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Top Medical Billing Companies Arizona

Have you got tired of the necessity to handle medical billing? There is a great way to release yourself and your medical staff from this task. This refers to outsourcing. Collaboration with medical billing companies in Arizona that provide a whole range of related services can provide you with numerous benefits. First of all, Arizona medical billing companies can provide you with highly experienced staff and convenient billing software. Professional approach and advanced technologies help to optimize medical billing and significantly reduce the number of errors and delays in claim processing. Moreover, by cooperating with medical billing services in Arizona you can save a lot of money as their services are cheaper than the maintenance of an in-house billing department. As a rule, Arizona medical billing companies offer several price plans to choose from, including a monthly subscription and payment per healthcare encounter.

To help you find a billing partner you can rely on, the Superbcompany team has drawn up a ranking of the best medical billing companies in Arizona. Check it out!

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List of the top Medical Billing Companies in Arizona

Updated: 20 November 2023
5 Star Billing Services, Inc. logo
United States

5 Star Billing Services, Inc.

5 Star Billing Services is a company that provides healthcare facilities with professional medical billing, collection, and administrative services. Whether you need full-service medical billing or just temporary staffing, the company’s experienced team can impress you with first-class medical billing and collection services.

5 Star Billing Services’ expertise in working with either commercial or government payers enables the company to keep up with the latest changes in policies and codes. It handles on the regular basis common issues like Medicare ADRs and state-specific logistics.

By letting the 5 Star Billing Services team manage the whole span of your medical billing issues, a practice can get rid of the hassle, avoid the high operational costs, increase cash flow and significantly reduce the number of denied claims.

The company can assist with:

  • Electronic and paper claim processing;
  • Aggressive AR follow-up;
  • Patient statements;
  • Insurance and patient collections;
  • Payment postings;
  • Medical coding;
  • Temporary staffing;
  • Electronic billing setup;
  • Data entry, including patient and charge input;
  • Physician credentialing;
  • Practice analysis;
  • Medical billing consulting, etc.
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Mednet logo
United States


Mednet is one of the leading Revenue Cycle Management companies with about 35 years in business. It is based in New Mexico and provides end-to-end medical billing and coding services to healthcare facilities in all corners of the country.

The valuable asset of the company is its employees. Its hand-picked skilled team members are dedicated, detail-oriented, client-focused, and do their best to help clients find and keep every dollar.

Reasons to hire Mednet:

  • 98% collection success rate;
  • Experienced, result-driven, tech-savvy team of medical billing and coding professionals;
  • 97% first-pass claim acceptance rate;
  • The company’s fee is based on the collected revenue;
  • Irrespective of size, specialty, or utilized billing software, Mednet has the required expertise and resources to make any medical practice efficient and lucrative.
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Sun Valley Medical Billing logo
United States

Sun Valley Medical Billing

SVMB is a medical billing company which mission is to ensure that clients’ claims are accurately and timely paid.

The core values of Sun Valley Medical Billing are passion, integrity, trust, commitment, and honesty.

The company can boast of maximum accuracy and efficiency in electronic claim submission. It is possible due to multiple layers of edits assuring that each and every claim is thoroughly audited before being submitted which results in accurate and timely processing and payment.

Sun Valley Medical Billing is committed to innovative technologies and its HIPAA-compliant solutions have been designed to make the job of medical practitioner easier.

Benefits of cooperation with SVMB:

  • Well-trained and certified medical billing experts;
  • Weekly and monthly follow-up reports;
  • Access to monthly educational workshops;
  • Electronic submission and rapid appeals if needed;
  • Improved cash flow.
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Billing Solutions LLC logo
United States

Billing Solutions LLC

Billing Solutions LLC is a provider of customized professional billing and practice management services for behavioral healthcare facilities.

Since 2010, the company’s experienced team has aimed to improve the quality and effectiveness of billing services within the sector of mental health and substance abuse. Billing Solutions renders unparalleled services to its clients by being responsive to their needs and utilizing effective processes to interface with insurance companies. Its hands-on approach and bespoke service make billing process handling more efficient and less stressful.

The company offers a wide range of billing services:

  • Benefit verification;
  • Utilization review;
  • Billing and collections;
  • Reimbursement negotiations;
  • Appeals;
  • Patient and insurance collections, etc.
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ASBS logo
United States


Anesthesia Specialty Billing Services or ASBS in abbreviated form was founded in 2001 to help healthcare providers navigate the constantly changing dynamics of the industry, generate strong revenue streams, boost medical billing processes, and improve profitability.

First of all, the team of professional billers carefully studies each client’s specific situation in order to present strategies and solutions that can be integrated in a way that corresponds with the budget, financial resources, and staffing levels.

Numerous clients of the company state that with the help of ASBS they receive more payments within a shorter time, all insurance claims are accepted from the first pass, cash flow can be predicted, while patients are satisfied with excellent customer service.

ASBS services include:

  • Medical billing;
  • Patient and insurance collections;
  • Credentialing services;
  • A/R management;
  • Surgical scheduling.
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FSB & IT logo
United States


Fast Service Billing & IT or FSB & IT is a reputable medical billing company, servicing a multitude of medical practices in the State of Arizona and across the whole country. The most competitive price, as well as superior billing and collection services, has brought FSB & IT a lot of loyal clients and provided a 98% retention rating.

FSB & IT is indeed the best choice if you need to cut down billing costs, increase the amount of collected money, get paid faster, and run your medical practice more efficiently.

The medical billing company offers its client:

  • 24 hrs claim submission;
  • Payments within 5 business days;
  • The consistent and predictable cash flow;
  • Accurate claim tracking;
  • Opportunity to shift focus from business and administrative tasks to patient care.
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Integrity Medical Billing Service, LLC logo
United States

Integrity Medical Billing Service, LLC

Integrity Medical Billing Service, LLC is one of Arizona's most reliable and cost-effective medical billing and practice management services that particularly specializes in Behavioral Health billing.

With its efficient claim management procedures, the company guarantees to keep your 120-day aging under 4%. This goal is indeed reachable due to Integrity Medical Billing Service’s experience in billing AHCCCS, DES, Medicare, and different private commercial payers. Besides, the company is proud of offering superior medical billing services at a competitive cost without any hidden fees or charges. The team of real professionals provides caring and bespoke service to clients and has the references to prove it.

The company serves healthcare providers related to Family Practice, OB/GYN, CRNFA, Gastroenterology, Rheumatology, Surgery, Geriatric Medicine, Chiropractic, Psychiatry, Psychology, Behavioral Health, etc.

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Dynamic Billing & Consulting logo
United States

Dynamic Billing & Consulting

Dynamic Billing & Consulting is a nationwide medical coding, management, and billing company that meets today’s needs of healthcare providers.

The web-based billing platforms of the company use cutting-edge technology to provide even small clinics with conveniences that usually only the largest healthcare facilities can afford.

Dynamic Billing & Consulting offers integrated web-based scheduling, real-time insurance eligibility check, document management software, electronic claims, electronic payment posting, FREE EHR software, and other technologies to ensure that its clients get every cent of reimbursement.

To provide excellent results, the company tends to operate as an extension of your team and give you the close attention you need. Excellent customer support 7 days a week, 365 days a year is what you receive cooperating with Dynamic Billing & Consulting.

Services you can enjoy:

  • Medical billing;
  • A/R management;
  • Contracting;
  • Collections;
  • Coding;
  • Credentialing.
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Accurate Medical Billing, Inc logo
United States

Accurate Medical Billing, Inc

Accurate Medical Billing, Inc is an online, full-service, practice management company offering superior services that healthcare providers cannot get from traditional billing services. The additional services that are offered at the moment:

  • Patient Eligibility;
  • Benefit Verification;
  • Online Scheduler;
  • Patient Pre-Authorizations;
  • Online Client Resource Center;
  • Patient Online Access to Paperwork;
  • Online Credit Card Processing;
  • Insurance Paneling/Credentialing.

The dedicated team of Accurate Medical Billing uses advanced technology and the latest billing procedures to ensure its clients receive maximum returns within the shortest possible period of time.

At AMB, we pride ourselves on our high level of customer service, attention to detail, and accountability.

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4D Global logo
< $25 / hr
India, United States

4D Global

4D Global is an analytical-driven, tech-savvy Revenue Cycle Management company providing services to USA-based medical billing companies. Its main purpose is to help medical billing companies easily scale their teams and improve profitability. Nowadays, the company has two offices - one in Arizona, the USA, and one more in Chennai India.

The 4D Global’s formula of success is a combination of rich expertise in medical billing and the ambition to exceed expectations in efficiency, accuracy, and support.

The list of provided services includes:

  • Data entry;
  • Payment Posting;
  • Denial Management;
  • A/R Follow-Up;
  • Provider Credentialing;
  • Credit Balance Resolution;
  • Eligibility and Benefits.

Advantages of partnership with 4D Global:

24/7 availability and support;

Best-of-the-breed billing experts;

Extensive training;

Security and compliance.

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