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Top Healthcare PR Agencies in the UK

The healthcare industry is rather dynamic, especially now with the rapid evolvement of healthtech, i.e., healthcare technology. Digitalization, AI, wearables, and various wellness and eHealth apps are drastically modifying the way medical professionals and medical institutions interact with their patients and partners. In such a way, healthcare services are getting more and more convenient and effective. However, businesses involved in the healthcare industry still require effective PR services, which are even more needed now than ever before.

These days competition is rather severe on the market. To gain success and keep leadership, it is essential to push the envelope, cultivate a high profile, establish and maintain strong relationships with the public, and stand tall in case of a crisis. In this context, healthcare PR agencies UK are go-to experts that can help handle all these issues and even more.

Healthcare PR agencies provide their services to businesses from various healthcare sectors. Among their clients are healthcare services providers, pharmaceuticals, healthcare insurance companies, medical equipment manufacturers, and eHealth app developers.

If you are one of these companies and are eager to get visible and recognizable, as well as acquire new clients and attract significant investments, a partnership with the best healthcare PR agency in the UK is your ticket to success.

To relieve you from the necessity to waste a ton of time on searching, we have thoroughly studied UK healthcare PR agencies and selected the most outstanding ones. Check our list of the top healthcare PR agencies in the UK and find a reliable PR partner.

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List of the top healthcare pr agencies in the uk

Updated: 27 May 2022
$50 - $99 / hr
10 - 49
United Kingdom

Digital Trails

We live in a hyper-connected and overly open world where everything we do, everything we say is circulated online. All our actions and reactions are quasi-permanently recorded for the world to see and to be interpreted according to personal views and beliefs.

This creates an unprecedented level or risk, where the smallest unintended action can snowball into damaging consequences for businesses and people alike.

Digital Trails aims to put you back in control of your digital footprint, manage how you look online and put you in charge of your online reputation.

$100 - $149 / hr
50 - 249
United States

Greentarget Global

We are a strategic public relations firm focused exclusively on business-to-business organizations.

Founded in Chicago by John Corey and Aaron Schoenherr, Greentarget has become a destination for talent, home to a world-class team and infused by the same entrepreneurial spirit that led to the firm’s creation in 2004.

Our culture reflects the firm’s core values: hard work, risk taking, authenticity, creative thinking and individual and team growth.

$100 - $149 / hr
50 - 249
United States; United Kingdom

JPA Health Communications

JPA Health Communications (JPA) is an award-winning health communications firm known for crafting targeted, high-impact programs for nonprofit, pharmaceutical, and government clients. By applying the influencer relations model, JPA identifies and engages key stakeholders that can be leveraged to most effectively deliver our client's messages and drive change within their field.

JPA is a woman-owned small business with offices in Washington, DC, Boston and London, England, and is a member of IPRN, the world's largest independent public relations agency network.

2 - 9
United Kingdom

Meme Media

We’re meme media, a graphic design and media agency from Bolton, just outside of Manchester. We offer a range of services ranging from video to SEO, we love what we do and can make a real difference to your business. We start by getting to know you, then we taylor a plan to maximise your marketing budget. We have been helping our clients to grow for over 10 years now, and we’d love to work with you too.

10 - 49
United Kingdom; Australia

Milk & Honey PR

Milk & Honey PR is an energetic, multi-award winning PR agency with a global offering. Managing and nurturing reputations for ambitious growth companies.

We work with senior decision makers to change the way businesses talk. We don’t start with numbers, we start with people. We specialise in enriching messaging. Making your story more beautiful, colourful, inspiring or simply less complicated. We weave these rich, emotive messages into intelligent campaigns that deliver business value.

$100 - $149 / hr
250 - 999
United States; United Kingdom

MullenLowe U.S.

MullenLowe U.S. is a unit of MullenLowe Group, a creatively driven global network of distinctive agencies in more than 65 markets worldwide. MullenLowe U.S. is a “hyperbundled” agency, integrating disciplines from brand strategy to creative, digital marketing, media planning and buying, mobile marketing, public relations and social influence. We. specialize in working with thought leader brands, including Acura, BET, CSX, Hyatt, JetBlue, Patrón, Royal Caribbean and U.S. Cellular.

$50 - $99 / hr
10 - 49
United Kingdom


Taking a fully integrated approach to public relations, social media, content marketing, video production and paid, Prohibition’s work delivers web referrals, media exposure, brand awareness and sales.

In 2019, it won the prestigious Prolific North’s Best B2C Integrated Campaign Award and the Best PR Agency of the Year for the third time. It also won more awards than any other PR agency in the CIPR's history at the Pride Awards 2019 including:

$150 - $199 / hr
2 - 9
United Kingdom

Shilbrook Associates

We are platform agnostic but focus on owned communities for customers, members, partners, and employees. We believe that to make an effective, successful social space, functionality is less important than truly understanding your audience members, their needs and their motivations for choosing to spend time on your platform. If you can link your business processes to their key motivations, you can focus your efforts in areas to achieve lasting success.

Shilbrook offers a wide range of services including:

Audience research Workshops with senior management Interviews and 121s with senior management and department heads Helping the project sponsor develop the business case Identification of project champions Training project champions Drafting and assisting champions to draft policies, processes and plans to support the community Advice on configuration of the platform Recommendations on resourcing the community management Support on launch Mentoring the community management

A key aspect of this is ‘social learning’ – using the platform the client has chosen to work with key project champions (internally, from customer-facing departments, and externally, active members known to be enthusiastic about online engagement), to explore the opportunities and challenges that the platform offers, and to develop the policies, plans and practices that will be needed. These social learning programmes will be tailored to the client, and Shilbrook consultants are continually on hand to prompt, provoke and persuade participants to engage with the topics put up for discussion.

$100 - $149 / hr
10 - 49
United Kingdom

Spreckley Partners

Spreckley is one of the UK’s leading independent PR consultancies with expert knowledge of B2B technology and IT markets.

We provide PR and media relations services – everything from print, broadcast and online media campaigns to integrated marketing communications, social media management, digital and design. Our clients range from major international companies and brands to smaller specialist businesses and innovators - spanning technology, IT security, cloud, medical technology and financial technology sectors.

Connecting innovators with their customers, we are content creators and experts at telling our client’s story to grow their visibility and credibility within their target customers.

$150 - $199 / hr
50 - 249
United Kingdom; Singapore


twentysix is an award-winning full service digital communications agency, passionate about digital and experts in marketing. We deliver indispensable creative and commercial thinking that connects brands closer to their customers online.

The user sits at the heart of everything we do, allowing us to create communication excellence and deliver the very best work for our clients. twentysix has offices in the UK, Singapore and the USA, employing 125 people.

Services cover everything from Digital Strategy, Creative, Website Design & Build, Content Management Systems, Mobile Apps/Games, Social Media, SEO, PPC, Affiliates and Content Marketing, through to creating powerful & measurable online brand experiences.

Importance of public relations in the healthcare industry

Specialists involved in healthcare usually have to deal with a range of tasks, doing their best to provide their clients with great services and products. Still, under the current conditions, doing your job well is just 50% of success. The rest 50% are covered with great public relations. In these terms, it is important to deal with real healthcare PR experts to gain visible results. And here a question arises - what are the outcomes of a successful partnership with a competent healthcare PR agency UK? Let's consider how your business can benefit from healthcare PR services.

Brand building

The healthcare marketplace is rather crowded today. For this reason, it is vital to stand out from the rest. A healthcare PR agency can assist you with this by building a trusted and well-recognized brand. The public needs to know what stands behind your name and promises to deliver first-class services. Through a customized and multi-faceted PR strategy, including broad media coverage, strong social media presence, participation in industry events, speaking engagements, etc., your PR partner can expose your brand, its achievements, and competitive advantages to a broad audience. In such a way, the public will get familiar with your brand and get aware of its values.

Effective communication

Effective communication can open a lot of doors for your business. PR is all about communication. To improve brand awareness, form a positive brand perception, and attract new partners, clients, and investors, it is essential to establish and maintain communications with the target audiences. Professional healthcare PR agencies create succinct messages and communicate them to the right target audiences through various communication channels. Your PR experts will conduct research and identify the most appropriate ways to reach out to your current and prospective clients. These might involve bylined articles in industry trade journals, TV and radio interviews, blogging, speaking engagement at various events, and regular posts on different social media platforms. Healthcare PR agencies have required experience and knowledge, a rich network of contacts, as well as vast resources, to reach out to your target audience via the most varied platforms and using effective messaging that reflects your brand mission and values.

Reputation management

Excellent reputation plays an important role in every business. However, when it comes to the providers of healthcare services and products, a sportless reputation is a must. It is one of the foundational factors of trust-building, and an experienced healthcare PR agency can ensure your brand reputation is well managed and properly cared for. As a healthcare professional, you should concentrate on building relationships from the inside, treating your patients and partners carefully and decently. On the flip side, your external reputation should be entrusted to PR experts, who know the sure-fire ways to create a positive public perception and have tools to identify the red flags that can affect your brand reputation.

Crisis management

No one is insured from troubles. You never know when a reputation crisis can hit your company. Healthcare institutions are particularly vulnerable to crises, and a professional PR agency can help you stand tall in any situation. They can prepare well in advance an effective plan of crisis communication and train you how to respond to any possible crisis appropriately. Cooperating with a professional PR agency Uk, you will never lose your face and be able to mitigate the negative effects of any crisis.

Business growing

All in all, the primary purpose of your PR campaigns is to boost your business development. All the above-mentioned benefits, along with plenty of others, lead to considerable progress. Effective PR campaigns result in new client attraction, revenue increase, thought leadership establishments, and multiple business opportunities.

As you see, you just do not have a right to underestimate a partnership with a healthcare PR agency in the UK if you want to attain success.

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