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Leading Medical Billing Companies in Los Angeles

Have not your attempts to manage medical billing efficiently without exterior help borne fruit? Are you still eager to increase your collections and reimbursements? Medical billing companies in Los Angeles are at your service. Their extremely experienced staff backed by advanced technologies can provide you with unparalleled billing services. By collaborating with medical billing services in Los Angeles, you, at last, will be able to concentrate on your high-priority tasks and patients while your medical billing issues will be appropriately and timely settled by real professionals.

So, relieve yourself and your medical staff from the burden related to medical billing management and cut down corresponding expenses by hiring a reliable medical billing company in Los Angeles. The Superbcompanies’s list of the best-of-the-breed experts in this field can come in handy, so check it out! 

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List of the top Medical Billing Companies in Los Angeles

Updated: 05 April 2024
Certified Health Billing logo
United States

Certified Health Billing

Certified Health Billing is a team of experienced and highly skilled medical billing and coding professionals based in California.

Certified Healthcare Billing's mission is to provide medics with qualified medical billing, coding, and collection services. Partnership with Certified Healthcare Billing team allows healthcare companies and medical practices to attend to their immediate responsibilities and focus on improving and maximizing productivity, by handling their billing process to professionals in that field.

Certified Health Billing services:

  • Account Receivable Management Medical Billing;
  • Coding & Coding Analysis for Medical Billing;
  • EHR Consulting For Medical Billing;
  • EHR Implementation;
  • Provider Credentialing;
  • Urgent Care Billing Services;
  • Surgery Center Billing Services;
  • Physician Billing Services.
Service Focus
  • Services
Golden West Medical Billing logo
United States

Golden West Medical Billing

Golden West Medical Billing, Inc is a medical billing company located in the heart of California.

Specialists of the Golden West Medical Billing team are aware of all the details, rules, and requirements of account management and all the procedures related to billing, payments, etc. Partnering with Golden West Medical Billing will free you from excessive administrative work related to finances, allowing you to concentrate on your immediate functions - medicine and patient care.

Since Golden West Medical Billing's main goal is to provide customers with high-tech service, support, and up-to-date information using the latest IT solutions, by outsourcing medical billing functions you can be sure that you will receive the highest quality services.

The following is a list of Golden West Medical Billing basic billing services:

  • Electronic and paper claim submission;
  • Secondary and tertiary claim processing;
  • Payment posting;
  • Patient billing and accounting;
  • Patient call center;
  • Patient visit tracking;
  • Monthly patient billing statements, etc.
Service Focus
  • Services
Human Medical Billing logo
< $25 / hr
United States

Human Medical Billing

Human Medical Billing is one of the leading providers of billing services and accounts receivable management for medical practices and healthcare companies across the whole United States.

Human Medical Billing experts have deep knowledge in medical billing and understand the importance of the medical field in the modern world, so their experience has allowed them adapted their services to meet the needs of individual Medical Practices and the whole Medical field in general. Specializing in Medical billing, ICD-10 coding, A/R reporting, coding audits, and Managed Care contract negotiation, their services are one of the best in the business. In addition, years of experience and a large team of experts allow them to serve a wide range of medics all leading specialties.

Services provided by the Human Medical Billing team:

  • Medical Billing;
  • Medical Coding;
  • Denial Management;
  • Billing AR.
Service Focus
  • Services
Meraki RCM Solutions, LLC logo
United States

Meraki RCM Solutions, LLC

Meraki RCM Solutions, LLC is one of the leading providers of medical billing services. 

The company focuses on providing effective solutions for improving billing processes for healthcare providers, medical facilities, hospitals, and other healthcare-related institutions. The main goal of the Meraki RCM Solutions team is to maximize profits and minimize losses by helping customers in every step of the process while achieving optimal results. Ongoing training, development, and skill-building of all company employees ensure the same level of service every day, even if your lead manager is absent. 

Meraki RCM Solutions services:

  • Revenue Cycle Management;
  • W.C. Billing and Collections;
  • Official Medical Fee Schedule Review;
  • Medical Transcription;
  • Medical Coding;
  • Staffing Solutions;
  • Digital Marketing.
Service Focus
  • Services
Professional (PRO) Independent Nurse Provider logo
United States

Professional (PRO) Independent Nurse Provider

Proinp is one of the best Californian medical billing companies, With more than 10 years of experience and deep bits of knowledge in the medical billing field, they provide national medical practices and healthcare companies with qualified end-to-end billing services.

Serving areas in California:

  • Alameda County;
  • Butte County;
  • Contra Costa;
  • Napa County;
  • Orange County;
  • Los Angeles;
  • Monterey.

The experts at Proinp take on all the responsibilities and functions that come with billing, payments, etc. to keep their clients out of financial trouble. The Proinp team provides invoices immediately upon request, quickly and promptly, ensures the accuracy of invoices and weekly receipts, and assists in the appeal process.

Service Focus
  • Services
MEDWORKS Medical Billing Inc. logo
United States

MEDWORKS Medical Billing Inc.

MEDWORKS Medical Billing Inc. is a recognized medical billing service provider based in Los Angeles. 

Their history began over 2 decades ago and in the meantime, they have helped many healthcare organizations increase profits, improve their business structure and company cash flow. The team at MedWorks Medical Billing Inc. maximizes profitability by providing solutions tailored to the specific needs of the clients. 

The experienced and highly skilled staff at MedWorks Medical Billing Inc. focuses on maximizing payments, expediting reimbursements, controlling costs, reducing compliance risks, allowing you to free yourself from administrative tasks related to finances so you can focus on medicine. 

MedWorks services include:

  • MEDWORKS Express;
  • MEDWORKS Claim Recovery;
  • MEDWORKS Verifications;
  • MEDWORKS Codology.
Service Focus
  • Services
BillingParadise logo
< $25 / hr
United States


BillingParadise started in 2004 as a small medical billing company with big dreams. We wanted to enable group practices, hospitals, clinics and independent medical practice practices to run a healthcare organization without the pressure of working for a certain bottom-line. BillingParadise pushes the envelope to deliver revenue cycle management services that empowers medical practices to stay on top of financial and regulatory challenges. We’ve tailored our services to align with value based care reimbursement models. Our RCM experts offer guidance on selecting and attaining MACRA regulations. And our RCM automation tools put the power of data in your hands
Service Focus
  • Services
Nexus Healthcare Solutions logo
United States

Nexus Healthcare Solutions

Nexus Healthcare Solutions are medical billing experts with more than 10 years of experience.

At Nexus Healthcare Solutions specialists take complete control of all billing processes of medical practices, private hospitals, and other healthcare organizations. With a personal, analytical approach to every client, they help medical facilities to find fresh ideas and achieve faster, more sustainable, and cost-effective results.

The Nexus Healthcare Solutions team provide the following services:

  • Medical Practice Consulting;
  • Billing & Claims Management;
  • Gastroenterology Medical Billing;
  • Behavioral Health Facility Billing;
  • Ambulatory Surgery Center Billing;
  • EMS Billing Services.
Service Focus
  • Services
CodeMaxMB logo
United States


CodeMaxMB is a team of experienced and dedicated medical billing experts based in Los Angeles. 

Deep knowledge of all procedures, rules, and details of medical billing proсesses lets them take over control of all activities connected to billing, payments, claims, etc at your company. Hiring the CodeMaxMB team make it possible to focus on what you can do best - medicine and caring about your patients. The main goal of CodeMaxMB is to be your partner in designing billing and operational solutions for your medical practice that give you greater visibility into your revenue cycle, so you can better plan and manage your enterprise.  

CodeMaxMB team provides:

  • Accurate Coding;
  • Aggressive and Persistent Collections;
  • Improvements to your quality of care;
  • Increased revenues;
  • Lower Overhead;
  • Enforcement.
Service Focus
  • Services
Ashron Billing, Inc logo
United States

Ashron Billing, Inc

Ashron Billing, Inc. is a medical billing corporation founded more than 30 years ago in Los Angeles.

The Ashron Billing team provides a wide array of high-class and experts services for practices including billing and collection, financial reporting and analysis, practice setups, contracting services with insurance carriers, compliance monitoring, practice management, clean-outs, IT services. Ashron Billing staff handles all your billing processes so you can focus on your medical direct responsibilities.

Services provided by the Ashron Billing team include the following:

  • Startup Services;
  • Medical Billing Services;
  • Practice Management Services;
  • Coding;
  • IT Services/Hardware.
Service Focus
  • Services
SunTec India logo
< $25 / hr
United States

SunTec India

SunTec India is a multi-process IT and business process outsourcing firm with an industry experience of over 20 years across multiple domains and industry niches. With a seasoned team of 1500+ professionals, our company specializes in providing bespoke data entry, eCommerce data support, digital marketing, website development, mobile app development, and photo editing services. We are headquartered in New Delhi, India, and are trusted by global enterprises for reliable and cost-effective outsourcing solutions. We have a strong clientele with more than 8530 clients across 50 countries (US, Canada, UK, Australia, Sweden, Germany, France, Norway, Switzerland, and Singapore). Combining the use of high-end tools and a human-in-the-loop approach, we have established ourselves as a pioneer in the business outsourcing domain. 

Company Advantage: 

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for Data Security; 
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified for Data Quality; 
  • HIPAA-compliant;
  • CMMI level 3 certified; 
  • 8530+ clients around the globe;
  • Use of leading collaboration tools; 
  • Support for all industry verticals; 
  • A team of skilled and experienced professionals; 
  • Flexible hiring models; 
  • Competitive Pricing; 
  • Multi-time zone compatibility; 
  • Amazon Service Provider Network Partner; 
  • Shopify Solutions Partner. 

For more information or to get in contact with us for a free consultation, visit our website. 

Service Focus
  • Advertising
  • Design
  • Web Development
  • Software Development
  • Seo
  • Services
  • Marketing
  • Mobile App Development