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Leading Medical Billing Companies in New York

Thousands of hospitals and medical practices are located in New York and render their services to millions of citizens. Still, healthcare organizations face the necessity not only to provide their patients with quality healthcare services but to handle alongside ongoing administrative tasks including medical billing .

If you come to the conclusion that your in-house medical billing team can not cope with the related tasks, it is time to find an alternative, and the best one, in this case, is to outsource medical billing services. There are plenty of medical billing companies in NY that are ready to offer their services. They offer helpful, reliable, and user-friendly billing software that can be easily integrated with your EHR. Besides, experienced staff and professional customer support can solve any related problem on the fly.

Look through our list of the top medical billing services in NY and find your perfect partner.

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List of the top Medical Billing Companies in New York

Updated: 08 April 2024
Barbara Young Medical Billing Services logo
United States

Barbara Young Medical Billing Services

Barbara Young Medical Billing Services is one of the leading companies in its niche. It has been on the market since 2003 and therefore has years of experience and is highly regarded as the company to trust. The specialists of Barbara Young Medical Billing Services are well-trained and aware of all aspects and hidden pitfalls of medical billing. Their top-notch medical billing services help healthcare providers across the whole country save a lot of money, enhance revenue, reduce the number of claim denials, and fine-tune all related operations.

The list of the company’s medical billing services goes beyond insurance eligibility verification. electronic and paper claim submissions, credentialing, electronic remittance advice, electronic funds transfers, referrals, and coding.

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Billing Geeks logo
United States

Billing Geeks

Billing Geeks hit the market in 2001 and has managed to become a thought leader in the industry. The secrete of Billing Geeks’ success is a perfect combination of modern technologies with hands-on, engaged customer partnerships managed by real humans. What makes them geeks who best in their field is the readiness to deal with a nitty-gritty, down-and-dirty billing work. Billing Geeks’ staff does not just plug the information into a software system but rolls the leaves to tackle issues manually.

With the help of Billing Geeks, healthcare facilities can clean up their practice, get paid, forget about piles of outstanding receivables and totally concentrate on patient care.

The company provides a wide array of services including insurance verification, insurance billing, utilization review, practice analysis and compliance, A/R management and collections, training, claim management, coding, etc.

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United States


This full-service medical billing company provides exceptional services helping medical practices receive payments from insurance companies or self-paying patients for the rendered healthcare services.

Cooperating with MBMNY, healthcare facilities save a lot of time and money as the company provides high-quality services at competitive rates and without hidden costs. Besides, with MBMNY there is no longer a need to worry about billing staff hiring, recruitment, retention, and training - the best-of-the-breed billing experts are always in place. One more advantage is that maintenance and upgrading of billing software and hardware are not required anymore. MEDICAL BILLING SERVICE OF METRO NEW YORK will have you covered.

The company can provide you with a rich set of services:

  • Electronic Billing;
  • All Payor Billing;
  • Payment Tracking;
  • Complete Follow-Up;
  • Credentialing;
  • Revenue Reporting System;
  • A/R Management;
  • Monthly Patient Statements/ Mailers;
  • Front Desk Staff Training.
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Technical Advantage Services logo
United States

Technical Advantage Services

Established in 1993 Technical Advantage Services is a full-service company specializing in medical billing, medical collections, claim follow-ups, credentialing, and audit servicing. It stands apart from all the peers as it provides an assurance guarantee and competitive rates.

The success of the company is fueled by a perfect mix of tradition and innovation, i.e. cutting-edge billing solutions are combined with the old-school one-on-one interaction.

Private physician and group practices can opt for either full service or stand-alone service.

The full service option implies a complete revenue cycle management solution for insurance claims billing, patient billing, and hard money collections.

The stand-alone service is relevant if a medical practice needs help in only one particular area. The stand-alone service can be applied to the billing of one particular insurer, e.g. Medicaid, Medicare, etc.

One more advantage of collaboration with Technical Advantage Services is that long term contracts are not required, healthcare facility can stay as long as it is content with rendered billing services.

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FM Physician Billing logo
United States

FM Physician Billing

FM Physician Billing is a well-established medical billing company with 30 years of experience in the field.

The highly professional staff of the company know all the ins and outs of medical billing and are able to bill and collect as much revenue for your healthcare facility as possible.

FM Physician Billing experts are extremely rigorous in their approach to work execution. They thoroughly review billing forms before data entry to identify practice’s coding patterns and alert to contradictions. It minimizes the number of errors in the submitted claims and maximizes reimbursements. In addition, FM Physician Billing also offers primary and secondary follow-up schedules to ensure timely and effective handling of all claim delays and claim denials.

FM Physician Billing offers a complete suite of services, including:

  • Daily charge entry;
  • Daily payment posting;
  • Insurance appeal management;
  • Denial management;
  • Monthly patient statements;
  • Monthly revenue reporting;
  • Front Desk Staff Training;
  • Credentialing;
  • Payment Tracking and Soft Collections;
  • Treatment Plan Payment Analysis;
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MedEx Billing Inc. logo
United States

MedEx Billing Inc.

MedEx is a HIPAA- and Red Flag-compliant medical billing company with many years of experience that lets it provide first-class medical billing services as well as unparalleled customer service. Partnership with MedEx allows Emergency ambulances, Advanced Life Support, not-for-profit ambulances, First Response agencies, Municipalities, Aeromedical transport companies to concentrate solely on patient care and do not worry about medical billing issues that MedEx as an EMS billing company is good at.

The company’s CAC-certified employees use a unique and rigorous medical billing process assuring that all submitted EMS bills have the highest possible billing revenue recovered.

MedEx’s numerous clients consider the company as a choice for life due to its excellent work and client focus. It lets the company keep a high client retention rate.

The spectrum of MedEx services includes:

  • Electronic and paper claim submission;
  • Government, commercial and private billing;
  • Patient statements;
  • Сustomized reports;
  • Payment posting;
  • Denied claim management;
  • Claim management;
  • Revenue cycle management;
  • Patient inquiry management;
  • Accounts receivable management.
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Millenium Medical Billing logo
United States

Millenium Medical Billing

Millenium Medical Billing is a fully HIPAA compliant private medical billing firm offering professional billing services to organizations within the healthcare industry. The company’s recipe for success is a personalized approach as they tailor the services to each of their clients’ needs. Their innovative and user-friendly software along with their professional staff can optimize all the related processes from scheduling and patient information storage to claim submission and balance collection. Employees of MMB undergo compulsory comprehensive training, which lets them get highly experienced in all aspects of medical billing.

Our aggressive follow-up system lets medical practices increase the number of claims paid which results in better profitability.

By outsourcing medical billing to the Millenium Medical Billing company, it is indeed simpler to run medical practice efficiently.

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MedWise Billing, Inc. logo
United States

MedWise Billing, Inc.

MedWise Billing, Inc. is a reliable New-York based medical billing and credentialing expert and consultant providing high-quality services to healthcare providers, lawyers, and insured individuals helping them easily navigate across the tricky and complex world of medical insurance.

Different healthcare providers are assisted with insurance claim management and credentialing.

Attorneys make use of the company’s services when it comes to audit and analysis of liens on personal injury claims.

Individuals, in their turn, can be assisted with their medical bills to receive reimbursements, get an understanding of EOBs, and file claims.

20 years of experience let MedWise Billing understand the needs and challenges of their clients and provide them with customized services that make their practice more efficient.

Provided services:

  • Medical billing for healthcare facilities;
  • Insurance credentialing for healthcare facilities;
  • Audit of medical/personal injury and lien claims;
  • Analysis of medical/personal injury and lien claims;
  • Assistance with medical bill understanding;
  • Evaluation of Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial insurance policies;
  • Insured individual advocacy;
  • Expert insurance consulting;
  • Medical insurance denial management;
  • Medical claim appeal management.
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D.S. Keane & Associates logo
United States

D.S. Keane & Associates

D.S. Keane & Associates specializes exclusively in billing and follow-up of Workers’ Compensation and No-Fault that are extremely challenging in terms of invoicing and collections. In essence, D.S. Keane & Associates is the largest New York-based medical billing company operating exclusively within these two areas.

Numerous healthcare providers note that collaboration with D.S. Keane & Associates results in approximately a 20-30% increase in cash flow as well as a noticeable reduction in the number of underpaid claims, denied claims, and aged receivables.

The company offers outstanding services in the following key areas of receivables management:

  • Outpatient Workers Compensation Billing and Follow-up;
  • Inpatient Workers Compensation Billing and Follow-up;
  • Outpatient No-Fault Billing and Follow-up;
  • Inpatient No-Fault Billing and Follow-up;
  • Physician Workers’ Compensation Billing and Follow-up;
  • Physician No-Fault Billing and Follow-up.
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WCH Service Bureau Inc. logo
< $25 / hr
United States

WCH Service Bureau Inc.

WCH are experts in all areas of medical billing and credentialing. The company is a proud member of AAPC, AMBA, AHIMA, and other professional organizations. The exceptional quality of services and customer care differentiate WCH from the rest of the medical billing companies. 

WCH is a top choice in terms of medical billing outsourcing services. Collaboration with this medical billing company is indeed beneficial for healthcare facilities. With the WCH’s help, they can forget all the hassle related to billing processes.

This medical billing service provider has been on the market since 2001. It provides its staff with extensive education and training. Besides, it uses the best practices and innovative technology in order to be one the best in its niche. This approach lets them guarantee reimbursement at 97-99%.

Extensive domain expertise plays an important role in the success of the company. The areas of their expertise include audiology, cardiology, chiropractic, dermatology, IDTF, mental health, neurology, radiology, surgery, and many others.

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ASAP Billing logo
< $25 / hr
United States

ASAP Billing

ASAP leverages 15+ years of medical billing expertise and industry leading technology to recover money with higher efficiency, more effectiveness, and a better experience.

Business outcomes we are unlocking for our clients:

  • 30% increase in revenue collected
  • 5x improved accounts receivables
  • 40% increase in speed to payment

We handle everything from claim to payment:

  • Claims submission
  • Accounts receivables management
  • Payment posting
  • Patient billing
  • Denial management
  • Compliance and regulations

ASAP Billing is committed to ensuring you collect every dollar you earned, as soon as possible. We provide personalized solutions that enable you to focus on what you do best, improving the lives of patients.

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CureCloudMD logo
$25 - $49 / hr
United States


Want to hire the best medical billing company in the USA? Get started with CureCloudMD which provides cost-effective, reliable, and HIPAA-compliant medical billing services across more than 30 specialties in the healthcare field. We provide a complete range of administrative services including medical credentialing, provider enrollment, revenue cycle management, medical billing and coding, account receivable recovery services, and customer support solutions.
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