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Top Software Testing Companies in UK

It is not a problem to find a software testing company in the UK. The main thing is to find the best one. When it comes to the point, it is rather challenging to find software testing services UK that meet all your requirements. A good QA partner is not only an affordable price. A trustworthy software testing company is one that has a great reputation, highly skilled staff, cutting-edge technology, domain expertise, etc.

The professional analysts of Superbcompanies have conducted an in-depth analysis and assess thousands of software testing companies UK to provide you with a list of the most reputable and reliable ones. So look through our ranking to get acquainted with the best of the best.

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List of the top software testing companies in uk

Updated: 27 May 2022
$25 - $49 / hr
USA, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland


DeviQA is a leading software testing company that entered the IT market in 2010. The main activity of the company is quality assurance and software testing - the company provides a broad spectrum of up to 13 software testing services such as Full-cycle Testing, Web App Testing, Automated Testing, Mobile App Testing, API Testing, Dedicated QA Team, QA Outsourcing and others. The team can perform both full-cycle software testing to run a quality product or concentrate only on one kind of testing services by clients' requirement. 

DeviQA works with customers all over the world, and, since 2010, the company has performed over 500 successfully tested applications.

The company selects a unique team for each project, which:

 - gives people the opportunity to enjoy the product by making sure everything works well;

- controls the development process;

- prevents bugs in the software before users find them;

- ensures the quality of the product before the release.

10 - 49
United Kingdom


TestDel is a leading provider of quality assurance services. Offering various types of testing services, TestDel is able to cover absolutely all testing needs. 

TestDel provides custom software testing services for medium-sized businesses and large corporations and helps customers create the best software to achieve their corporate goals. 

Since 2005, TestDel has been a trusted software testing partner for world-class brands. During this time of providing professional testing, they have helped their numerous clients improve the quality of their applications, save time on project development, and accelerate their time to market. TestDelivery teams work with organizations across all industries to effectively address all testing challenges. You can trust the TestDel team of experienced and highly skilled professionals from renowned technology and management institutions who are experts in various industries, including IT, retail, aviation, utilities and banking.

TestDel is an expert in manual and automated testing for web, desktop, mobile, cloud and cross-platform software solutions.  

50 - 199
United Kingdom


nFocus is a dynamic, UK-based software testing and QA company that has been serving companies around the world for 21 years. 

Since 2000, nFocus is offering functional testing and automation in the tech industry. The company employs more than 200 QA specialists, and they have successfully completed more than 100 projects.

nFocus offers a full suite of software testing and QA services to help software companies get their products to market much smoother and help businesses to achieve their goals. Its fresh expert perspective and well-established methodology help you minimize umber of bugs and get a viable product faster.

See the full list of services provided by nFocus:

  • Test Automation Readiness Assessment
  • Test Automation Health Check
  • Test Automation Consultancy
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Load and Performance Testing
  • Penetration Testing
  • Mobile App Testing
$50 - $99 / hr


TestingXperts is a leading IT services company operating worldwide. The company uses innovative technologies and offers the most effective software testing services on time and within budget. The range of testing services includes functional and non-functional testing, professional expertise in cloud and mobile technologies.

The company has a global presence in countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, India and Australia, and successfully collaborates with industry giants such as Microsoft, SmartBearge, QuerySurge, and Perfecto Mobile.

2 - 9
United Kingdom

AscentiQ Solutions

Founded in 2012, AscentiQ Solutions is one of the leading companies that provide excellent software testing and quality assurance services, mobile app development services, and web application development to clients from more than 30 countries. Knowledge and experience accumulated over the years enable AscentiQ Solutions to handle tasks of different complexity and objectives: development, adaptation, and integration of complex corporate solutions, mobile and web applications development, etc.

At AscentiQ Solutions, QA and development experts conduct in-depth and systematic research to identify the latest trends, issues and challenges faced by client organizations in order to enable them to achieve their business goals. 

The AscentiQ Solutions team offers services and best methodologies, always takes a customer-centric approach, and works for customer satisfaction.

200 - 499
United Kingdom

Edge Testing

Edge Testing has been on the IT market since 2007. The main activity of the company is software quality assurance (Software testing, quality assurance, load testing, performance testing, test automation, user acceptance testing, DevOps Service, and many others). Edge Testing operates globally with test lab facilities in the UK, USA, Belgium, Poland, Sweden, and Hong Kong. One of the main activities of the company is outsourcing testing and independent testing, which includes: developing testing strategy, test documentation, test process, and full accountability.

Edge Testing has quickly become the #1 software testing company in the UK. The talented team, which includes the UK's leading testing specialists, helps provide exceptional services to clients in the financial services, telecommunications and media, retail, and public niches. 

$25 - $49 / hr
10 - 49
United Kingdom

Ficode Technologies

Ficode is a young, dynamic, exuberant and highly talented team of IT solution providers, just six years old but vastly experienced. Based in the UK, they also work from two offshore offices: India and Italy so there's unlimited talent at their disposal. Ficode exists to meet the growing demands of IT services worldwide, earning a reputed and fun clientele around the globe from varying industries.

Both small and medium companies want to grow by inculcating digital uplift, yet they are sceptical of hit-and-trial freelance hiring methodology. Ficode eliminates their fears by serving through the in-house team of experts as well as a network of offshore professionals. For critical projects, they also offer onsite service and support. Their business model allows to get maximum results with the minimum possible cost.

< $25 / hr
250 - 999
India; United States; Australia; United Kingdom; Canada


TatwaSoft is a custom software development company operating on various technology platforms such as Microsoft, Java, PHP, Open Source, BI, and Mobile. They specialize in providing high quality, timely, and cost-effective IT outsourcing services in a variety of industries around the world.

TatvaSoft serves clients worldwide with offices in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and the development center in India, employing more than 810 IT professionals. The company has more than 1800 successfully implemented projects on its account.

Their rich and varied experience of over 18 years in software development guarantees quality, timely, and cost-effective software solutions that give any business an advantage over its competitors. To date, the company's specialists have completed projects for 700+ small and medium companies and 500 companies on the Fortune list.

$50 - $99 / hr
50 - 249


Abstracta is one of the biggest global leaders in software testing. Established in 2008, the company already has offices in Silicon Valley, Latin America, and the UK. Abstracta is working with not only huge companies but also different startups in industries such as financial, e-commerce, healthcare, and technology. If you look through the list of their clients, you’ll see such companies as Agesic, BlazeMeter (CA Technologies), Acqua di Parma, Verifone, PayGroup, Benefit Cosmetics.

Among their vital services are mobile testing, performance testing, software testing, test automation, and tool development.

PhD-qualified engineers are working intending to reduce costs and risks, speed up time to market, and release with confidence.

$25 - $49 / hr
United Kingdom

Testhouse Ltd

Testhouse is a thought leader in Quality Assurance, software testing, and DevOps space. The company was founded in the year 2000 in London, UK, with a mission to contribute towards a world of high-quality software. It also has offices and operations in USA, Australia, Middle East, and an offshore development center in India. For 20 years, Testhouse has been helping businesses across the globe deliver great user experiences through innovative QA solutions and a unique off-site, on-site, and offshore delivery model. The company’s highly customizable software testing and quality assurance solutions ensure the shortest turnaround times to improved business efficiencies and return on investment. Testhouse is also a certified Microsoft Gold partner and leading DevOps practitioner.

Testhouse offers a wide range of third-party software testing, QA, and DevOps services, including Functional (manual and automation) and Non-Functional (performance and penetration/security) testing, Microsoft Dynamics 365 testing, consulting &training on Microsoft, HP and IBM tools, source code security code review, feasibility study, assurance audit and other IT and quality assurance consultancy services.

Winner of the prestigious Queens Award for Business in the International Growth Category in 2018.
Finalist in ‘The North American Software Testing and QE Awards 2019’ held at Canada.
Selected by Microsoft as an “Inner Circle” partner for defining, designing, implementing and training in Test Solutions using Visual Studio 2010.
Recognition at the London Business Awards, East London and Essex Business Awards and Docklands Business Awards.

10 - 49

Aegis Infoways

Aegis Infoways is an IT company that has been developing software since 2004 and offers a wide range of outsourcing services such as ASP.NET Development, Custom ASP.NET Development Services and offshore .NET Web Application Outsourcing Services. Today Aegis employs 50+ professionals with a wealth of knowledge and skills, and experience developing software for various industries. Its mission is to help companies reduce software development costs and speed up their time to market. They have offices in Australia, USA, India, UK and Canada. 

With years of experience in custom software development and an understanding of different companies' business processes, Aegis Infoways can meet its clients' needs and help them achieve their goals. They have accumulated extensive expertise in developing complex software in the following areas:

  • Comprehensive application development and creation of software of any complexity, DevOps and engineering.
  • Aegis Infoways offers a wide range of software development services.
  • Development teams are leaders in developing projects of any complexity and scale, also, there are experts in SEO, ETL, Big Data, ML and IoT. 
  • Aegis Infoways offers a wide range of automated testing and software testing. 

It is impossible to overestimate the significance of software testing. Not only the satisfaction of end-users depends on it heavily but also your ROI and welfare in general as bugs in your software can not only disappoint users but lead to significant financial losses. For this reason, it is indeed important to entrust your software to a reliable and experienced software testing company that can provide you with appropriate services.

Types of security testing

Master of information, master of the situation. This saying is as relevant as never before. Today, information is a valuable asset that must b properly secured. As a result security testing is one of the most sought-after software testing services. It is pretty obvious, as an application cannot be considered reliable if its users’ personal data is not protected appropriately. So security testing is a complex of testing activities aimed to make sure that software can withstand cyber-attacks and identify possible weak spots and vulnerabilities that can be used by hackers to get access to sensitive information.

So let’s consider the main security testing types that are executed by the best software testing companies in the UK and all over the world.

Vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability scanning is executed by means of an automated tool to identify possible vulnerabilities in software. A vulnerability scanner inspects software to reveal SQL injections, command injections, cross-site scripting, and other outer threats.

Security scanning

Security scanning is conducted to evaluate the overall security level of software networks revealing soft spots and loopholes. Such scanning can be performed automatically and manually. However, the more sophisticated software or network is, the more complex security scan should be used. It is a good practice to run security scanning on an ongoing basis.

Penetration testing

Penetration is a hacker attack simulation carried out to check software behavior and ability to withstand as well as identify possible weaknesses and loopholes. There are two approaches to penetration testing. The first one is application penetration testing uncovering technical vulnerabilities, the second one is infrastructure penetration testing inspecting different types of hardware.

Risk assessment

Risk assessment is a procedure of core security controls identification and implementation. Complete security analysis and assessment give an opportunity to make up risk profiles for an app itself, networks, servers, etc. All in all, this type of security testing concentrates on the prevention of security issues.

Security auditing

Security auditing can be defined as testing the security of the corporate information system. It allows evaluating the efficiency and relevance of the applied security strategy confirming its correspondence with the current security regulations.

Ethical hacking

This interesting oxymoron stands for a system intrusion performed by an ethical hacker with an aim to reveal its vulnerabilities before a malevolent hacker could find and use them for his own benefit. In essence, ethical hackers leverage the same tricks and tools as their malevolent rivals but with the company’s permission in order to report then all found loopholes.

Posture assessment

Posture assessment is conducted to provide an overall assessment of the corporate security posture, providing information on existing gaps and actions that need to be taken to for optimization.

Security testing is a complex process that requires special knowledge, experience, and skills. In these terms, it is indeed important to entrust your software to real QA professionals being extremely good at software security testing. If data protection is one of the main priorities for you, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the companies from our list of the top software testing companies UK, each of them can offer you first-class security testing as well as all other testing services.

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