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Wearable App Development Companies

Today it's safe to say that high technology is developing at an incredible speed. Almost every day, world-renowned corporations offer users new products: smartphones, computers, tablets, and exceptionally wearables.

In an effort to make people's lives more comfortable and better, entrepreneurs have created a full-fledged computer, worn on your wrist. For example, smartwatches are managed by mobile operating systems, have extended functionality, receive phone calls, messages, and e-mails, and support third-party applications, whose bank is constantly and rapidly expanding.

Creating projects and applications for wearables is fundamentally different from developments for mobile devices and desktops. Their work should be optimized for square or round screens with the smallest size and economic power consumption. At the same time, everything should be extremely convenient and comfortable to view and read. 

But the development of such wearable applications requires special skills and knowledge. To get your application well-known and popular, work only with wearable device app development companies! Please take a look at the top wearable app developers that we have made for you to make your choice easier. 

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List of the top wearable app development companies

Updated: 27 May 2022
$100 - $149 / hr
2 - 9
United States

3Advance Apps

3Advance is a a team of app developers that brings new products to life. We turn complicated solutions into easy-to-use apps, and make sure that your experience working with us is a journey you'll enjoy.
$100 - $149 / hr
10 - 49
Canada; United States; United Kingdom

Bit Space Development Ltd.

BSD is an Interactive Innovation studio focused on building solutions that utilize immersive technologies to engage users. Our technology has been used for training, education, marketing, and more. We have experience working technology like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mobile games, mobile apps, and more. We work with companies that want to solve big problems and make a big impact.

$100 - $149 / hr
10 - 49

Dogtown Media

MOBILE EXPERTISE: If you can dream it, we can build it. Intelligent apps require brilliant design and intuitive product strategy. We analyze and design every aspect of your project to ensure that its engaging, stylish, and easy to use.
$150 - $199 / hr
10 - 49
United States


Ethervision is a Native Mobile Application Development Boutique in Chicago. We developed 3 of the first 50 applications to launch on the app store in 2008. Since then we've designed and developed over 185 applications and have been featured by Apple 27 times both on the home page of the iTunes App Store and in Apple Retail Stores all over the world.
$50 - $99 / hr
10 - 49
United States

Insyte Consultancy Services

Based in USA with delivery capabilities from local and overseas resources, Insyte Consultancy Services is an end-to-end software solution provider for Mobility / Tablet and Web Application Development. Our developers blend creativity with technology to deliver integrated, robust and scalable solution for the client's business. We also offer Managed offshore development services and technology consulting.
$25 - $49 / hr
10 - 49


The company of Integra Sources was founded in 2013 by two professional developers located in the city of Barnaul, Russia. Inspired by a true interest in the field of IT, the company rose from two freelancers to a full-stack soft- and hardware development agency including more than 25 professionals who suggest their advanced skills and knowledge for long-termed projects with various levels of complexity.

Integra found its professional path specializing in the sphere of IoT and creates both electronics and software solutions. Since we strongly believe that the world network is created to serve humanity the developers can find thousands and thousands of solutions in industrial systems and consumer devices. Our engineering team gained huge experience in IoT development managing such projects as “AWS Solar Manager”, “Home Control System”, “IoT Development System” for an enterprise and others.

Our qualified engineers can see the whole picture of a working system and divide it into subsystems. That’s why we can make PCB layout and develop a custom board from scratch with all the required components and write a workable software in C/C++, Java, Swift, Python, and other languages. Our team adores the process of creating the whole system from its “basement”, step by step, like an architect or a construction worker builds a skyscraper.

Also, the company of Integra predicts a great future for the development of wearable devices. Here we are aimed at making daily used things smaller and smarter for it makes human life more convenient, saves time and even take care of health. This is just about our “Medical Alert Bracelet” and “Wearable ECG Device” projects.

Many companies have already trusted us their project development and achieved the best solutions ever. Why don’t you experience the same?

$150 - $199 / hr
10 - 49
United States

MEDL Mobile

We are a mobile application studio, built around a core team of seasoned marketers, serial entrepreneurs, veteran strategists and big idea lovers. We see mobile application development as the single most exciting opportunity on the table today. We work with a diverse array of brands, companies, organizations and individuals to turn great ideas into powerful apps. What makes MEDL stand out is our ability to stand out. In a sea of hundreds of thousands of apps, ours break through.
$50 - $99 / hr
10 - 49
Ukraine; United States

We help to test digital business ideas. It's not just "create a mobile app and send it to App Store". Maybe, it's a surprise, but the idea can be tested even without any line of code. It can be photos, fake landing pages, prototypes, and MVPs. No need to build large systems to validate customer demand. Drew Houston, founder of Dropbox started his product journey from the video "how it will work". Yes, he had the idea and the vision how it will be. So, from that point Drew didn't start coding, he just made the winning video and placed it on landing page After that, he sent a link to all friends and boom!
$25 - $49 / hr
250 - 999
United States; United Kingdom; UAE;


Creating mobile apps and websites for eCommerce, Art Communities, Sports, Games, Finance, Social Media and other Online Services. Our apps stay on people's phones. Our websites are fast and modern. We love big projects but never shy away from bold startups. Things are cheaper where we live that's why we charge less. We respect immovable deadlines that's why we work fast. We hate to let users down that's why we root for quality. We study the goals of a business before we start and only work on the projects which we can help. Design is our strong suit but we never let it get out of hand – all our designs are practical. We write reusable code that anyone can edit further on but we like to stay and support our products after the launch.
$50 - $99 / hr
10 - 49
United States; Ukraine


We are app development company specializing in software solutions for mobile and connected electronics (IoT). Defining product concept through UX research, UX/UI design, agile software development and quality assurance - we ensure your product is ready to be launched on time and in high quality.

Our focus is to make apps easy to use and blazing fast, whether it is a heavy video processing or a small utility.

We create software for iPhone/iPad, Android devices, customize Android firmware and make software that works with IoT sensors and boards.

$100 - $149 / hr
2 - 9
United States

SwiftKick Mobile

SwiftKick is a team of highly skilled, design centric mobile app developers in Austin, TX. We build native iOS and Android apps for clients that range from startup to enterprise. Depending on client needs, we work as a turnkey development team or integrate into existing teams for added horsepower. Building apps can be easy... Building highly polished- exceptionally architected apps is hard. We bring a tremendous amount of experience, rigorous attention to technical and visual detail, and a practical dose of perfectionism to the app development process which renders superior quality products relative to the market. We love working with clients to bring their ideas to life.
$100 - $149 / hr
10 - 49

VR Vision Inc.

VR Vision Inc. is a cutting edge technology company that specializes in VR & AR solutions to empower business. It is a modern company that was established in 2016 in Canada.

Full list of services includes Virtual Reality, Web & Mobile Apps, Augmented Reality, 360 3D Production. Toyota, Siemens, Avangrid, IEP, Ernst & Young, AGF, H&R Reit, CBC, BLG, Thales, Great West Life, Bayer, Veeva were VR Vision’s clients.



Sannacode is a web and mobile app development company that helps to turn a customer's idea into a successful end-to-end product.

The wearable app market is not yet crowded, so you have a chance to be noticed and to take the top places. Before you start creating an application, you need to accurately define the range of functions so as not to overload the application, and choose a development platform. Any wearable application should be focused on convenience and functionality. It is that case when size does matter.

So, what the wearable app should be look like

Minimalistic design.

Everything from the color palette to font and picture selection should be extremely simple and easy to read on the small screen. In this situation, the flat design concept, with its strong contrasts, bright colors, and the absence of useless decorative elements, is perfect.

The possibility of voice control.

Despite the fact that modern wearable devices support touch control, voice control is more preferable for their users. With the help of voice commands it is much more convenient to control and interact with such devices. Not without reason, Siri has received such a wide demand among owners of iOS devices.

Simple fonts.

Use simple fonts with a fixed distance between letters and lines. 

More contrast.

On small screens, every bit of color has a value. Developing an application for the wearable device, try to take into account all the conditions in which these devices can be used: the blinding light of the sunny day, the dark of night. Try to avoid pastel and unsaturated shades. In this case, the best option is a combination of bright colors and black/white fonts.

Easy to use interface.

Your application should have an intuitive interface so that the user can understand how to interact with it on the go. When developing an application, be sure to test it on all types of gadgets and make sure that they are compatible with each component.

Trend design.

People who choose to wearable tech gadgets think progressively. They appreciate advanced technology and innovation. The application must be both functional and aesthetically compatible with the fashion device.

The question: "How to choose the right wearable app development agency?" is relevant for anyone who has set the goal of developing an application. How not to make a mistake and choose such a wearable app development company whose specialists will most professionally approach the application development?

The list of recommendations to make the correct choice of wearable app developers

  • Imagine what kind of result you expect to see and decide on the budget you need to fit into;
  • Ask your friends who have good experience in application development, which studio you can turn to without a loss;
  • Learn more about the wearable device app development companies: the period of activity in this sphere, number of employees, what the achievements are. If the web-studio offers a sufficient list of services, it also indicates professionalism, but be careful - app development is not the same as wearable app development;
  • Look at the portfolio, whether there are examples of successfully developed wearable apps. Rate the design, usability, and texts;
  • Find out whether the latest technologies are used in wearable app development;
  • Compose your opinion about the proposals of the wearable app development companies included in this list;
  • If it is impossible to understand the order of prices from the site information, it is reasonable to send the project description to a wearable app development company with all parameters;
  • It is necessary to get acquainted with the terms, payment scheme, time and stages of order execution, find out whether the customer needs to participate in one of them;
  • If it is impossible to understand the order of prices from the site information, it is reasonable to send the project description to a wearable app development company with all parameters;

It will be helpful to know if the wearable app development services company is providing post-project support.

Why does it make sense to trust an wearable app development services company to develop an application?

  1. High-quality product. The customer at the finish line gets a high-quality product taking into account all wishes;
  2. Professionalism. Only professionals work on the development of the app: project manager, developer, tester, designer, SEO-optimizer, art director, etc.;
  3. Saved time. During your future wearable app development, you are available to devote the time and energy necessary to those actions' success;
  4. Minimized risks. The wearable app development services company is interested in developing a product that works well and makes a profit;
  5. Control. the customer is given the opportunity to control the development process;
  6. Warranty obligations. A good wearable app development company will provide not only warranty obligations. It will provide the project with comprehensive technical support in the future.

Terms of development

As the platform's concept is not sharpened for complex applications, the development will not require much time. It takes from 2 to 4 weeks to create an application for smartwatches on the average. 

The key stage is setting up the interaction between the clock and the smartphone. And if the interaction is complex, it may take more time and cause certain difficulties.

In general, if it is planned that development will take more than a month, the result will be a more complex application.