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Top Medical Billing Companies in Texas

All healthcare providers in Texas face the necessity to handle medical billing services in Texas. As a practice grows, it can be more difficult to handle billing processes. The thing is that it requires particular knowledge and expertise as well as a lot of time. Single insurance claim processing can take from a few days to several months. Besides, there is also a need to track all reimbursements and keep an eye on billing regulations that undergo continuous changes. Medical billing companies in Texas can relieve this burden and handle all billing issues without any hassle. Medical billing companies in Texas have all the necessary knowledge and experience as well as advanced software in order to optimize and accelerate your billing processes.

If you have made up your mind to outsource your medical billing, it is important to find reliable Texas medical billers. Our team of professional analysts has thoroughly studied the companies offering medical billing services in Texas and compiled a list of the real experts in this sphere. Look through it and pick up service providers that meet your requirements.

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List of the top Medical Billing Companies in Texas

Updated: 20 November 2023
Medical Billers and Coders (MBC) logo
United States

Medical Billers and Coders (MBC)

Medical Billers and Coders is a qualified and professional medical billing company that assists different medical specialties with all their billing-related issues. Two decades of experience let the company offer first=class medical billing services with an assurance of visible results. Its technology and expertise cater to the exact needs of the practices’ billing requirements.

Medical Billers and Coders provides solutions that are customizable and scalable to the demands of various medical practices – individual physicians, small clinics, and large multi-specialty medical chains.

The company stands out from the rivals due to its commitment to CPT, HCPCS, ICD as well as compliance with HIPAA.

Numerous healthcare facilities all over the country have outsourced their medical billing to MBC. It is worth noting that most of them have become MBC’s clients for life. The client retention rate of the company is about 75%.

States the company dominates:

  • California;
  • Florida;
  • Georgia;
  • New York;
  • Illinois;
  • Ohio, and others.

Specialties the company serves:

  • Ambulance transportation;
  • ASC;
  • DME / HME;
  • Dental;
  • Cardiology;
  • Optometry;
  • Mental health;
  • Dermatology, and many others.

Medical Billers and Coders provide a bunch of services:

  • Hospital billing;
  • Payment posting;
  • RCM;
  • Medical coding;
  • Charge entry;
  • Physician credentialing;
  • A/R management;
  • Denial and appeal management;
  • Transcription;
  • Consultancy;
  • ICD-10 training;
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Storm Medical Billing logo
United States

Storm Medical Billing

Storm Medical Billing is a reputable company specializing in behavioral healthcare billing. It is located in Austine TX but renders its unparalleled services to independent healthcare providers across the U.S. 

The company has proved itself as a trustworthy billing partner that provides bespoke service, extremely quickly files and manages claims, submits clear claims, and maximizes reimbursements.

Storm Medical Billing has all the required experience and resources to reveal its clients from the pain of medical billing management. The company provides the following services:

  • Electronic insurance claim filing and processing;
  • Daily Data Entry;
  • Aggressive follow-up on unpaid claims;
  • Claim adjustment filing;
  • Secondary insurance claim filing;
  • Consultation of a Provider or a Patient on EOB(s) when necessary;
  • Generation of customized monthly reports.
Service Focus
  • Services
Evolution Consultants, LLC logo
United States

Evolution Consultants, LLC

Evolution Consultants, LLC is a medical practice management firm founded in 2006 to help small and medium-sized practices assure success and continuous growth. The company is situated in New Braunfels TX and serves healthcare facilities nationwide with an emphasis on medical practices located in the states of Texas and New Mexico.

Evolution Consultants focuses on the “Business of Medicine” handling the business and administration aspects, including medical billing issues, for either new or established medical practices. A “one size fits all” approach is not about Evolution Consultants as the company customizes its services according to the particular needs and desires of every client.

In essence, there is plenty of reasons to choose Evolution Consultants as your billing partner:

Advanced technology - the company leverages innovative processes and solutions to streamline medical billing tasks and reduce paperwork.

High first-pass claim acceptance rates - the company exerts thoroughly check every claim, as a result, clean claims are submitted and medical practices enjoy fewer days in aging. Payment is received within 20-45 days from the time claim has been billed, depending on a payor mix.

Transparency - at the close of every month Evolution Consultants submits reports r total month production, monthly collections, monthly adjustments, days in aging, ADGR, etc.

Collection handling - the company handles collections efficiently by getting insurance resolutions and sending patient statements as soon as possible.

Performance Standards - Evolution Consultants compares its clients’ performance to accepted standards as MGMA on a monthly basis and offers comparisons to previous date ranges.

Compliance program - all staff undergo yearly training on CMS Fraud, Waste, and Abuse guidelines, Red Flag guidelines, HIPAA Compliance, Federal Fair Debt Practices Act, and the Texas Collection Practice Act.

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BillingParadise logo
< $25 / hr
United States


BillingParadise started in 2004 as a small medical billing company with big dreams. We wanted to enable group practices, hospitals, clinics and independent medical practice practices to run a healthcare organization without the pressure of working for a certain bottom-line. BillingParadise pushes the envelope to deliver revenue cycle management services that empowers medical practices to stay on top of financial and regulatory challenges. We’ve tailored our services to align with value based care reimbursement models. Our RCM experts offer guidance on selecting and attaining MACRA regulations. And our RCM automation tools put the power of data in your hands
Service Focus
  • Services
Right Medical Billing logo
United States

Right Medical Billing

Right Medical Billing is an experienced provider of medical billing services that specializes in out-of-network billing. 

The company delivers first-class services to hospitals, healthcare systems, urgent cares, private practices, all specialties.

Right medical Billing’s rich experience and personal approach backed by innovative technologies help them guarantee a 99,99% claim acceptance rate.

The company knows how to remove your burden of financial management. Its experts in all medical billing areas become a part of a medical practice’s team and do their best to maximize the revenue.  

Right Medical Billing can be considered as a one-stop-shop, as it provides a complete revenue cycle management. Including such services as:

  • Medical billing and coding;
  • A/R collection;
  • Eligibility verification;
  • Prior and retro authorization;
  • Out of network negotiations;
  • Contracting;
  • Credentialing;
  • Complete patient billing.

Cooperation with Right Medical Billing is indeed fruitful and results in the following benefits:

  • Timely processes claims;
  • 100% transparency;
  • Regulation compliant coding;
  • Keeping up with changing coding regulations;
  • Customized solutions to meet every client’s needs;
  • Increased insight into the billing cycle;
  • Improved revenue;
  • Ongoing training of an in-house team, etc.
Service Focus
  • Services
MaxRemind logo
United States


MaxRemind Inc is a well-established healthcare software company providing high-quality medical billing, medical credentialing, and home healthcare software.

The company, as well as its software, is 100% HIPAA compliant.

For over 40 years Maxremind has been servicing all specialties and all types of medical practices letting them focus on healthcare services.

MaxRemind has a brilliant team of experts, professional coders, and SMEs who use cutting-edge technology enabling them to complete all tasks easily and quickly. The company has developed robust cloud-based software and structured procedure that simplify claim management, make coding more effective, and reduce turnaround time

MaxRemind’s superior services include:

  • Data scrubbing
  • Medical coding
  • Eligibility verification
  • Claim management
  • Payment posting
  • A/R management
  • Physician credentialing
  • Report generation, etc.
Service Focus
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Talisman Solutions logo
United States

Talisman Solutions

Talisman Solutions has been providing solutions and services to the US healthcare industry since 2004. It specializes in Medical Transcription, Medical Billing, and Medical Coding. The company has achieved great results because of its unmatched customer service, quality delivery, and affordable cost. Talisman Solutions works with numerous healthcare facilities across the United States of America.

Talisman Solutions’ workforce consists of highly professional and skilled specialists with years of relevant experience in their respective fields. Besides, every employee regularly undergoes training and skill upgrade programs.

Benefits of choosing Talisman Solutions as your billing partner:

  • 60% cutting down of your current operating costs;
  • Round-the-clock support and quick turnaround time;
  • Staff with a minimum of 3 years of experience in RCM system handling;
  • Ongoing follow-up on the bills leading to better revenue collection;
  • HIPAA-compliance ensuring security and strict performance;
  • Advanced software and technology;
  • No risk outsourcing due to rigid information security procedures, practices, and policies.
Service Focus
  • Services
National Billing Partners logo
United States

National Billing Partners

National Billing Partners is an Austin-based medical billing and collections company that serves multiple healthcare providers across the US. The company deals with insurance verification, compliance assurance and regulatory support, medical billing, and an array of critical financial services to help its clients streamline and boost their businesses. National Billing Partners’ experienced staff provide medical practices with control over their medical billing through vigorous support at all stages of the revenue cycle – enabling them to concentrate on the core activities.

NBP reveals each client’s unique medical billing needs and customizes its services accordingly.

Some of the common medical billing challenges the company solves include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Reporting and financial practice management;
  • Insurance benefits verification/pre-certifications;
  • Coding, billing, and collections;
  • Denial and underpayment management;
  • Staff Training;
  • A/R and claim management;
  • Insurance Contract Negotiation;
  • Financial Oversight, Benchmarking, and Financial Projections;
  • Managed Care Services.
Service Focus
  • Services
Synergy MSO logo
United States

Synergy MSO

The main purpose of Synergy MSO is to make doctors’ lives easier. The company’s rich expertise in medical practice management significantly benefits its clients’ practices. Healthcare facilities across Dallas-Fort Worth have an opportunity to provide excellent patient care if they rely on Synergy MSO’s knowledge, experience, and resources to manage administrative aspects of their practice.

Synergy MSO provides a robust infrastructure for its clients’ medical billing and coding needs. Its highly skilled specialists ensure that physicians are able to care for patients while running a successful practice that uses efficient and timely billing methods. Proper medical billing and coding are beneficial for both patients and physicians.

An experienced and responding team of Synergy MSO provides a wide array of medical billing and coding services to fit each practice:

  • Streamlined medical billing processes;
  • Accurate diagnostic coding;
  • Efficient coding processes;
  • Negotiating with payers;
  • Set up of cost-effective billing systems;
  • A/R reports.
Service Focus
  • Services
Med USA logo
United States


Med USA is a Medical Billing and Practice Management Company. It provides integrated Electronic Health Record, Medical Coding, and Credentialing Services. Its solutions are customized in order to meet the requirements of every client and make the running of medical practice much easier.

This privately-owned company with about 40 years of experience in the industry provides its clients from West Coast to East Coast with the superior medical billing services and results they need.

Med USA delivers “Service As A Platform” which is encompassed through its delivery of Service, Adaptability, and Software. The company doesn’t just deliver software — it is committed to delivering solutions for healthcare facilities. All its solutions are backed up by the company’s first-class service. A free consultation is provided to get an idea of how Med USA medical billing service can streamline the practice of potential clients.

By choosing Med USA as a billing partner, healthcare providers get quality results, accurate data, higher revenue, and happy patients.

Service Focus
  • Services
Laboratory Billings logo
United States

Laboratory Billings

LBS is an industry-leading laboratory billing service company. The team has been helping laboratories sky-rocket revenue while others are struggling to make it. Its specialties are not limited to clinical, pathology, molecular, census entry, and toxicology labs. Its outstanding revenue cycle management & medical billing services enable labs to increase revenue by up-to 30%. It has an expert team of laboratory billing specialists that understand your needs and provide you custom-tailored services that best fit your requirements.

Service Focus
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CareCloud logo
< $25 / hr
United States, Sri Lanka, Pakistan


CareCloud is a healthcare information technology solution provider that offers physician practices a comprehensive product portfolio of fully integrated WebEHR, revenue cycle and practice management solutions and other related business services including transcription and data management.
Our entire product portfolio-along with native mobile applications-functions as a cohesive, single-database platform to help healthcare providers, improve their financial performance and ultimately transform their medical practice into a successful business enterprise.
We serve an expanding array of diverse healthcare entities and our clients are spread across the healthcare continuum -from single physician, medium sized practices to independent physician associations-which is a testament to the functionality and flexibility of our core solutions. We have partnered with a variety of healthcare organizations to extend our reach to 40+ states.
Our technological solutions and related business services can aid physician practices to cost-effectively and successfully meet regulatory challenges and prosper amidst a rapidly shifting healthcare industry environment.
We consistently innovate to keep pace with a global healthcare environment that enables transformational change in healthcare through technology.

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What are medical billing services in Texas?

Texas medical billing is really in demand, as medical billing is an extremely important component of any medical practice that wants to thrive and be successful. Medical billing services in Texas is a complex and time-consuming process and requires a tremendous investment of valuable practice resources, which can prevent medical staff from being able to focus on their immediate duties and focus on medicine and patient care.

Why outsource medical billing services in Texas?

By hiring one of the medical billing companies in Texas, you can significantly relieve your full-time staff, and focus on other equally important administrative matters, while medical billing experts help your practice set up the medical billing process. Companies that provide professional medical billing services in Texas have the experience, knowledge, specialized software, and most importantly, experts who will take complete control of your practice's entire billing process. 

Outsourcing your billing responsibilities to one of the medical billing companies in Texas will allow your practice to increase revenue and practically expand your teams with experts who are always up to date on all changes and the future of medical billing in Texas.

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