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Medical Billing Companies in Michigan

Medical billing services Michigan is getting more popular in the USA these days. As a practice evolves, many healthcare providers prefer to outsource medical billing to reliable medical billing companies in Michigan. Professional medical billing companies in Michigan can assist you with Revenue Cycle Management that includes claim management, payment, and billing. Such companies provide indeed a wide range of related services. Partnership with medical billing services in Michigan allows physicians to cut down expenses and address the daily challenges without the necessity to deal also with the routine administrative tasks that usually take a lot of time.

If you have come to the decision that it is high time to outsource your medical billing, our list of the top medical billing companies in Michigan can simplify your search for an appropriate billing partner. There you can find companies offering top-notch medical billing services letting you maximize insurance payments and reduce the number of denied claims.

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List of the top Medical Billing Companies in Michigan

Updated: 02 February 2024
Veritas Medical Billing logo
United States

Veritas Medical Billing

Veritas Medical Billing LLC is a Michigan-based company that delivers physicians, dentists, urgent care facilities, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities unrivaled medical billing services.

The company has gained a reputation as a reliable billing partner. There are plenty of reasons to outsource your medical billing to Veritas Medical Billing:

  • The use of the lattermost ICD-10-CM codes;
  • Certified and competent billers and accounts;
  • Flexible plans and fee options;
  • Cutting-edge cloud-based software developed to optimize the whole set of financial and administrative tasks, including those related to billing, payroll, credentialing, record-keeping, compliance, and others.

Collaborating with Veritas Medical Billing, you can be sure that superior medical billing services are delivered which is results in optimization of all related processes and higher revenue. The company’s specialists use all their experience and knowledge to make sure your healthcare facility timely receives every single cent owed to it.

With such a reliable partner, your medical billing issues are well-handled and therefore you can concentrate on a high priority task - patient treatment.

Veritas Medical Billing LLC offers a comprehensive set of services:

  • A/R management;
  • Regulatory compliance;
  • Denied claim management;
  • Management solutions;
  • Insurance appeal management;
  • Revenue cycle management;
  • Bookkeeping;
  • Audit services;
  • CAQH credentialing for physicians;
  • Tax calculation;
  • Payer contracting and. 
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Resolution Medical Billing Services logo
United States

Resolution Medical Billing Services

Resolution Medical Billing Services is a medical billing company located in Dearborn. Still, it does not limit itself just to Michigan but provides its services to healthcare facilities across Metropolitan Detroit.

The company is a recognized industry leader which has been proved by several recognitions for excellent performance and considerable contributions to the community.

Many years of experience lets Resolution Medical Billing Services clearly understand the needs and challenges of healthcare facilities regardless of their specialization and size.

The highly professional billers of Resolution Medical Billing Services aggressively collect revenues in compliance with guidelines provided by the insurance companies. They are indeed good at this and have shown great results - their collection rate significantly exceeds the rates of their rivals.

it may be time to outsource your medical billing needs to a seasoned provider who can help you focus on patient care, cut down costs, reduce errors, and enhance client satisfaction. 

Medical Billing Services Inc can become a go-to resource for all medical billing needs of any healthcare provider. Its spectrum of services is pretty wide and includes patient payments, insurance payment posting, electronic claim filling, denial management, rejection management, and many others.

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Michigan Medical Billing Services logo
United States

Michigan Medical Billing Services

Michigan Medical Billing Services is a HIPAA-compliant company with about twenty years of experience and a great track record, that renders electronic medical billing services to a wide range of mental health practices. Michigan Medical Billing Services take all measures to offer superior client and patient customer service. Highly skilled and responsive experts do their best to enhance patients’ benefits and bill healthcare facilities’ claims giving an opportunity to prolong patient care.

Offers of Michigan Medical Billing Services:

  • Billing services;
  • Insurance verification;
  • Authorization management;
  • Claim management;
  • Patient statements;
  • Assistance with credentialing;
  • Delinquency/unprocessed claim management;
  • Collections;
  • HIPAA compliance;
  • Regular comprehensive reports;
  • Insurance payment posting, etc.
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Michigan Billing Service logo
United States

Michigan Billing Service

Michigan Billing Service is a medical billing company known for its first-class, customized services. The competent company employees easily cope with the patient and insurance data entry, coding, claim submission, payment posting, rejected claims, patient balances, etc. Professional approach, in-depth knowledge, the best practices, and advanced technologies let the company provide their clients and patients with unparalleled customer service.

Michigan Billing Service has developed an innovative solution for timely and accurate claims submission. The range of its follow-up methods is diverse and professionally aggressive which enables it to increase insurance reimbursement to the maximum possible degree. In addition, Michigan Billing Service also specializes in insurance appeals helping medical practices recover the revenue they could lose. It is worth noting that the company has a department dedicated to Auto Insurance and Workers’ Compensation claims.

The formula for Michigan Billing Service’s success is scrupulousness. Its experts thoroughly check each and every encounter for missed codes, to assure medical practices obtain the highest possible reimbursement.

The list of provided services includes but is not limited to:

  • Patient Demographic and Insurance Data Entry;
  • Medical Billing and Claim Entry;
  • Coding;
  • Payment Posting;
  • Claim Management;
  • Denial Follow-up;
  • Financial Reporting;
  • Patient Billing and Customer Service;
  • Private Physician and Group Practices Credentialing and Contracting;
  • Auto Insurance and Workers' Compensation;
  • Staff Training.
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Medical Billing Specialist MI Inc. logo
United States

Medical Billing Specialist MI Inc.

Medical Billing Specialist MI Inc. helps numerous healthcare providers with an appropriate accounting of their patients, insurance billing, and payments. Its services are HIPAA compliant and correspond with the continuous changes in the guidelines and regulations.

Medical Billing Specialist MI Inc. uses the best billing practices and innovative technology to provide first-class services at competitive rates. The company specializes in such domains as chiropractic, family practice, internal medicine, optometry, psychiatric, pediatric, dermatology, nursing home services, and others.

The company offers a wide array of services, including the following:

  • Medical insurance, workers compensation, and auto insurance billing;
  • Payment posting;
  • Regular or upon the request of a customer deposit reports;
  • Patient statements;
  • Patient collection accounts;
  • Monthly reports on outstanding and paid accounts;
  • Private physician and group practices credentialing;
  • Deposit services.
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Professional Practice Resources LLC logo
United States

Professional Practice Resources LLC

Professional Practice Resources assists healthcare facilities with Revenue Cycle Management and all the related services. It specializes in medical billing services for healthcare providers engaged in such healthcare sectors as cardiology, psychology, urology, surgery, psychiatry, gastroenterology, pediatrics, neurology, and others.

The company helps medical practices significantly improve their collection rate due to its unique approach to claim processing, aggressive follow-up, and keeping pace with the continuous changes in the medical billing regulations.

The specialists of Professional Practice Resources LLC has years of experience under their belts and can provide your medical practice with the following services:

  • Medical Billing;
  • Practice Management;
  • Physician Credentialing;
  • EMR Billing Support;
  • Practice Consulting;
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Medical Billing Resources logo
United States

Medical Billing Resources

Medical Billing Resources is a well-established company that has an army of real experts in place to deal efficiently with the most various billing and coding tasks, including practice management and accounts receivable management. 

Founded in 1997 as a multi-specialty billing service provider, Medical Billing Resources has managed to create a spotless reputation. Most healthcare facilities become their clients for life. It is not a surprise.

Most insurance claims are paid on the first submission. This is possible partially due to their advanced claim scrubbing software, and primarily because of the special attention to each claim before submission. Besides, according to the condition of employment, all company’s billers have to maintain a 97% accuracy rating. This approach has proved itself as indeed effective, as Medical Billing Resources keeps a 95-98% collection rate. 

Medical Billing Resources is a perfect partner you can outsource your medical billing, as its professional services help all healthcare facilities to reach a double-digit reimbursement increase, accelerate cash flow, and significantly minimize accounts receivable.

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Lakeshore Medical Billing logo
United States

Lakeshore Medical Billing

Lakeshore Medical Billing is a great candidate to outsource your medical billing. Its highly motivated billing specialists provide best-in-the-class services helping healthcare providers of all sizes to effectively manage their medical billing with all the related processes.

Besides, the company charges a percentage according to the collected receipts. As a result, receiving the highest possible reimbursement for the rendered healthcare services is in the best interests of both the medical billing company and its client.

Lakeshore Medical Billing deals with all aspects of Accounts Receivable Management and renders the following services:

  • Expert Billing;
  • Benefit Verification;
  • Authorization Management;
  • Claims Billing and Management;
  • Patient Statement Billing;
  • Management Reports;
  • Consulting;
  • Credentialing.
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Medical Management Systems of Michigan, Inc. logo
United States

Medical Management Systems of Michigan, Inc.

Medical Management Systems of Michigan, Inc. is a real expert knowing how to outsmart tricky insurance billing processes.

To get the best possible results, accelerate all the procedures, and minimize the number of errors in claims, the company automates the billing process. Besides, to make sure that an effective process is in place, billing experts thoroughly check every phase of the revenue cycle. The claims are monitored for errors and receivable turnaround time is reduced which results in the increase of the cash flow. What is also important is that clients can enjoy increased visibility, control, and excellent opportunities for profitability improvement due to dashboard reporting at all phases of the revenue cycle. With such a billing partner as Medical Management Systems of Michigan, Inc. any medical practice can run more efficiently with lower operational expenses and higher reimbursements.

The company offers two service packages - MMS GOLD and MMS SILVER, detailed information on which you can find on its official website.

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Yeo & Yeo logo
United States

Yeo & Yeo

Yeo & Yeo is one of the leading advisory firms in the country that provides the most diverse services, including medical billing services.

The company cooperates with either individual practitioners or hospital-managed practices.

Yeo & Yeo takes care of its client satisfaction and quality of the rendered services. As a result, its medical billing experts undergo continuous training in accordance with medical specialty and monitor insurance tendencies as well as changes in billing regulations and policies.

To keep their client informed, Yeo & Yeo submits complete monthly reports as well as other customized reports according to their clients’ needs.

The list of the offered services includes:

  • Capture billable services;
  • Coding services;
  • Credentialing;
  • Proper modifier usage;
  • Insurance claim management;
  • Bank deposit reconciliation;
  • Patient collection procedures;
  • Insurance appeals management;
  • Customized report generation;
  • Fully-integrated software;
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