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The Best Medical Billing Companies in Illinois

All the healthcare facilities across the USA face the necessity to manage medical billing. Some of them opt for an in-house medical billing department, others take the advantage of medical billing outsourcing. The latter is indeed reasonable. Collaborating with medical billing companies, healthcare providers can significantly reduce overheads and receive services of high quality.

The best medical billing companies in Illinois render the whole range of services, including insurance claim submission, following up on claims, denial management, insurance eligibility verification, and many others. Provided by them billing solutions are up-to-date, easily integrated, HIPAA compliant, secure, robust, and let optimize the performance of all medical billing tasks.

Superbcompanies has compiled a list of the most reliable and reputable medical billing services in Illinois to simplify your search for a perfect billing partner. All the listed companies have been thoroughly studied and assessed according to multiple criteria, So do not miss an opportunity to get acquainted with the market leaders.

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List of the top medical billing companies in illinois

Updated: 27 May 2022
United States

American Medical Billing, Inc.

American Medical Billing, Inc. is a leading complete medical billing services provider to medical practices and other healthcare facilities.

American Medical Billing's team professionally handles billing and collection issues, reducing billing errors with their quality control department and reducing the time it takes to collect your money. American Medical Billing, Inc. is dedicated to building long-lasting and trusting relationships with its customers and takes complete control of all billing and collection activities, so you can focus on managing your medical affairs without having to worry about administrative tasks.

American Medical Billing (AMB) can provide:

  • Increased cash flow with faster claims payment;
  • Notification of any rejected electronic claims within 48 hours;
  • Timely reimbursement and follow up for all commercial insurance;
  • Rapid and accurate billing and collection services;
  • Fee Schedule recommendations.
United States


Having been in business and working with physicians since 1987, GIS is a leader in medical billing and practice management and medical record solutions in Chicago.

GIS specialists provide their services and support to physicians and medical practices in a variety of specialties, from Hospital Medicine to Psychology.

All the nuances and complexities of the medical reimbursement process require highly skilled specialists and in-depth knowledge of medical billing. Years of experience and a team of GIS professionals improve the net cash flow, and financial situation of medical practices as a whole because they achieve reimbursement for absolutely all claims. Partnering with GIS will allow you to focus on your direct responsibilities - medicine and client care - while they have complete control over the entire billing process of your medical practice.

United States

Inspire Medical Billing

Inspire Medical Billing is a full-service medical billing company based in Chicago. 

Inspire Medical Billing's expert team provides the optimal set of services to keep your practice running clearly and smoothly. At Inspire Medical Billing, they are ready for any medical billing challenges and will support you every step of the way. Inspire Medical Billing provides high performance, quality customer service, and a state-of-the-art software platform that helps their clients succeed and improve the efficiency and productivity of their medical practices.

Inspire Medical Billing offers a variety of services like:

  • Medical Billing; 
  • Medical Coding;
  • Data Entry;
  • A/R Management;
  • Custom Reporting;
  • Implementation;
  • Collections.
United States

Physician Revenue Solutions

Physician Revenue Solutions is a medical billing and practice management company based in Chicago.

The company was formed as a result of a desire to help maximize the profitability and efficiency of medical practices, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities, and ensure their long-term success. The Physician Revenue Solutions team specializes in full revenue cycle management and assists with reimbursement, collections, claims, and more. Physician Revenue Solutions' services will allow healthcare professionals to focus on medicine and patient care instead of worrying about the administrative and financial affairs of their practices. 

Physician Revenue Solutions services:

  • Fee Schedule Consultation;
  • Management;
  • Medical Coding;
  • Credentialing;
  • Reporting;
  • Physician Billing Services.
United States

Physicians Revenue Group

Physicians Revenue Group is a comprehensive revenue cycle management and medical practice management company.

PRG provides services that enable healthcare organizations, including hospitals, urgent care centers, private practices, and others, to achieve better productivity and financial independence. The Physicians Revenue Group team are experts with extensive knowledge and experience, providing clients with the next generation of medical billing solutions. The Physicians Revenue Group team's primary goal is to improve practice outcomes by improving operational efficiency, enabling healthcare providers to serve their patients with a higher quality of care.

Physicians Revenue Group services:

  • Accounting and Taxation Services;
  • Credentialing;
  • Doctors MACRA Services;
  • Healthcare Digital Marketing;
  • Medical Billing Audit;
  • Practice Management;
  • Revenue Cycle Management.
United States

Priority Medical Billing, Inc.

Priority Medical Billing is a team of dedicated and experienced medical billing professionals based in Illinois.

The mission of the Priority Medical Billing team is to provide medical practices with the highest quality billing and patient care services possible. Priority Medical Billing, Inc. is a full-service company, with experience in a variety of specialties and areas of medicine, from family practice to chiropractic and many other specialties. But years of experience and a commitment to growth allow them to learn new specialties and expand their capabilities. Priority Medical Billing believes that physicians should focus only on medicine and patient care, so they take care of all administrative tasks related to billing.

Priority Medical Billing offers:

  • Accurate and Timely Claim Submission;
  • Continuous Insurance Follow-up;
  • Payment Posting and Patient Billing;
  • Handling of all Patient Billing Questions;
  • Practice Management Software;
  • Financial and Statistic Reports;
  • Administrative and Consulting Services.
United States

Resilience Billing and Financial

Resilience Billing and Financial is a medical billing company serving medical practices in the mental health field and specializing in the needs of psychiatrists.

Resilience Billing and Financial's primary mission is to provide billing support to medical practices so that medical staff can focus their energies on their immediate responsibilities - medicine and patient care. The Resilience Billing and Financial team use a very clear and structured process that is easy to learn and integrate into the medical practice workflow. Resilience Billing and Financial highly values each client and achieves a positive outcome on even the most complex and contentious claims.

Resilience Billing and Financial services include:

  • Billing Within Your Own Platform;
  • EHR Adoption Services;
  • Support for the Paper and Pen Clinicians;
  • Consulting, Training, & Support;
United States

The Auctus Group

The Auctus Group is a team of high-skilled and dedicated medical billing experts. 

They have been providing their services to plastic surgeons and dermatologists, supporting and growing the business of their practices since 2012. With almost a decade in business, their core values, mission, and vision for their work have stayed the same - they still strive to provide only the best service to their clients. A team of creative, communicative, striving for continuous development and self-improvement, and undoubtedly professional experts will find an individual approach to each client and do their work at the highest level.

Services provided by The Auctus Group:

  • Medical Billing;
  • Operations Consulting;
  • Contracting/Credentialing;
  • Authorizations;
  • Merchant Services Processing;
  • Medical Bookkeeping;
  • Staffing & Training;
  • Small Business Loans.
United States

ZEE Medical Billing

ZEE Medical Billing is a perfect medical billing company for small practices.

ZEE Medical Billing team offers medical practices of different specialties the best revenue cycle management solution at the most affordable price. ZEE Medical Billing's billing experts improve their clients' performance by doing everything they can to ensure the best possible reimbursement.

ZEE Medical Billing relieves providers and office staff of administrative responsibilities by providing access to well-trained medical billing experts so their clients can focus on patient care and clinical practice. In addition, professionally trained medical billing experts will always stay in constant communication, provide reports and respond to any inquiries.

ZEE Medical Billing offers:

  • Urgent Care Billing Services;
  • Dermatology Billing Services;
  • Cardiology Billing Services;
  • Family Practice Billing Services;
  • Hospital Billing Services, etc.
United States

iCareBilling LLC

iCareBilling LLC is an American provider of medical billing, practice management & RCM services to independent healthcare practices, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.

Continuous development of employee knowledge and skills, following trends and changes, and vast experience in medical billing make the iCareBilling team one of the leaders in their segment. iCareBilling handles all of your practice's administrative work that involves billing, so you can focus on what you do best - taking care of your patients.

The medical billing capabilities of iCareBilling:

  • Medical Billing Services;
  • Healthcare Denial Management;
  • Medical Billing Analytics;
  • Insurance Enrollment Help;
  • Healthcare Website Design Service;
  • Dedicated Customer Service.