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The Best Medical Billing Companies in Maryland

Numerous urgent care facilities, medical practices, and medical professionals expect from their medical billing software and billing departments timely and accurate information along with efficient and responsive service. Still, if your medical billing software is inefficient and medical billing is handled improperly, it results in numerous claim denials, delays in claim processing, and cash flow shortage.

If you are not satisfied with the current state of medical billing in your healthcare facility, the best way to make things better is to engage real experts, i.e. medical billing companies.

There is a wide array of medical billing services in Maryland that can render assistance and optimize your medical billing processes.

Not to let you get distracted with such a rich choice of medical billing companies in Maryland, Superbcompanies has picked up the most professional ones that provide excellent services and quality billing software with extremely valuable functionality and smooth integration with most EHRs. So check our list of the top medical billing companies in Maryland and define those that suit you perfectly.

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List of the top Medical Billing Companies in Maryland

Updated: 25 January 2024
MedHelp, Inc. logo
United States

MedHelp, Inc.

MedHelp, Inc. tender superior revenue cycle management services to all specialties, hospitals, urgent care centers, nursing facilities, etc. The company excels at medical billing, credentialing, and emergency department EMTALA recovery services.

MedHelp service healthcare facilities in the DELMARVA region and are rapidly expanding nationwide. Its rich experience in diverse service offerings and depth of expertise with an advanced practice management platform is a core differentiator between MedHelp and its rivals.

For over twenty years, MedHelp has assisted healthcare facilities with the improvement of their cash flow and optimization of their billing processes and revenue cycles.

MedHelp’s medical billing experts with functional and technical expertise can efficiently and professionally manage all billing processes from beginning to end.

The company pride itself on a proven track record for significantly enhancing its clients’ profit opportunities. First of all, this is because of the effective management of team members in the troubleshooting of billing processes to ensure that all problems and bottlenecks in the revenue cycle are detected and eliminated at once.

As a rule, the MedHelp team works on-site handling payor contact, providing customer support, and working as an extension of the client’s team. Besides, at the Facility level, personnel is assigned to work in liaison with facility staff.

The company’s outstanding services ensure excellent results in:

  • Cash flow improvement;
  • Reduction of billing backlogs;
  • Reduction of outstanding days in A/R;
  • Revenue increase.
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Healthcare Service Partners logo
United States

Healthcare Service Partners

Healthcare Service Partners is one of the best companies providing medical billing services, credentialing, and training for healthcare providers and facilities. Its team consists of experts with about 20 years of combined hands-on experience in the healthcare industry.​​​

The insurance credentialing and billing process is an essential part of any medical practice running and, in these terms, Healthcare Service Partners can take off the burden of these administrative tasks and let you focus on patient care. The foundation of the company’s outstanding billing and credentialing services is a deep understanding of the claim processing requirements of either private or government payers.

The main mission of the company is to improve the revenue of its clients, and it copes with this successfully without asking healthcare facilities to invest in a new billing system. Healthcare Service Partners uses a unique integrated solution that combines a current EHR and practice management system of its clients and its unrivaled medical billing services and knowledge systems. This solution lets save money, reduce the number of denials, enforce payer contracts, etc. 

Healthcare Service Partners is indeed a great choice when it comes to medical billing outsourcing. Its experts manage the billing process of medical practices from the time a claim is generated and till it is paid. The billing services of the company include:

  • Claim scrub for errors before its submission;
  • Primary, secondary, tertiary claim filing;
  • Insurance/patients payment posting;
  • Claim tracking to ensure receipt by payers;
  • Claim submission;
  • Denied claim appeal;
  • Patient statements and collection services.
Service Focus
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The Business Side logo
United States

The Business Side

The Business Side (TBS) is a reputable RCM and business operations company whose mission is to make its healthcare clients as highly profitable as possible. Numerous healthcare facilities have benefited from TBS’s profound industry knowledge, rich financial expertise, and client-oriented solutions.

The TBS team can manage all business aspects of medical practice. Having TBS as a partner, medical practitioners can relieve themselves of the hassles related to billing, cash flow, claim processing, collections, marketing, and technology challenges.

Founded in 1996, The Business Side, Inc. is committed to the delivery of highly customized, value-focused outsourcing services that result in increased efficiency, better compliance, and streamlined financial performance of its healthcare clients.

TBS has all the required resources and expertise in place to tackle any issues whatever operations or revenue cycle responsibilities your practice has. Its rich domain expertise and deep understanding of all the related processes enable it to complete tasks at the blink of an eye.

TBS renders full-service RCM services, that include:

  • Revenue Cycle Management;
  • Eligibility Review;
  • A/R management;
  • Credit Balance Remediation;
  • DSH;
  • RAC Audit Review;
  • Big Data Denial Review;
  • Income Pickup;
  • Credit Balance Scrubbing;
  • DHS Payment Validation;
  • Technology Transition;
  • Single-Payer Negotiations/Issues.
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Healthcare Data Management, Inc. logo
United States

Healthcare Data Management, Inc.

Healthcare Data Management, Inc. is a professional medical billing company offering unmatched and customer-oriented services to a great number of medical practices and specialties. The company management encourages close communication with clients and takes pride in being open to the particular requirements of each client.

Healthcare Data Management’s core goal is to give its clients an opportunity to concentrate on what matters most, i.e. their patients. The company’s expert highly-trained team can support billing needs of practices specializing in maternal-fetal medicine, asthma and allergy, orthopedics and orthopedic surgery, internal medicine, family practice, anesthesia, urgent care, chiropractic, cardiology, gastroenterology, and many others. Healthcare Data Management puts special stress on the ongoing education of its staff and strict adherence to the best industry practices.

The company is well-known for its first-class customer service. It offers a comprehensive electronic document management system, ensuring accurate and fast submission of all insurance claims. The Healthcare Data Management team is indeed tireless in its pursuit to recover every insurance cent that is owed to the clients. All payments are thoroughly checked and rechecked, to ensure that all clients’ money has been transferred to their account.

Now, everything is rapidly changing, such a billing partner as Healthcare Data Management can help practices stay in the loop and keep up with the advanced technology, insurance policies, code edits, government incentive programs, etc.

Service Focus
  • Services
JS Medical Billing logo
United States

JS Medical Billing

As its name implies the company delivers medical billing services. However, it focuses on individual and small practices, strongly believing in their success and helping them to run smoothly, devote more time to patients, and do not worry about medical billing management and related issues.

In its pursuit to render services of high quality, JS Medical Billing customizes its offerings in accordance with the specific preferences of its clients.

The company delivers its services to practices with the following specialties: family practice, pain management, internal medicine, pediatrics, neuropsychology, neurology, psychiatry, endocrinology, general surgery, rheumatology, and others.

Besides, JS Medical Billing offers certified EHR consultation, set-up, and training. Medical professionals and facilities can get a valuable piece of advice,- the responsive staff is always glad to share thoughts as for medical billing and practice management (general advice is at no cost).

The range of the company's services includes:

  • Medical billing;
  • Medical coding;
  • Practice management consultation;
  • Accounts receivable management, etc.
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Doctors’ Choice logo
United States

Doctors’ Choice

Established over twenty five years ago, Doctors’ Choice is a premier medical billing company offering a comprehensive suite of medical billing services, practice management consulting, and healthcare technology solutions to meet the current demands of healthcare professionals and facilities. 

The company services healthcare providers across the whole country. Its numerous clients have already highly appreciated its professional assistance, as Doctors’ Choice tailors solutions that ensure a high ROI by cutting down operational costs, improving productivity, and enhancing profitability.

Doctors’ Choice offers:

  • Medical billing services;
  • Revenue cycle management;
  • Denial management;
  • Custom services;
  • IT Integration, Hosting & Data Analytics;
  • EMR/EHR.

Reasons to hire Doctors’ Choice:

  • Bespoke services; 
  • An exclusive focus;
  • An impressive track record;
  • Rich technical expertise;
  • Attention to detail and customer focus.
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Key Medical Management logo
United States

Key Medical Management

Key Medical Management has been rendering medical billing and IT services to medical professionals and facilities in the MD/DC/VA area and beyond for over twenty-five years.

The time-proven practices of Key Medical Management ensure a smooth cash flow and the successful running of clients’ practice. The company understands the importance of close collaboration and keeps open lines of communication to address all urgent questions or concerns immediately without any delays. Additionally, Key Medical Management tries to keep its clients in the loop by submitting comprehensive monthly reports.

Reasons to choose Key Medical Management as your medical billing partner:

  • Effective medical billing processes;
  • Better cash flow;
  • Valuable recommendations on effective reimbursement management;
  • Well-trained staff;
  • Increased net revenue;
  • HIPAA compliant electronic claim processing.
Service Focus
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MD Billing Solutions logo
United States

MD Billing Solutions

MD Billing Solutions is dedicated to empowering healthcare providers with a plethora of advanced billing, management, and collaboration solutions. Its efficient medical health records platform along with its centralized billing programs help have every aspect of practice running under complete control. That’s all backed by the responsive board-certified coders, billers, and accounts receivable specialists well versed in accounting and collections as well as tendencies and challenges of the healthcare industry in general.

As long as medical billing and management is a fast-moving market, MD Billing Solutions constantly reinvents itself. The company partners up with IT and software giants, having an opportunity to introduce brand-new, more powerful services and solutions. In addition, the staff of MD Billing Solutions is also kept up to date and well trained.

The company also offers a unique option that is a personal account manager promise. Clients receive their own dedicated company contact that personally monitors their account.

By hiring MD Billing Solutions, medical specialists and facilities can rest assured of the seamless revenue cycle management and entire practice workflow. The expert team handles every aspect of medical billing including claim submission, claim tracking, EOB scanning, billing, follow-up, payment verification, advanced claim scrubbing for clean claims, and so much more.

Service Focus
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Physicians Medical Billing (PMB) logo
United States

Physicians Medical Billing (PMB)

Physicians Medical Billing or PMB is a trusted full-service medical billing and A/R management company founded in 1994. Its ultimate goal is to provide its clients with maximum reimbursement at an affordable price.

The company serves individual and group physician practices, hospital-based physicians, hospital-owned physician practices, non-physician practitioners, and facilities.

The services offered:

  • Claim management;
  • Insurance/patient billing;
  • Insurance payment review;
  • A/R management;
  • Insurance payer/patient interaction;
  • Fee Schedule Review;
  • Collection Services;
  • Credentialing;
  • Electronic Data Interchange;
  • Electronic Funds Transfer;
  • Reporting;
  • Statistics;
  • Document Scanning;
  • Data Storage, etc.
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Billing Plus logo
United States

Billing Plus

Based in Bowie Maryland, Billing Plus is a medical billing and consulting company created in 1996. Since its establishment, the company has undergone a few renamings. At last, it has been decided to we have settled on Billing Plus, as the company offers its clients much more than just billing services.

Clients of Billing Plus get an assigned team of three or more specialists, not just one person. All billers of Billing Plus are knowledgeable and experienced in the fields they service. As well as every practice has its specialty, the company’s billers and coders also specialize in particular fields of medicine including:

  • Cardiology;
  • Internal Medicine;
  • Occupational Therapy;
  • Physical Therapy;
  • Mental Health;
  • Psychology;
  • Psychiatria;
  • OMHCs, etc.

The services Billing Plus offers:

  • Patient payment portal;
  • Credentialing;
  • Claim codding, scrubbing, follow-up, and submission;
  • Patient billing;
  • Eligibility/benefit verification;
  • Practice management, and many more.
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