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Leading Medical Billing Companies in Houston

Medical billing companies professionally handle health insurance claims. Well-trained specialists deal with all the related activities including claim submission and following up, handling of rejected claims, outstanding claim tracking, etc.

The highly experienced staff of the professional medical billing companies in Houston is well aware of the insurance companies’ particular policies and can extract the highest possible payments within a short period of time.

By outsourcing your medical billing to trustworthy medical billing services in Houston, you can take the heavy burden down and totally focus on patient care letting real experts address all financial issues. Cooperation with a medical billing company in Houston is a great way to manage your billing processes effectively, improve profit, and satisfy your patients with timely claim processing.

Our ranking of the medical billing companies Houston can help you find a perfect billing partner. So do not waste your time and study it attentively.

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List of the top medical billing companies in houston

Updated: 27 May 2022
United States

Right Medical Billing

Right Medical Billing is an experienced provider of medical billing services that specializes in out-of-network billing. 

The company delivers first-class services to hospitals, healthcare systems, urgent cares, private practices, all specialties.

Right medical Billing’s rich experience and personal approach backed by innovative technologies help them guarantee a 99,99% claim acceptance rate.

The company knows how to remove your burden of financial management. Its experts in all medical billing areas become a part of a medical practice’s team and do their best to maximize the revenue.  

Right Medical Billing can be considered as a one-stop-shop, as it provides a complete revenue cycle management. Including such services as:

  • Medical billing and coding;
  • A/R collection;
  • Eligibility verification;
  • Prior and retro authorization;
  • Out of network negotiations;
  • Contracting;
  • Credentialing;
  • Complete patient billing.

Cooperation with Right Medical Billing is indeed fruitful and results in the following benefits:

  • Timely processes claims;
  • 100% transparency;
  • Regulation compliant coding;
  • Keeping up with changing coding regulations;
  • Customized solutions to meet every client’s needs;
  • Increased insight into the billing cycle;
  • Improved revenue;
  • Ongoing training of an in-house team, etc.
United States

RoundTable Medical Consultants

Round Table Medical Consultants is a leading medical billing service provider in Houston. The company makes a specialty out of full-service Medical Billing as well as practice management, credentialing, and HIPAA Compliance.

The main mission of Round Table Medical Consultants is to establish close, long-term, and mutually beneficial collaboration with healthcare facilities, individual physicians to enhance revenue by providing the most efficient billing and collections services.

With about 20 years of experience, Table Medical Consultants knows all the ins and outs and can offer every client a bespoke service meeting all the needs and enabling to maximize reimbursement within the shortest possible time.

The company offers a wide menu of services:

  • Comprehensive Medical Billing Management;
  • Billing;
  • Coding;
  • Insurance verification;
  • Collections;
  • A/R Management;
  • Insurance / patient payment posting;
  • Monthly reports;
  • Revenue Cycle Management;
  • Credentialing;
  • Insurance claim management;
United States


Simplexmed is a provider of fully integrated WebEHR, revenue cycle and practice management solutions, and other related services

The main mission of the company is to reveal healthcare facilities and private physicians from the heavy burden of medical billing and let them dive into patient care.

The Simplemed experts are well trained to render high-quality services to a wide range of group and individual practices such as Pediatrics, Family Practice, Cardiology, Orthopedics, OB/GYN, and Urgent Care, and many others

Simplemed keeps up with innovations, tendencies. and changes in the healthcare industry which lets it immensely optimize all medical billing processes to increase revenue for their valuable clients.

Simplemed is a reliable partner whose proficiency and competence can be proved by numerous happy clients.

Offered services:

  • A/R management;
  • Revenue optimizer;
  • Electronic/Paper claim submission;
  • Credentialing services;
  • Patient billing;
  • Denial management;
  • Reporting;
  • Coding services;
  • Payment posting;
  • A/R management.
United States

Billing Freedom

Billing Freedom is a reputable provider of the best-in-class billing services for healthcare practitioners, hospitals, group and individual practices. The company is committed to solving the toughest difficulties that independent practices often have to face. Billing Freedom provides an end-to-end solution delivering a complete array of corresponding services.

The company offers plenty of customizable pricing options without any hidden costs or upfront investment to tailor your particular billing and management needs.

By outsourcing your medical billing to Billing Freedom, your medical practice can reap numerous benefits:

  • Unmatched medical billing services;
  • A fully integrated technology solution;
  • Faster payments with a 98% claim acceptance rate;
  • Access to certified billing experts;
  • Reduced number of denied claims and increased reimbursement;
  • 24×7 availability with disaster recovery;
  • Improved cash flow with significant cost and time savings;
  • HIPAA compliant and secure data management.

Billing Freedom’s list of rendered services includes the following:

  • Credentialing services;
  • RCM services;
  • Medical billing and coding;
  • A/R management;
  • Front-dek management;
  • MACRA and MIPS.
United States

VK Consultant Group

VK Consultant Group is a recognized medical business consulting firm helping healthcare facilities to simplify the business part of medical practice and totally focus on efficient patient treatment. The company assists with the strengthening of emerging medical practices or the improvement of the existing ones. VK Consultant Group’s major purpose is to enable its clients to achieve great results in their medical practice.

VK Consultant Group is also well-known as a provider of bespoke outsourced billing services. Its numerous clients remark the high proficiency level of the company and are fully satisfied with the rendered medical billing services that have significantly simplified their practice running.

VK Consultant Group is a perfect candidate to outsource medical billing. Partnership with the company can bear fruit. So hire the real experts to:

  • simplify the billing process for your medical practice;
  • increase the number of accepted claims;
  • expedite reimbursements;
  • significantly improve revenue;
  • reduce the number of rejected and denied claims.
United States

Medical Billing and Consulting 911

Established in 1998 as a small firm, Medical Billing and Consulting 911 is a large corporation today. It is known as a reliable provider of outsourced medical billing services and RCM services.

Our professional medical billers address clients’ specific needs and provide value-added services. The company has a commitment to high-quality service, open communication, and close collaboration with healthcare providers’ staff to ensure that errorless claims are submitted in a timely manner. MBC911 is indeed experienced in providing medical billing and coding support for individual physicians, physician groups, free-standing diagnostic facilities, multi-specialty groups, clinics, long-term care facilities, acute care facilities, and hospitals.

Medical Billing and Consulting 911 supplies the need for professional medical billing services that play an important role in the generation of high income, including coding, revenue cycle management, payment posting, accounts receivable management, denial and appeal management, credentialing, etc.

United States

Precision Medical Billing

The company’s story began in 1995. Since that time PMB has evolved and turned into a national medical billing leader. The company’s experienced and committed employees, who are good at all aspects of medical billing, handle the most complex and tricky billing issues while their clients can get back to their main mission — patient care and life saving.

The company provides its exceptional medical billing services to hospital services, physician services, home health, and hospice services.

With the professional help of the PMB, numerous healthcare providers have managed to significantly increase their revenue and client satisfaction.

Depending on the needs of a healthcare provider, Precision Medical Billing offers three service packages - Basic, Pro, and Premium. You can find more information on each on the official website.

United States


GetixHealth is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company serving healthcare providers. It specializes in Practice Management, billing, charge collection, and support services.

Among the company’s clients are multi-facility health systems, urban hospitals, physician practices, surgery centers, labs, DME companies, and RCM companies. Each of them has highly appreciated the proficiency of the GetixHealth experts and the high quality of the delivered services.

The Cornerstone of GetixHealth is the successful combination of people, best practices in RCM., and state-of-the-art technology.

GetixHealth pays particular attention to the ongoing training of its staff that lets them keep up with developing technologies, updated policies, and new requirements.

When it comes to medical billing, GetixHealth can provide healthcare providers with:

  • Full-service billing and coding;
  • Eligibility verification;
  • Denials Management;
  • Legacy conversion assistance;
  • Charge entry;
  • Enrollment and credentialing;
  • Insurance claim management;
  • Benefit coordination;
  • Aged cleanup projects, etc.
United States

Houston Medical Records, Inc.

Houston Medical Records has been on the market of billing services since 1972. It is a reputable provider of automated billing services and systems for healthcare facilities.

The company offers a helpful billing solution for physicians with a wide range of valuable options that significantly simplify medical billing processes. Houston Medical Records provides its superior product in combination with exceptional ongoing professional support.

  • The range of the company’s billing services also includes:
  • Billing of the primary and secondary carriers;
  • Unpaid claim tracking and refiling;
  • Dealing with all telephone and written inquires about the accounts;
  • Monthly patient billing;
  • Comprehensive monthly reports;
  • Delinquent account tracking;
  • Credit balance research and refund checks.
United States

Win & Associates

Win & Associates is a company with four decades of experience in providing accurate, up-to-date, and technologically advanced billing, collection, and consultation services to emergency rooms, ambulatories, physicians, hospitals, and home health across the whole country.

The main purpose of the company is to help their clients to increase revenue, boost productivity, and optimize medical billing processes.

While rendering their services to all types of healthcare providers, Win & Associates has carved out a niche with free-standing emergency rooms, being one of the main national leaders providing Billing, Coding, and Collections services.

The company also has a background in practice management and can provide all the resources for the effective running of healthcare facilities.

The list of the company’s services includes:

  • Billing services;
  • Coding services;
  • Revenue Cycle Management;
  • ChargeMaster Creation and Evaluation
  • Training, and others.