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Leading Medical Billing Companies Florida

These days many healthcare providers strive to strike a happy medium between providing first-class healthcare services and performing the essential administrative tasks. Medical billing plays an important role in medical practices. In general, the medical billing activities include obtaining patient insurance information, claim submission, following up on, and claim appealing to get payment for the services that have been rendered. So this process can be rather time-incentive and requires specially trained staff to process claims quickly and properly, generate revenue, and provide excellent customer service. To relieve this burden, modern healthcare providers consider outsourcing some or all of their medical billing by partnering with reliable medical billing companies in Florida. First-class medical billing services can indeed make your life easier and optimize billing processes providing real professionals and reliable software that manages the billing process and all related tasks with ease.

If you are one of those who have been searching for trustworthy medical billing services in Florida and have not managed to decide on a particular company, our ranking of the medical billing companies Florida can come in handy.

To define the category winners, the Superbcompanies team has studied thoroughly scores of medical billing services Florida and chosen the best of them. So, skim the list and get in touch with the companies that seem to be the most suitable for your organization.

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List of the top medical billing companies in florida

Updated: 27 May 2022
United States


MGSI is one of the leaders among providers in the medical billing services market. With more than 20 years of experience in medical billing, MGSI provides its clients with first-class billing services to help companies stay on track in the changing healthcare environment.

The expertise of the MGSI team in providing medical billing services and deep knowledge of all billing rules and processes, let them offer clients services from fee schedule analysis, implementing customized billing protocols to providing education. MGSI's main goal is to help companies increase patient satisfaction by improving the quality of patient care while reducing medical costs.

MGSI team provides medical billing services to a vast range of medics in the following specialties:

  • Anesthesiology;
  • Cardiology;
  • Dermatology;
  • Endocrinology;
  • Gastroenterology;
  • Neurology;
  • Dermatology, and many more.
United States

ACP Billing Services

ACP Billing Services is one of the leaders among companies in the Medical Billing market. Founded over 13 years ago in Orlando for years of existence they compile huge experience in providing health care solutions focused on maximizing return on investment and increasing revenues.

The dedication, professionalism, 24/7 support, and a constant desire to develop and become better have made the ACP Billing Services team a trusted partner in Medical Billing for many healthcare companies. Partner with ACP Billing Services makes it possible to increased cash flow, reduced administrative expenses, avoid no-pay and low-pay, decreased overhead expenses, and many more.

Services ACP offers:

  • Physician Billing Process;
  • Hospital Billing Process;
  • Application Management;
  • Application Development.
United States

ProMD Practice Management

ProMD Practice Management is a medical billing and collections company founded in 2004 in Florida. Group of health services administration professionals offers medical billing services to a huge range of specialists in:

  • Allergy & Immunology;
  • Bariatric Surgery;
  • Cardiology;
  • Cardiovascular Medicine;
  • Dermatology;
  • Endocrinology;
  • Family Practice;
  • Gastroenterology, so on.

ProMD Practice Management company is a real professional in Medical Billing & Collections. The ProMD team provides their clients with billing solutions, controls the whole process from the charge to reporting & analysis which allows their clients to focus on their immediate responsibilities without the distraction of dealing with bills.

Here you can also get quality services like Medical Billing & Practice Assessments and Insurance Contracting & Credentialing.

United States


MED BPO is one of the most experienced national companies in the billing market with decades of expertise in offering medical billing services. MED BPO offers healthcare providers complete medical billing services for all company's medical billing requirements.  

As a company with huge expertise in medical billing, the Med Bro company provides not only established providers or groups but startup practices as well. MED PBO provides billing to more than 600 medical professionals in the leading areas like the following: 

  • Anesthesiology; 
  • Cardiology;
  • Dermatology; 
  • Endocrinology; 
  • Gastroenterology; 
  • Nephrology; 
  • Ophthalmology and many more.

Among MED BPO services are physicians billing services, medical billing and coding, medical billing and collection, healthcare contract management, fee schedule evaluations, etc.

United States

Assurance Health Care Financial Services

Assurance Health Care Financial Services is a professional medical billing for any healthcare company. A dedicated, motivated, and highly skilled team with a focus on the client's success let Assurance Health Care become one of the most reliable and trusted companies in the medical billing domain.

The experienced Assurance Health Care team will totally manage your patient accounts from input data, send patient statements to post all payments and adjust for insurance contractual allowances.

Assurance Health Care Financial Services include such medical billing services:

  • Practice management consulting;
  • Anesthesiology Billing;
  • Dermatology Billing;
  • General Surgery Billing;
  • Orthopedics Billing;
  • Pain Management Billing;
  • Plastic Surgery Billing, so on.
< $25 / hr
50 - 249
United States


BillingParadise started in 2004 as a small medical billing company with big dreams. We wanted to enable group practices, hospitals, clinics and independent medical practice practices to run a healthcare organization without the pressure of working for a certain bottom-line. BillingParadise pushes the envelope to deliver revenue cycle management services that empowers medical practices to stay on top of financial and regulatory challenges. We’ve tailored our services to align with value based care reimbursement models. Our RCM experts offer guidance on selecting and attaining MACRA regulations. And our RCM automation tools put the power of data in your hands
United States

Gables Medical Billing

Gables Medical Billing is a South Florida billing specialist in the medical area. Companies in a variety of industries need professional help in managing accounts and payments, especially in fast-changing areas like medical billing. A team of high-skilled experts at Gables Medical Billing can resolve many issues and challenges connected with accounts and billing.

Using proven medical billing Gables Medical Billing services will free up your staff and other costly administrative resources, as well as ensure the financial stability of your company.

Services provided by the Gables Medical Billing team:

  • CPT/ICD-9 code review;
  • Claims preparation and submission;
  • Payment adjudication monitoring;
  • Insurance follow-up;
  • Collection agency reporting;
  • Payment posting;
  • Denial review and management;
  • Classified Grade Level Rating Type Sort Value Concept.
United States

Professional Claims Link

Professional Claims Link is a Florida-located company that provides high-class medical billing services. Hire a professional medical billing company for your healthcare firm is the right way to manage your accounts and the most effective way to use your money.

Hard work, strong knowledge, more than 20 years of expertise in the medical billing area, and use of the latest medical technologies by the Professional Claims Link team can minimize your medical accounts receivable and optimize your bank account.

Professional Claims Link medical billing services like:

  • Insurance billing and coding;
  • Patient collections;
  • Insurance receivables auditing;
  • Medical practice staff training;
  • Medical insurance contracting & credentialing;
  • Medical practice management consulting, etc.
United States

Dr.’s Billing & Collection Services

Dr.’s Billing & Collection Services is a medical billing and collections company launched in Florida. With over two decades in providing medical billing services, they have become a reliable partner to many national healthcare companies, plastic surgery, and other types of medical practices.

Dr.’s Billing & Collection Services team provides billing services to medical practitioners in many areas of healthcare, including general surgery, family practice, pain management, cardiovascular surgery, physical therapy, ENT and LCSW, cardiology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, psychiatry, and mental health, and pediatrics, among others.

Here, at Dr.’s Billing & Collection Services company you can get such services as billing and collections, bookkeeping, payroll management, contract analysis, medical coding, payment monitoring, and many more.

United States

Primed Billing

Primed Billing is a Florida-based expert in the medical billing market. More than 10 years Primed Billing provides companies from the healthcare sector with professional medical billing and practice management services. 

With years of expertise in a range of medical fields and dealing with a wide spectrum of medical issues, Primed Billing knows how to competently serve all physicians and medical facilities, regardless of their specialty. Primed Billing experts are constantly working to develop new systems that will make their customers' billing and payment workflows easier and help increase profits. 

Primed Billing services:

  • Practice Management;
  • IT Consulting;
  • Medical Billing.

Benefits of medical billing outsourcing

Partnership with a medical billing company in Florida can be extremely beneficial for your hospital or medical practice. We, in our turn, have decided to draw your attention to the most important reasons to outsource these services.

  • Better control

it is sometimes stated that control can be lost if medical billing services are outsourced. In essence, those healthcare providers that have already cooperated with medical billing services in Florida, note that they take advantage of better oversight of the medical billing as all related issues are effectively managed by highly professional and committed outsourced specialists and robust software solutions.

  • Better revenue

Medical billing outsourcing is a great way to cut down expenses related to labor costs, office infrastructure, equipment procurement, software maintenance, and others. Apart from that, prompt claim submission and better reimbursements also lead to better revenue.

  • Complete safety

Cooperation with outsourcing companies is often associated with certain security risks. Still, medical billing outsourcing is safe enough. Reputable Florida medical billing companies offer secure and transparent medical billing processes due to compliance with HIPAA and taking all the necessary measures to prevent hacking attacks. By outsourcing medical billing services to a trustworthy company, healthcare organizations can be sure that their sensitive data is securely protected.

  • Change handling

The medical billing regulations undergo continuous changes. Their tracking and management can be labor- and time-incentive. If you outsource medical billing services, your partner is in charge of change tracking, as it is one of their core responsibilities.

  • No need for capital investment

Due to medical billing outsourcing, there is no need to spend a fortune on billing software development and update. Outsourced medical billing services do not require an upfront investment and can be obtained according to the chosen payment model. On the flip side, having your own billing software requires significant investments and ongoing expenses.

  • An ability to focus on patient care

By outsourcing medical billing, health organizations have an opportunity to focus on their patients instead of wasting their valuable time on billing issues. It is reasonable to devote your time to top-notch patient care and outsource auxiliary tasks to external vendors that know the ropes.

  • Professional approach

Well-established medical billing companies have highly qualified employees with loads of experience who are indeed good at medical billing. Besides, they also have quality software to boost and accelerate related processes and mitigate the risk of human errors and track every single outstanding claim.

  • Pleased patients

For most people, being in the hospital is associated with stress and unpleasant experience. So, it is crucial to surround your patients with care and attention, whereas all the financial issues are addressed by a professional service provider.

Collaboration with medical billing companies Florida is a great way to optimize your internal administrative processes and focus on core tasks and patients. So, look through our list of the top medical billing services in Florida and choose the one that suits all your requirements perfectly. 

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