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Medical Billing Companies in Georgia

Do you want to forget about all this hassle related to medical billing in your medical practice and focus on patient care? Professional medical billing companies in Georgia can assist you with this. In essence, thousands of healthcare providers all over the USA have already highly praised the outsourcing of their medical billing services to third-party providers. It is a convenient and cost-effective way to manage insurance claims and all the related processes properly. Professional medical billing specialists know how to get maximum reimbursement, handle denied claims, and optimize all the corresponding tasks and processes.

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List of the top Medical Billing Companies in Georgia

Updated: 05 April 2024
M-Scribe Medical Billing logo
United States

M-Scribe Medical Billing

M-Scribe Medical Billing is a team of dedicated medical billing experts with almost two decades of expertise in a business.

The team's years of experience and in-depth knowledge of all medical billing processes have allowed them to develop a unique methodology for providing medical billing, ICD-10 coding, and documentation services.

M-Scribe Medical Billing has always strived to provide its customers with quality services, their main mission is to reduce claims errors, reduce turnaround time for payments, increase reimbursement on claims and make sure every customer is completely satisfied with their services.

M-Scribe Medical Billing services:

  • Medical Billing;
  • Medical Coding;
  • Payer Contract Negotiation;
  • Medical Practice Marketing;
  • Telemedicine;
  • HR Service.
Service Focus
  • Services
Capital Billing Services logo
United States

Capital Billing Services

Capital Billing Services with more than 30 years in the Healthcare market is one of the leaders in healthcare and revenue cycle management.

Launched in 2008, since day one their goal had been to help medical practices, healthcare institutions, independent doctors navigate the complicated world of revenue management.

With a combination of experienced medical billing professionals, in-depth knowledge of industry processes and regulations, and proven technology, the Capital Billing Services team helps their clients achieve faster, more sustainable, and more cost-effective results.

Specialties served Capital Billing Services team:

  • Anesthesiology;
  • Hospitalists Groups;
  • Mental Health Providers;
  • Orthopedic Specialists;
  • Pathology Experts, etc.

Medical/Dental Billing services include:

  • Medical claims billing to Insurance companies;
  • Patient billing for outstanding balances;
  • Practice management solutions and services;
  • Billing and coding advice and solutions;
  • Accounts receivable management;
  • Data backup services.
Service Focus
  • Services
CompComplete, LLC logo
United States

CompComplete, LLC

CompComplete, LLC is a provider of medical billing and nurse case management services, based in Georgia. CompComplete team of professionals, deep and expert knowledge of each team member in the medical billing area, and the use of modern technologies allows them to provide services at the highest level to medical organizations and their employees. Medical billing and nursing case management services are focused on maximizing medical improvement and minimizing staff disability. The collaboration of service-driven medical cost containment and aggressive claims administration creates a synergy of unmatched results.

What the CompComplete team offer:

  • Medical Bill Review;
  • Case Management;
  • Physician Panel Development;
  • National PPO Networks.
Service Focus
  • Services
APS Billing, LLC logo
United States

APS Billing, LLC

APS Billing, LLC is a family business specialized in medical billing, launched almost 20 years ago.

The APS Billing team combined their individual skills accumulated over the years to create a company that has become one of Georgia's leading medical billing markets. Since its founding, APS Billing's mission has been to provide affordable billing solutions with customized packages and friendly customer service. 

APS Billing team provides:

  • Verification of benefits (clients only);
  • Accurate and timely billing;
  • Claims follow-up;
  • Insurance and patient payments that go directly to you;
  • Patient communication to explain bills and answer questions;
  • Posting of payments;
  • A secure server to share information;
  • Credentialing services.
Service Focus
  • Services
Coastal Medical Billing logo
United States

Coastal Medical Billing

Coastal Medical Billing is one of the leaders of the medical billing services market for almost two decades. 

Coastal Medical Billing has proven to be a valuable resource to medical practice and facilities of various specialties across the whole United States. Coastal Medical Billing is focused on building long-term, strong and trusting relationships, so every customer is very much appreciated. The Coastal Medical Billing team not only specializes in the collection of funds owed to healthcare providers but also offers its clients a wide range of medical billing services.

When you work with Coastal Medical Billing, you have the support of accounting expertise, legal advisors, former practice administrators, marketing specialists, and the billing team.

The experts' team provides the following services:

  • Daily Charge Entry;
  • Use of Appointment Scheduler;
  • Electronic Claims Submission;
  • Mailing Patient Statements;
  • Document Management System;
  • Patient Billing Questions;
  • Posting of Payments;
  • Handling of Appeals;
  • Claim Denial Management;
  • Fee Schedule Reviews;
  • Assistance with Coding of Claims;
  • Coordination of Physician Credentialing;
  • Management Reports.
Service Focus
  • Services
United States


PETTIGREW is a 30 years old medical billing company founded in Georgia. 

The billing and revenue cycle management solutions developed by the PETTIGREW team are great for a wide range of healthcare providers, from medical practices to private physicians. 

Innovative, cost-effective, secure solutions - compelling reasons to take advantage of the PETTIGREW services. A team of experienced experts and a personalized approach to each client, combined with advanced technology and billing services, ensure lower costs and higher productivity of medical practices, hospitals, and other medical facilities.

PETTIGREW provide solutions to: 

  • Provider Groups;
  • Billing Companies;
  • Hospital Systems.
Service Focus
  • Services
24/7 Medical Billing Services logo
United States

24/7 Medical Billing Services

The name of the company says for itself. It supports hospitals, private physicians, group practices, and community medical facilities with its efficient end-to-end medical billing solutions that give an opportunity to significantly increase revenue, cut down operational costs, and streamline billing processes.

As a leading medical billing service provider in the USA, 24/7 Medical Billing Services provides round-the-clock services throughout the year to settle coding and billing issues and ensure their clients get their payments on time. The company focuses on providing high-quality output with accuracy to eliminate errors and discrepancies. The team of real experts detects weaknesses, optimizes the processes, and fills the gaps. In addition, the company offers auditing services including coding documentation review, fee schedule review, reimbursement analysis by payers, identification of problem root causes, and staff training.

To hold its leadership on the market 24/7 Medical Billing Services keeps pace with modern technology and market trends.

24/7 Medical Billing Services can be your perfect billing partner as it offers:

  • 24/7 availability;
  • Timely and accurate claim filing;
  • Minimum Accounts Receivable days;
  • 99% clean claims;
  • 100% HIPPA-compliance;
  • Only certified coders and billers;
  • The advanced and high-tech software.
Service Focus
  • Services
MedConverge logo
United States


MedConverge is an experienced and reliable provider of medical billing services founded in Georgia in 2015. 

With almost two decades in the medical billing business, they provide a lot of medical practices and healthcare facilities with experts and high-quality billing services. MedConverge specialists have been following the development of the industry for many years, and in their work, they try to use only the most modern and advanced technologies. MedConverge takes full control of all company processes related to billing and removes the responsibility for medical billing and medical coding processes from physicians allowing them to focus on patient care.

MedConverge services

  • Practice Management Solutions: 

- Revenue Cycle Management;

- AR Follow-up;

- Clinical Documentation, etc.

  • Specialty Medical Billing:

- Cardiology Billing;

- Clinical Laboratory Billing;

- Dermatology Billing;

- Gastroenterology Billing, etc.

  • Medical Coding.
Service Focus
  • Services
Precision Receivable Services, LLC logo
United States

Precision Receivable Services, LLC

Precision Receivable Service helps physicians in a variety of specialties, health centers, and other health care facilities get paid faster with expert training programs, medical billing and coding, extensive chart reviews to ensure coding compliance, and appeals of insurance company denials. For almost 25 years in business, Precision Receivable Service professionals have created innovative solutions that have helped improve the productivity and performance of many healthcare practices.

Precision Receivable Services include:

  • Revenue Cycle Solutions - Medical Billing;
  • Coding Support/Remediation & Training;
  • PAS Services Strategic Staffing Solutions;
  • Physician Advisory/Actuarial Services;
  • DSRIP-Patient Experience.
Service Focus
  • Services
Balents logo
< $15 / hr
United States


Balents is a national medical billing provider to physicians, dentists, and healthcare professionals launched in 2018.

The Balents team takes control of the entire administrative process, ensuring their clients (doctors and dentists) receive refunds from insurance companies after serving patients, so their clients can fully focus on medicine and doing what they can do best - taking care of patients. Here, you'll get full support with authorization, benefits verification, claims filing, payment posting, denial processing, and patient communication.

The medical billing capabilities of Balents:

  • Verification of Benefits;
  • Claims Management;
  • Reporting and Tracking;
  • Patient Communication.
Service Focus
  • Services

So hire a medical billing company in Georgia and get rid of the stress related to complications with insurance claim processing. The Superbcompanies specialists, in their turn, have done their best to identify the top-tiers of medical billing services Georgia and let you find a reliable partner. Skim our list of the best medical billing service providers in Georgia and pay particular attention to those that you will find the most suitable for your healthcare facility. 

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