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Top Mobile Application Testing Companies

Mobile app development is gaining momentum by leaps and bounds. People make active use of different mobile apps to perform different tasks and entertain. They immensely simplify our life, and hardly can we imagine living without them. Still, not all mobile applications are much sought after, but only those that work like a dream. Modern users are demanding and not tolerant of apps that are slow, tricky, flooded with bugs, and inconvenient. So if you are going to develop a mobile app that would be well-accepted and profitable, you just cannot ignore mobile app testing. Among the first things that you must do is to find a trusted mobile app testing agency. Depending on your budget, requirements, and preferences you may outsource mobile testing to offshore and onshore mobile application testing providers. Consequently, you have plenty of choices. To help you with this, SuperbCompanies has put in a lot of effort and picked up the top mobile app testing companies that you can see in the ranking below.

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List of the top mobile app testing companies

Updated: 22 June 2022
$25 - $49 / hr
USA, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland


DeviQA is a leading software testing company that entered the IT market in 2010. The main activity of the company is quality assurance and software testing - the company provides a broad spectrum of up to 13 software testing services such as Full-cycle Testing, Web App Testing, Automated Testing, Mobile App Testing, API Testing, Dedicated QA Team, QA Outsourcing and others. The team can perform both full-cycle software testing to run a quality product or concentrate only on one kind of testing services by clients' requirement. 

DeviQA works with customers all over the world, and, since 2010, the company has performed over 500 successfully tested applications.

The company selects a unique team for each project, which:

 - gives people the opportunity to enjoy the product by making sure everything works well;

- controls the development process;

- prevents bugs in the software before users find them;

- ensures the quality of the product before the release.

$25 - $49 / hr
200 - 499
United States; India; Germany; United Kingdom


ImpactQA is a full-cycle QA and software testing company with more than 10 years of excellence. The company helps SMEs & Fortune 500 companies to deliver quality engineering, AI based test automation, performance engineering and full suite of continuous and automated testing services throughout the software development life cycle. Their QA Experts are known to deliver software testing services to various business domains such as e-Commerce, Healthcare, BFSI, e-Learning, Media, Logistics, Tourism, Real-Estate and more. 

Looking to outsource your software testing project? Book free consultation session with our experts at 

Why Choose Us? 

  • 10x Faster Time-to-Market 
  • Reduce 40% QA Cost 
  • Accelerated Software Releases 
  • On Demand QA as a Service 
  • Provide Next-Gen Software Testing Solutions 
  • Offer combinations of Oonsite, Oonshore, Off-shore & crowd testing at a reduced cost

Core Services: 

$25 - $49 / hr
100 +


QA Madness helps companies globally launch better digital products by covering the full spectrum of quality assurance services. The company was founded in 2008 and has 3000+ completed web projects and 800+ mobile projects on its account. 

QA Madness tests web, mobile, and desktop applications for different industries, particularly for healthcare, fitness, logistics, e-commerce, online education, and mobile gaming.

With the QA Madness team, you can be sure to get close communication with QA engineers, detailed reports, and valuable feedback with recommendations on quality improvement.

$25 - $49 / hr


One of the leading QA providers offering full-cycle QA and application testing services, QA audits and consulting, test automation, and QA outsourcing services. The company was founded in 2003, and its headquarter is located in Lakewood, CO. The company has only three offices - in London, UK, Lelystad, NL, and Minsk, BY. The company employs over 700 people. The A1QA portfolio includes over 1,500 completed projects across such industries as banking and finance, healthcare, education and e-learning, media and entertainment, e-commerce, oil and gas, travel, and hospitality.

50 - 249

Adactin Group Pty. Ltd.

Adactin has been successfully operating in software development and testing for many years. During this time the company has managed to accumulate great experience in software development of different complexity. The specialists are ready to implement various projects: from small automation solutions for individual business processes to large information systems for managing large enterprises.

The list of the company's services includes Development & Integration, Testing Services, Project Management/Business Analysis, Cyber Security, Data Analytics and Digital Transformation. 

Thanks to the work of Adactin large companies and startups can successfully compete on the IT market, cooperate more effectively with clients, and use in their work the analytical programs and tools.

The company uses the latest achievements, methodologies, and tools in the field of software development and testing.

The custom software development carried out by Adactin's experts are dozens of successfully implemented and used projects in different areas of software development in various fields. Adactin's team is about qualification and knowledge, due to which they create convenient, functional, stably working software products.

10 - 49

Aegis Infoways

Aegis Infoways is an IT company that has been developing software since 2004 and offers a wide range of outsourcing services such as ASP.NET Development, Custom ASP.NET Development Services and offshore .NET Web Application Outsourcing Services. Today Aegis employs 50+ professionals with a wealth of knowledge and skills, and experience developing software for various industries. Its mission is to help companies reduce software development costs and speed up their time to market. They have offices in Australia, USA, India, UK and Canada. 

With years of experience in custom software development and an understanding of different companies' business processes, Aegis Infoways can meet its clients' needs and help them achieve their goals. They have accumulated extensive expertise in developing complex software in the following areas:

  • Comprehensive application development and creation of software of any complexity, DevOps and engineering.
  • Aegis Infoways offers a wide range of software development services.
  • Development teams are leaders in developing projects of any complexity and scale, also, there are experts in SEO, ETL, Big Data, ML and IoT. 
  • Aegis Infoways offers a wide range of automated testing and software testing. 
200 - 499
United States

AGILE Infoways Pvt. Ltd

AGILE Infoways Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading professional software development companies, was founded in 2005 and since then it has always adhered to high-quality standards. Now AGILE Infoways is one of the leading companies in Custom Mobile, Web Application and Enterprise CRM Software Development industry. AGILE Infoways currently provides a wide range of remote development services and has a clear goal of helping startups and companies solve various challenges regardless of the level of complexity and scale. The experienced team knows hands-on how to develop and improve the software. AGILE Infoways is in a state of continuous growth and development.

AGILE Infoways team has extensive experience in software development, application development, project/product management, software testing, and graphic design. The company has offices in 3 countries: USA (Atlanta, Dallas), India, Africa (Kenya, Nigeria). They have successfully completed over 2200 turn-key projects for startups, local and international businesses from from the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and other European countries.

AGILE Infoways creates exclusive information technology solutions, their solutions are developed using modern programming languages. AGILE Infoways relies on international standards and recognized benchmarks of technological quality. They follow trends in IT and improve existing developments. That is why their software has been in demand for many years. If you need a software development company, AGILE Infoways is the perfect option.


AL AiN Consultants

AL AiN Consultants is a software testing company located in Malaysia. Started with a small team of 3 people in 2016 for years of existence they have significantly increased their staff and gained recognition and trust among many famous local brands from the government to private companies.

The team of qualified experts and consultants provides you with support and assistance in all stages of testing, so you can be sure of the success of the testing process and the quality of your product. AL AiN Consultants team is always ready for the most complex tasks and committed to providing clients with the best solutions that meet customer's needs and expectations.

Here, at AL AiN Consultants you can get such services:

  • Automation Testing;
  • Managed Testing Services;
  • Long term and Short term Testing Services;
  • Testing Consultancy.


ANGLER Technologies is known as a software development company located in India and Singapore. At ANGLER Technologies specializing in offering outsourcing IT services, Product Development, Mobile Application Development, Web Design, and Testing/QA services for companies around the world.

Years of experience, a huge team of multidisciplinary experts, creative and innovative solutions, all this has helped ANGLER Technologies company to gain recognition as one of the leaders of the Software Testing and Quality Assurance market.

ANGLER Technologies offering such Testing services as:

  • System Testing;
  • Automation Testing;
  • Mobile Testing;
  • Functional Testing;
  • Performance Testing;
  • Security Testing.

$50 - $99 / hr
50 - 249
United States

App Maisters Inc.

App Maisters Inc. is one of the top digital solutions providers in the United States. Every day the company provides its services to Startups, Enterprises & Government Agencies. Among them - application development ( iOS Application Development, Android Application Development, Cloud Development, Html5 & Hybrid App Development), web development, mobility solutions, mobility consulting, and digital transformation quality assurance projects for banks and financial institutions, retail, health care, and service companies. All services are provided by experienced staff only. High technological content and unique expertise in development are the strongest points of App Maisters.

About App Maisters:

  • App Maisters has been developing and testing applications for over 7 years. 
  • App Maisters has developed and tested over 400+ apps in 7 years.
  • App Maisters provides an individual approach to each client during testing and software development.
  • Services are provided not only in the United States but throughout the world including Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.
2 - 9
United Kingdom

AscentiQ Solutions

Founded in 2012, AscentiQ Solutions is one of the leading companies that provide excellent software testing and quality assurance services, mobile app development services, and web application development to clients from more than 30 countries. Knowledge and experience accumulated over the years enable AscentiQ Solutions to handle tasks of different complexity and objectives: development, adaptation, and integration of complex corporate solutions, mobile and web applications development, etc.

At AscentiQ Solutions, QA and development experts conduct in-depth and systematic research to identify the latest trends, issues and challenges faced by client organizations in order to enable them to achieve their business goals. 

The AscentiQ Solutions team offers services and best methodologies, always takes a customer-centric approach, and works for customer satisfaction.

New Zealand

Assurity Consulting Ltd

Assurity Consulting is a New Zealand-based digital consultancy. The Assurity team partners with New Zealand’s largest and successful brands and government agencies and provides them with innovative and quality solutions to improve their business. Among the clients of Assurity Consulting such famous brands as Vodafone, Pegasus Health, Air New Zealand, etc.

Based on the huge expertise, creative minds, and skills at Assurity was formed a team of world-class specialists which offers unique solutions in the fields of services from Software Testing to DevOps and intelligent process automation.

Here, at Assurity Consulting, you can get such services:

  • Assurity Cloud;
  • DevOps;
  • Lean Testing;
  • Performance Testing;
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Aurous Consultancy

Aurous Consultancy is one of the leading IT solutions providers based in Malaysia, Singapore, India, and Hong Kong. Over the years the Aurous team has worked with companies in various industries and has a wealth of experience in providing effective and real solutions for areas such as Insurance, Banking, Healthcare, Education, Utilities, and Oil & Gas.

In their work Aurous Consultancy team is primarily focused on the needs and requests of customers, which is why they have been able to gain the trust of many successful companies around the world. 

The Aurous Consultancy team offers such high-class IT services:

  • Website/App Development;
  • Software Testing & QA;
  • Data Analytics & BI;
  • IT Application / Project Development.

$50 - $99 / hr
1,000 - 9,999


Avenga is one of the global leaders in the IT and digital transformation market. Considering all the complexities of doing business in the modern world, the Avenga team strives to provide its clients with real and unique solutions based on the client's needs.

Avenga has great experience in providing innovative solutions to companies from different fields such as automotive, financial, insurance, pharma & life sciences, and real estate. Among Avenga clients are world-famous brands like Volvo, German Telekom, SwissLife, and many more.

Quality Assurance & Testing Services provided by Avenga:

  • Manual testing;
  • Automated testing;
  • Functionality testing;
  • Load testing;
  • Usability testing;
  • Performance testing.

50 - 249


Avocado is one of Australia's leading software companies, with many years of experience in delivering IT change and transformation for Australia's largest companies and government agencies. The staff consists of experts who specialize in a wide range of technologies, programming languages, development practices, and methodologies and successfully apply them to the software development process. Avocado offers services in custom software development, application and security monitoring and software testing. Also Avocado provides business process automation services. A full list of services includes: 

  • Project Delivery
  • Software Development
  • Software Testing
  • Change Management
  • Automation Testing
  • DevOps
  • Application and Security Monitoring
  • Digital Experience Monitoring

Custom software is an opportunity to get a software product that exactly meets the needs of a company, which can increase its competitiveness, provide the desired security, increase efficiency and guarantee future growth and development. Avocado is a team of experienced professionals who are constantly developing, improving, and perfecting the software they produce.

$50 - $99 / hr
10 - 49
United States

BIT Studios

BIT Studios has over 30 years of experience in software development and testing. BIT Studios offers its clients a wide range of software testing services for projects of any level of complexity. They combine well-designed QA processes with state-of-the-art tools and methodologies to successfully complete even the most complex projects.

BIT Studios experts have extensive experience in testing various types of software: both simple applications and complex multiplatform software. 

The company has two offices, located in Chicago and Dallas, but serves clients all over the world. They help startups and businesses with their custom web, software, and mobile development projects. 

< $25 / hr
200 - 499


BugRaptors is a certified software testing company with extensive experience as a third party testing vendor, effectively proven as a global leader in software testing & QA Services. We provide Web and Mobile testing solutions, Test Automation Solutions, Game testing services, Security testing, ERP testing, Agile and Devops testing, Cloud testing, Big data testing, Regression testing, Installation testing, usability testing services to different domains or verticals.

Our strategic initiatives, communication, and commitment to quality exceed expectations of clients looking for low-cost and high-quality outsourced software testing solutions.

$100 - $149 / hr
10 - 49
New Zealand


Clearfield is a software development company and IT consultancy based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Established in 1991, they have a wealth of experience in developing systems both large and small over many years and in a huge range of technologies.

Clearfield Software specialises in creating elegant software solutions to complex problems. They create full-spectrum, custom software in technically challenging areas. They work closely with our clients, ensuring that their specific needs and requirements are understood and fulfilled. They value our customers and are proud of their continuing long-term relationships with many clients.

Clearfield Software's policy is to work closely with you to design, code and test your new software. The goal is to produce high quality software, quickly, customised to your needs and specifications. The team is experienced and has a wide range of knowledge of the varied aspects of software development and systems management. 

$25 - $49 / hr


ClicQA is an independent software testing company which exists since 2016. But for these 3 years, the company has established itself over the past three years as a responsible company that offers customers worldwide provide a wide range of software testing services to clients across the globe.

The company's goal is to help customers, improve their performance, reduce time to market, and provide high-quality products.

$50 - $99 / hr
50 - 199

Codoid Innovations

Codoid is a software testing company which has continually transformed itself from a startup way back in 2012 to one of the top QA companies now, Led by QA leaders who are passionate in software testing and Quality Assurance.

$25 - $49 / hr
10 - 49


CredibleSoft Technology Solutions Private Limited providing their clients and customers with high quality and trustworthy software development, websites, web apps and mobile apps development, software testing, and designing services. CredibleSoft has been in the market for 7 years already. It develops dynamically and gets more and more clients every year. The team's professionalism is annually recognized by different ratings, allowing it to penetrate new markets. Now CredibleSoft is one of the most ambitious and leading IT companies in India.

The company boasts teams of experienced professionals that include specialists of different levels and qualifications: software developers, technical managers, analysts and project managers, designers, technical consultants, software testers, and QA experts.

Their clients include huge corporations, medium-sized companies, and even startups. CredibleSoft works with a variety of industries, including performance management, healthcare, advertising, automotive industry, software companies, website owners, and online shopping portals. 

Full list of services: 

  • Custom Software Development
  • Web App and Mobile App (Android & iOS) Deveelopment
  • QA, Testing & Test Automation
  • Web, Graphic & UX Designing
$20 - $50 / hr
10 - 49

AppZo Technologies

AppZo Technologies is the next generation mobile app, web app and cloud consulting company with the vision to provide the best in class services for the technology driven world. We continuously look for evolving technologies and that’s why we work on the best and for the best.

We are continuously growing both in expertise and size. That’s why we have the best people in the industry working for us.


Datadot Software Solution

Datadot Software Solution is an innovative IT company that brings high-class Information Technology Services & Solutions to companies around the globe.

Since 1999 creative minds Datadot Software Solution team provide companies of different sizes and domains with unique and innovative solutions to the most complex tasks in the field of software testing and Quality assurance.

As one of the leaders in software testing, Datadot Software Solution has a highly professional team of specialists who can support any company according to their requirements from software development services to its testing.

Among the Testing Services provided by Datadot Software Solution can be highlighted the following:

  • Automation Testing Services;
  • eCommerce Testing Services;
  • Functional Testing Services;
  • Localization Testing Services;
  • Mobile App Testing Services;
  • Performance Testing Services;
  • Manual Testing Services.
$50 - $99
10 - 49
New Zealand

DataGenius Software Labs Ltd

DataGenius is an innovation leader in providing IT services for companies around the world. Innovative thinking, new ideas of DataGenius experts plus efficient processes & continuous business services which they provide, let their customers keep highly competitive, productive, and profitable.

Launched in 2015 DataGenius company delivered world-class services to more than 100 companies of different sizes and fields of activity all over the world.

Here at DataGenius, you can get:

  • Functional Testing;
  • Integration Testing;
  • Regression Testing;
  • User Acceptance Testing;
  • Performance Testing;
  • Scalability Testing;
  • Security Testing;
  • Tool configuration;
  • Test Automation;
  • Automated Script Creation;
  • Automated Test Execution;
  • Test Process Consultancy;
  • Test Optimization Service;
  • Test Process Management.
2 - 9

Dextra Technologies

Dextra Technologies is a web and mobile app development and digital marketing company in Chennai, India. Dextra Technologies has been implementing a variety of projects using the full range of modern information technology capabilities for many years.

Currently, Dextra Technologies is working in several directions:

  • The first direction is a web and mobile app development. Dextra Technologies provides its services in the sphere of designing and development of websites, applications, web design; they provide technical and information support for websites.
  • The second direction is a digital marketing and online advertising. Complex work aimed at increasing attendance of your site, and therefore the growth of sales of your products or services.
  • And the third direction is software testing and QA services. 

Thanks to high professionalism and experience, Dextra Technologies always offers the best solutions for your business. Individual approach to each client allows them to solve tasks with high quality and in the shortest time possible.

To date, Dextra Technologies has successfully implemented several dozens of various projects. 

10 - 49

Ecphasis Infotech

Ecphasis Infotech combines best practices and best foreign experience in the implementation of projects of any complexity for the development of information technology and business processes. 

Ecphasis Infotech has been working in the IT market for 12+ years. The main specialization of the company is web/mobile apps development and digital marketing services. Ecphasis Infotech is providing a full spectrum of IT Solutions for all Enterprise & Industry scales right from small to large-sized businesses.

Ecphasis Infotech offers its own innovative solutions and digital services for financial and insurance companies as well as retail and logistics.

The company has successfully completed over 250+ projects and satisfied over 200 clients. 

The list of services includes:

  1. Software Development
  2. Web Designing
  3. Web Development
  4. Mobile Application
  5. Software Testing
  6. Digital Marketing
  7. Web Hosting/Maintanance
  8. Graphic Designing
200 - 499
United Kingdom

Edge Testing

Edge Testing has been on the IT market since 2007. The main activity of the company is software quality assurance (Software testing, quality assurance, load testing, performance testing, test automation, user acceptance testing, DevOps Service, and many others). Edge Testing operates globally with test lab facilities in the UK, USA, Belgium, Poland, Sweden, and Hong Kong. One of the main activities of the company is outsourcing testing and independent testing, which includes: developing testing strategy, test documentation, test process, and full accountability.

Edge Testing has quickly become the #1 software testing company in the UK. The talented team, which includes the UK's leading testing specialists, helps provide exceptional services to clients in the financial services, telecommunications and media, retail, and public niches. 

New Zealand

Elevate IT

Elevate IT is an experienced IT Consultants based in New Zealand. Founded in 2007 specialist of Elevate IT with huge testing expertise, innovative and customer-focused approach has become a trusted partner for many local famous brands like Air New Zealand, Auckland Airport, Springer, etc.

Elevate IT provides expertise and resources for manual and automated software testing, focusing on web, mobile, enterprise applications, and IT infrastructure.

Services providing by Elevate IT company:

  • QA Consulting;
  • Test Automation;
  • DevOps Optimisation.
50 - 249
United States

Equinox IT Solutions LLC

Equinox IT Solutions LLC is an international global IT solution provider that focuses on software testing and development, design, and marketing for clients worldwide. The team of more than 200 professional specialists develops complex software solutions for business process automation, information security, and data analytics. Equinox IT Solutions LLC can develop a software product for your company, full list of their services include Website Designing, Graphics Designing, Web Development, Software Development, Article Writing, Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, E-Commerce Solutions, Open Source Customization, E-Learning Solutions, Payment Gateway Integration, Mobile Application Implementation.

Equinox IT Solutions LLC is headquartered in Dallas, but also has offices in Canada and India. They offer advanced services without geographic boundaries or time constraints and are open to serve any type of business - startups or enterprises.

Equinox IT Solutions LLC combines existing expertise and state-of-the-art tools to automate functional, regression, and performance testing processes.

$50 - $99 / hr


Hummingsoft is an IT company focused on software development, web design, and software testing. Hummingsoft has huge expertise in offering unique and innovative solutions to companies in the government sector and service industry.

The main task of Hummingsoft experts is to implement test-driven development and high-level testing tools to validate that your software applications and products work as expected and meet all their requirements.

The team of dedicated, creative, and innovative software testers, combined with years of expertise and a personalized approach to each client strive to build quality and provide excellent services in all aspects of the testing process. That is why they have gained respect among companies around the world and are considered reliable partners in software testing and QA.

The number of smartphones and their users in the world is growing at a tremendous rate every year, and at the same time, users' requirements for mobile applications are growing. The number of mobile apps is growing exponentially, providing a wide and varied choice for users. Under such conditions, the competition among mobile apps is unusually high, and naturally, the battle for users' attention will be won by those companies that provide quality products. App quality is the key to success, and that can only be guaranteed by mobile app testing. 

So what is the importance of mobile application testing services?

Mobile application testing services allow companies to provide better software to their users and help the app to be successful by testing its functionality, usability, and logic, thereby expanding the user base. Right now there are hundreds, thousands of companies that specialize in mobile app testing services, and choosing just one can be quite a challenge. Before hiring a particular mobile app testing agency, you need to carefully analyze a number of things that will help you determine if a company is really suited for you.

Benefits of hiring a mobile app testing company

Hopefully, you are well aware of the importance of mobile app testing services. But the question arises of whether hiring mobile application testing services is indeed beneficial compared to having an in-house QA team. Here are the main advantages that you can consider:


It is no surprise that experience is the first advantage of mobile application testing companies. They can boast of numerous projects related to testing mobile apps of diverse types and complexity. Hardly, there is an issue that they could not address due to having extensive background.

Quick onboarding

Mobile application testing companies can quickly provide you with seasoned QA engineers to join your team you can not bother yourself with time-incentive recruitment and hiring processes.


Cost-efficiency is undoubtedly the main benefit of cooperation with mobile app testing companies. Service fees are definitely lower than the maintenance of an in-house QA department.


Mobile app testing companies can easily and quickly ramp up or ramp down a QA team depending on the needs of your project.

Confidence in success

Having real QA experts on your team there is no need to worry about the quality of your mobile application. A professional mobile app testing agency will have you covered and test your app inside out to make sure that it will meet the requirements of end-users.

What can you expect from mobile app testing services?

When you collaborate with a mobile app testing company it provides you with QA engineers that are the best fit for your project. Both manual and automation testers are at your service. As soon they join your team they carefully study project requirements and provide you with all the scope of services that you need - functional testing, security testing, performance testing, compatibility testing, GUI testing, and many more. Whenever QA engineers are onboarded at the outset, they also work on testing documentation by drawing up a test strategy, test plan, test cases, etc. Participation in meetings and reporting are also usual things.

Tips on choosing the best company for mobile app testing

You can easily get frustrated and distracted facing the necessity to choose your perfect partner among a great variety of mobile application testing companies. To help you make the right decision, we have completed a list of things that you should particularly pay attention to:

  • Experience

The first thing that deserves attention is an experience of a mobile app testing company. Check how long it has been in the business and how many projects it has successfully completed. A review of a company portfolio would be very helpful as well. Check which projects a company has dealt with and how complicated they were.

  • Domain expertise

Domain expertise is a factor that you should not neglect as well. It is of primary importance when it comes to specific kinds of apps like those related to the healthcare or banking domains.

  • Reputation

To be confident in the fruitfulness of the collaboration you should be sure that your partner has a stellar reputation and you can trust it. So we advise you to carefully check reviews and feedback of clients to understand whether a mobile app testing company renders services that make its clients happy.

  • Team size

Team size and composition are also important. Make sure that a company has a rich talent pool and will be able to provide you with the needed number of QA specialists with relevant experience and skillsets.

  • Rich facilities and test lab

Ask whether a provider of mobile app testing services has all the needed for testing hardware and software as well as a wide range of gadgets for testing.

  • Location

If you consider hiring an offshore testing company pay attention to time zones and possible language barriers.

  • Corporate culture

The last but not least factor is corporate culture. Make sure that the company’s inner working processes, communication establishment, and attitude to task performance are just what you expect from a trustworthy partner.

More Software Testing Services Providers: