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Medical Billing Companies in San Diego

Nowadays medical billing in San Diego is the really in-demand direction of billing services. There is a great number of professional medical billing companies in San Diego. Their main mission is to assist different healthcare facilities with medical billing handling. These providers of medical billing services in San Diego have at their disposal the most experienced and skillful specialists who know all the ins and outs of medical billing in San Diego and the specific policies of numerous insurance companies. This knowledge along with helpful and advanced medical billing software let them efficiently manage medical billing tasks.

You can be sure that on hiring the most well-established medical billing companies in San Diego, amounts of insurance payments will considerably increase while your patients will enjoy extremely speedy claim processing.

The Superbcompanies team has conducted extensive research to reveal the most professional and reliable medical billing services in San Diego and narrow your search. So have a look at our list of the best medical billing companies in San Diego and find your perfect match.

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List of the top Medical Billing Companies in San Diego

Updated: 05 April 2024
San Diego Medical Billing logo
United States

San Diego Medical Billing

The company’s name is self-explanatory. This is a medical billing company based in San Diego. 

The experienced and highly trained staff of San Diego Medical Billing provides clients with a complete suite of first-rate billing services.

San Diego Medical Billing offers:

  • Profitability improvement for physicians and ASCs due to the customized, robust, and effective medical billing solution and excellent customer service;
  • Cloud computing practice management software used to cut down costs and enable staff to boost efficiency and productivity;
  • Consulting on evaluation of the benefits of commercial insurance payers versus government payers through fee schedule use and payment policies;
  • AAPC CPC/ ICD-10-CM certification.
Service Focus
  • Services
MPB Medical Billing Service logo
United States

MPB Medical Billing Service

MPB Medical Billing Service is a small medical billing service provider that has been on the market for over 30 years. What sets this company apart from its numerous rivals is the personal relationships the team develops with each client.

MPB Medical Billing Service is a perfect partner for individual practices and small clinics across a wide array of specialties.

The services of the company cover all aspects of revenue cycle management. Well-trained specialists of MPB Medical Billing Service effectively deal with the code review, claim scrubbing, electronic claim submission, denial follow-up, A/R management, patient statements, collections, and so on. 

Specialties the company serves:

  • Family Practice;
  • General Practice;
  • Internist;
  • Anesthesiology;
  • Cardiology;
  • Clinical Psychology;
  • Dermatology;
  • Home Health Service;
  • Non-Emergency Medical Transport.
Service Focus
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Wellness Billing Solutions logo
United States

Wellness Billing Solutions

Established in 1996, Wellness Billing Solutions is dedicated to providing healthcare providers with the best consulting, billing, and collection services. The company tends to build long-lasting relationships with all of its clients, either large or small. Wellness Billing Solutions has succeeded with this due to excellence in customer service and billing practices.

The company renders its services nationwide to medical professionals and facilities with the following specialties:

  • Acupuncture;
  • Physical Therapy;
  • Massage Therapy;
  • Chiropractic;
  • Family Medicine;
  • Mental Health;
  • Internal Medicine.

The services Wellness Billing Solutions offers:

  • Insurance Verification;
  • Medical Billing and Appeals;
  • Patient Billing and Statements;
  • Accounts Receivable Management;
  • Practice / Patient Questions;
  • Consulting.
Service Focus
  • Services
Mission Medical Billing Service (MMBS) logo
United States

Mission Medical Billing Service (MMBS)

Founded in 2005, Mission Medical Billing Service or MMBS is a full-service medical billing company. The rich experience has exposed the company to all the aspects that may impact health care service reimbursements. So, it is not a wonder that MMBS is proficient in all medical revenue cycle functions such as credentialing, insurance billing, claim management, insurance denial and appeal management, ERA & EFT management, A/R management, auditing, patient statements, aging, and collections.

The company has rich billing experience in a wide range of medical fields including Primary Care, Cardiology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Neuro Spine Surgery, Endocrinology, Nephrology, Pain Management, and many others.

Service Focus
  • Services
Medical Billing Strategies (MBS) logo
United States

Medical Billing Strategies (MBS)

MBS is an abbreviated form Medical Billing Strategies that is a company offering the most complete medical billing and medical practice management services.

MBS has been on the market for over 25 years and such extensive experience has exposed it to the opportunity to familiarize with all aspects of medical billing and practice management.

The highly professional billers and coders of Medical Billing Strategies promptly clean up any claim backlogs with a regular billing processing schedule which lets medical practices save a lot of time and money.

Having Medical Billing Strategies as your billing partner, patients and staff of any healthcare facility receive efficient and professional attention, resting assured that all their issues and inquiries will be handled timely and accurately.

To successfully address even the most complicated and tricky business challenges Medical Billing Strategies provides its clients with efficient additional tools and solutions.

The services Medical Billing Strategies provides:

  • Charge entry and analysis;
  • Submission of electronic and paper claims to all insurance companies;
  • Payment posting and analysis;
  • Denied claim management;
  • A/R management;
  • Patient billing and collections;
  • Medical coding.
Service Focus
  • Services
Medclaims Billing Services logo
United States

Medclaims Billing Services

Medclaims Billing Services is a high-tech medical billing service provider with about twenty years of experience in the healthcare industry, business consulting, and IT.

Medclaims Billing Services struggle to exceed its clients’ expectations. Providing a broad range of tailored services, the company meets the needs of any client, irrespective of its specialty and size.

Medclaims Billing Services provides healthcare facilities and systems with excellent outcomes due to the active use of innovative techniques, cutting-edge technology, and best billing practices.

The aggressive investments of the company in advanced technologies and human resources have borne fruit in the form of an effective business model and a smooth medical billing process giving great opportunities for speedy and accurate payments, better cash flow, and superior customer service.

One more reason to consider the company as your billing partner is its OIG and HIPAA compliance. In addition, Medclaims Billing Services is a member of reputable medical billing associations, which also proves its proficiency and trustworthiness.

Service Focus
  • Services
E-Billing Solutions, LLC logo
United States

E-Billing Solutions, LLC

E-Billing Solutions, LLC is a family-owned medical billing and consulting company servicing healthcare providers based mostly in Southern California. Spouses of Marquis have years of experience in the HR and IT industries, and they have managed to combine successfully advanced technology and a highly qualified team of professional billers and coders. E-Billing Solutions provides coding and billing services for numerous specialties: orthopedics, podiatry, ophthalmology, pain management, DME, mental health, physical medicine, etc.

The staff of E-Billing Solutions excels at the most diverse billing software.

The company deals with all types of payors including government, commercial, auto, and work comp carriers.

The range of the company’s services is rather wide: medical coding, authorization, benefits verification, appeal management, patient billing, and many others.

E-Billing Solutions can become your reliable billing partner as:

  • It can significantly improve the cash flow and productivity of your practice within the shortest possible time;
  • With its professional billing services, your practice can enhance patient satisfaction and retention rate;
  • The company is constantly searching for new and more efficient ways to handle billing issues for its clients.
Service Focus
  • Services
Absolute Solutions logo
United States

Absolute Solutions

Absolute Solutions is a medical billing and consulting company with over 30 years of experience.

The ultimate goal of Absolute Solutions is to make the business side of medical practice running as easy, smooth, and efficient as possible whereas maximizing every penny spent. The company has the corresponding experience, required resources, and brilliant talents for this.

The team of Absolute Solutions assesses the current state of affairs, sets achievable goals, and draws up an effective plan to enhance efficiency, optimize operations, and maximize the bottom line.

Absolute Solutions offers:

  • A multitude of EHR/billing systems;
  • Electronic billing and remittance averaging payments in 15-18 days;
  • 98% first-pass claim acceptance;
  • Customized reporting tools;
  • Transparent workflow and process monitoring.

The list of provided services:

  • Charge capture and posting;
  • Cycle and appeal management;
  • Electronic claim processing;
  • Implementation management;
  • Patient statements;
  • Payment posting;
  • Reporting and analytics.
Service Focus
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Advanced Pacific Medical, LLC logo
United States

Advanced Pacific Medical, LLC

Established in 2011, Advanced Pacific Medical, LLC is a healthcare management company that provides billing and revenue cycle management services to healthcare providers base either in the state of California and nationwide.

The company specializes in such specialties as Behavioral Health, Internal Medicine, Rheumatology, Physical Therapy, and Pulmonary Critical Care.

By hiring Advanced Pacific Medical, LLC, your practice can enjoy full-service medical billing. The team of real billing experts will handle effectively all issues related to RCM and let you focus your efforts on efficient patient care. 

A/R management, insurance/patient billing, collections, denial management, claim managements - all these and many more are in the scope of services Advanced Pacific Medical provides.

Service Focus
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Medical Billing Associates (MBA) logo
United States

Medical Billing Associates (MBA)

Medical Billing Associates was established in 2006 and has succeeded a lot since that time which is a result of ongoing self-improvement.

The company is a perfect candidate to outsource your medical billing, it can provide your practice with efficient revenue cycle management, increase your revenue, reduce days in accounts receivable, and give you precious time to take care of your patients, by taking off the burden of billing management.

Besides, Medical Billing Associates pays particular attention to customer service. Its professional team does its best to ensure that patients are totally satisfied even if they have to pay. Top-notch customer service is one of the things that sets MBA apart from its rivals.

The company provides its services to a variety of physicians, hospitalists, and small group practices with diverse specialties: Primary Care, General and Plastic Surgery, ObGyn, Dermatology, Infectious Disease, Orthopedic, and Urology. The set of their medical billing services includes charge capture, payment posting, denial management, patient billing, patient collections, un-paid claim follow-up, and appeals.

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