, which can negatively impact search engine rankings. With a custom website, you can show your potential clients that you take your business seriously and be concerned about the quality of the products and services your offer. This makes people more likely to stay on your site longer, which is considered excellent for SEO.

The Capability to Operate a Website

Some internet marketing techniques require website navigation skills. Unfortunately, template-based websites do not allow SEO experts to perform many of these practices. Having a custom-built website allow your SEO team to work with the site, easily update it, and quickly change strategies when required.

Custom Websites Rank Better on SERPs

Custom sites are designed to be SEO-friendly, so they rank higher in searches than template-based websites. Search engines rank the higher your website, the more user will click on the link to your website. If you build an ordinary template-based website, your competitors with a custom website will continue to rank higher because their website will be clicked on more often. So basically, you’re better off pre-selecting a custom website and engaging your audience.

It Helps Build Successful Brand Recognition

Your custom website design matches your business needs and lets your unique style stand out. It builds brand awareness and earns customer trust by ensuring a smooth transition from the website to the services and products. Needless to say, a custom website can help your customers find you, which can help your website rise to the top of search rankings. It may cost a lot upfront, but the benefits of creating a custom website will pay back after some time.

How To Build A Custom Site With SEO In Consideration

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Website design has a considerable influence on SEO and revenue. Web designers and business owners may be vaulted, but they must work together to build better custom websites. So, utilize these five SEO-friendly web design best practices in order to stand out your brand among others.

Use JavaScript and Flash In Control

JavaScript and Flash are complex programming languages ​​for search engine crawlers to read. You can use these languages ​​to create exciting and original design elements, but use as few as possible. Do not embed important content in Flash or JavaScript basics of your website. This content won’t be able to appear for search engines, and you’ll lose that essential SEO advantage.

Use Clean Navigation Structure With JavaScript

Your website should be easy to navigate. Potential visitors don’t have to search for what they are looking for. Navigation should be simple. Analogously for search engine bots. The more hurdles and URLs you have to sift through to find the right one, the inferior your SEO score. Organize your navigation. Streamline URLs to keep them short and more memorable. If possible, eliminate duplicates and bound URL categories.

Now bring up the functionality of your navigation with JavaScript.

Using JavaScript to display navigation, expandable pages, and accompanying links can be a hindrance because it’s difficult for search engines to read. JavaScript is not as simple as HTML, and there are countless ways to generate an identical product from JavaScript, which can obscure search engines.

Pay Attention To Text Within the Image and Content

Web design revolves around a color scheme, layout, and type style, but you also need to consider images and content.

Keep in mind to ask your designer to optimize all images on your page. First, lessen image files or apply lazy loading to decrease load times. Make sure to include metas in your images so search engine crawlers can index them.

Many web admins insert text into images because they want to show a particular typeface or simply because they don’t know HTML. So don’t try this method because search engines cannot read the content of images. So do it right, and you won’t have to do it twice.

Finally, you can have a stunning website, but if your content isn’t sound, you will not rank well in SERPs. Useful content shows search engines that your website is beneficial.

Each page should at least have its own text and images. Having other essentials like animations also helps. Make sure to add at least 250 non-plagiarized words and one image on each page. Use keywords from this page in alt tags for text and images, but don’t overdo them. SEO is a subtle balance and using keywords every 100 words is always safe.

Focus On Your Website Loading Speed

If your site takes too much time to load pages, visitors may leave in a hurry. Your branding team needs as much upside as possible, and a slow website is deadly to conversion rates. Google knew this would create a poor user experience and lead to lower search engine rankings.

Loading too many HTTP requests, too many CSS and JavaScript files, and high-resolution images can slow down your website. Instead, a website design should keep visitors on the page quickly, thereby improving your SEO rankings.

Create A Blog Page

Search engines love to host new content, and using a blog is one of the best options to grow and stay active. New content needs to be constantly indexed by search engines, so it can remove bots and help you rank for long-tail keywords.

Final Thoughts

The website design has a significant impact on user experience as well as on search engine rankings. Template-based sites drop your SEO rankings by making your site appear at the bottom of search results. This directly impacts business results, so spending your time and money on custom web design from the beginning to get fruitful results in the long run, is important.

Blend SEO best practices with custom web design to build a great-looking website that ranks at the top of the search results.

Author Bio:Mack Chris is an SEO specialist with more than 5 years of experience in promoting and marketing brands in the digital world. He loves to read and share his digital marketing experience with the rest of the community. In his spare time, he enjoys drawing, sketching, playing football, and goes, swimming.