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Top Crowd Testing Companies - Crowdsourced Testing Services

Crowdsourcing can be considered as obtaining services from a large, relatively open, and usually rapidly advancing group of participants. It has become incredibly widely used in software testing. Crowdsourced testing or crowd-testing is the testing of software with the help of members of online communities. The main difference between crowd-testing and outsourcing is that in the first case, your application or website is tested not by quality assurance specialists but by ordinary people who assess your software differently than your QA specialists. In a nutshell, crowd testing is a testing strategy engaging real users with real devices to conduct various tests under actual usage conditions. Crowd-testers not only uncover existing bugs and weaknesses but also provide your company with valuable feedback as for user experience. With your skilled in-house QA team supported by crowdsourced testing services, you can provide more comprehensive software testing and reduce your time-to-market.

Today, a lot of communities bring together non-professional testers, and all platforms are different. To assist you in finding a reliable crowdsource company, our team has compiled a crowdsourcing companies list. Go through it and pick up the most suitable variants.

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List of the top crowd testing companies

Updated: 22 June 2022
$25 - $49 / hr
USA, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland


DeviQA is a leading software testing company that entered the IT market in 2010. The main activity of the company is quality assurance and software testing - the company provides a broad spectrum of up to 13 software testing services such as Full-cycle Testing, Web App Testing, Automated Testing, Mobile App Testing, API Testing, Dedicated QA Team, QA Outsourcing and others. The team can perform both full-cycle software testing to run a quality product or concentrate only on one kind of testing services by clients' requirement. 

DeviQA works with customers all over the world, and, since 2010, the company has performed over 500 successfully tested applications.

The company selects a unique team for each project, which:

 - gives people the opportunity to enjoy the product by making sure everything works well;

- controls the development process;

- prevents bugs in the software before users find them;

- ensures the quality of the product before the release.

$25 - $49 / hr
200 - 499
United States; India; Germany; United Kingdom


ImpactQA is a full-cycle QA and software testing company with more than 10 years of excellence. The company helps SMEs & Fortune 500 companies to deliver quality engineering, AI based test automation, performance engineering and full suite of continuous and automated testing services throughout the software development life cycle. Their QA Experts are known to deliver software testing services to various business domains such as e-Commerce, Healthcare, BFSI, e-Learning, Media, Logistics, Tourism, Real-Estate and more. 

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Why Choose Us? 

  • 10x Faster Time-to-Market 
  • Reduce 40% QA Cost 
  • Accelerated Software Releases 
  • On Demand QA as a Service 
  • Provide Next-Gen Software Testing Solutions 
  • Offer combinations of Oonsite, Oonshore, Off-shore & crowd testing at a reduced cost

Core Services: 

< $25 / hr


99tests is a crowdsourced QA testing platform which helps different organizations to test their software by different testers across the world. 99tests has over 20,000 testers from over 150+ countries. You can test your software with multiple combinations of environment, devices etc.

10 - 49


CrowdsourcedTesting was founded in 2012 and currently has over 56,000 testers from 182 countries under its management.

< $25 / hr


Crowdsprint combines 30 years of software testing experience with a crowd testing platform. According to the owners of the company, they have access to more than 100,000 testers around the world.

< $25 / hr
11 - 50


Digivante is one of the leaders in crowdsourcing testing services. The platform is used by more than 55,000 professional testers. In addition, the community consists not only of testers, but also of those who test their work to ensure the quality of the work performed. When working with Digivante, you can expect on 24/7 testing of your application, platform or website. Among the company's clients we can mention Audi, GymShark, Calvin Klein.

50 - 249

Global App Testing

Global App Testing was founded in 2013 to help QA teams and developers produce high quality software worldwide. Today, the company's platform is used by about 25,000 people using real devices. Among the company's clients you can see such giants as Facebook, Microsoft, Google, General Electric.

10 - 49

iStudio Technologies

iStudio Technologies is a leading Web Designing Company in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. iStudio Technologies is a team of experienced IT professionals from Chennai with 13 years of expertise.

iStudio Technologies is engaged in web design, mobile app and web development, digital marketing, and software testing. iStudio Technologies works with startups, companies and large corporations, solves real problems, and knows what responsibility is for the decisions made. They provide strong and independent experts who are focused on efficiency in the interest of the business.  

Along with software project development, the company offers services to create dedicated development teams depending on the client's needs. The team's expertise includes proven state-of-the-art technologies. 

< $25 / hr

MyCrowd QA

MyCrowd studio is an on-demand platform provided by MyCrowd QA. It supports website testing and mobile app testing in a real-time and real environment.

< $25 / hr
51 - 200


Rainforest was founded in 2012 and it is the only one platform based on artificial intelligence. In addition, the platform allows you to use Agile testing methodologies. Rainforest has integration with JIRA and Pivotal Tracker to track bugs.

< $25 / hr
11 - 50

Test IO

The company test IO was founded in 2011, thousands of applications and websites were tested since then. In addition, it provides IoT testing services. With the test IO crowdsourced testing services, it is possible to integrate with project management and bug tracking tools. The work is carried out both according to the methodology of the waterfall and the methodology of continuous integration. Before starting work with the company, all testers sign the NDA.

< $25 / hr


Testbirds was found in Munich, Germany in 2011 and is now the world’s leading crowd testing provider company. Testbirds is spread across Italy, North America with offices at Munich, London, Amsterdam, and Stockholm. It has a tester community across the globe which is spread across 193 countries and 200,000 registered testers.

< $25 / hr
50 - 249
United States; Ukraine; India


TestMatick is a leading provider of top quality software testing services. The company was founded in 2009 and headquartered in New York, USA. Our strong team of testers can start testing your project of any complexity within 24 hours.

$25 - $49 / hr
50 - 249


Ubertesters is a crowd-based, complete manual mobile app/web testing solution provider which helps the companies test their app/web/IoT device in real-life conditions, in order to ensure if they launch a well-tested product.

The benefits of working with crowd testing companies

Growing demand for high product quality along with a need to deliver this product to the market quickly force software testing companies to find and apply new testing methods. One of the most effective among them is crowd testing, which is indeed an efficient approach utilizing crowd talent and wisdom.

If you still hesitate, let's go through the benefits of working with a crowdsource company.


Due to a vast number of people engaged in the testing, crowd testing lets software testing companies accelerate a QA process and timely supplies a development team with relevant bug information.

Peak workload management

Crowd testing companies can lend a helping hand when you deal with peak workloads. This testing strategy lets QA companies leverage testing resources effectively as they can receive a large number of quality assurance resources for a little while and only when there is a necessity.


Collaboration with a crowd testing company enables you to ramp up workforces without hiring permanent staff and all corresponding expenses related to the wages, pension, taxes, and others. Crowdsourced testing services can significantly improve efficiency, reducing labor costs. As a rule, crowdsourced testers are paid only for the bugs they have found.

Localized insights

Cooperating with the best crowdsourcing companies, you can find testers from various countries who speak diverse languages. It can be incredibly helpful when you deal with software that requires localization testing.

Effective usability testing

Due to crowdsourced testing, QA companies can conduct effective usability testing, as it is performed by real users and on real devices. Taking into account their feedback, QA specialists can correctly evaluate the user-friendliness of the product and update it correspondingly to satisfy the needs of all potential users.


Collaborating with crowd testing companies, you can at any time scale up or scale down resources depending on your project needs.

Unbiased assessment

Crowdsourcing testing is definitely more objective than outsourcing or corporate software testing, as in this case, testers are unrelated to any company. Such an approach helps make an unbiased assessment of the product quality.

Environment and hardware diversity

Crowdsourced testing engages a great number of people who use various devices of different models and with different OS, browsers, etc. No in-house QA team has so many devices to test its software, but collaboration with a crowdsource company enables you to cover this environment and hardware diversity.

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