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Best PR Agencies in Hungary

PR agencies Hungary offer a full range of PR services to help their client with any problem and provide an effective solution for any issue. They have experience in the most diverse business domains and have all the required tools and resources in place. If you feel that your business requires to be boosted, top PR agencies in Hungary can assist you with this as good and consistent PR services in Hungary can provide numerous business opportunities.

To gain excellent results you should hook up with the most PR agencies Hungary and we are those who can help you with this. The Superbcompanies team has great experience and utilizes the most reliable resources and advanced tools to study and pick up the most professional and trustworthy companies. In our list of the best PR agencies in Hungary, you will find real experts who are able to drive your business to the next level.

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List of the top pr agencies in hungary

Updated: 27 May 2022
$100 - $149 / hr
2 - 9

Emerald PR

Emerald Public Relations is the Hungarian affiliate of WPP’s Burson Cohn & Wolfe. Emerald PR was founded by Zsofia Lakatos, who lead Hill+Knowlton Strategies in Hungary for over 7 years, also representing Ogilvy Public Relations. Under her management Hill+Knowlton became a leading PR agency in Hungary.

Zsofia has over 20 years’ experience in Public Relations, she is the former President of the Hungarian Public Relations Association.

Her team includes PR professionals with 10+ years of experience coming from multinational companies and young individuals with a fresh perspective on communication.

Emerald PR has strategic partnerships with various ATL and BTL agencies to ensure that clients are offered a full spectrum of communication.

The agency provides full-service PR with special focus on reputation management, brand building and crisis communication.

2 - 9


With 20 years of agency and client experience, we are at home in all forms of communication. We design and execute integrated campaigns: our services include PR, ATL, BTL, and CSR, as well as graphic work. We specialize in PR and employer branding. Building on the extensive experience of our staff, we created our new agency in 2017, our “creative hive”.

10 - 49

Kyat Group

We want to show you what can be accomplished in the fields of event, PR and promotions with professional competence, decades of experience, a high level of media communication background, a privileged relationship system and genuine commitment.

2 - 9

Momentum Communications Kft.

Momentum's team has extensive experience obtained at international corporations, communication agencies, and the press. We can be part of the client's local or global team, in a day-to-day working relationship.

2 - 9


The news, whether good or bad, tell us or something else, be it yesterday or tomorrow - information, value that moves you forward. 

We help to make information out of the news.

Information that can be systematized, analyzed, utilized to provide business benefits to our partners.

2 - 9

PLANB Magyarország Kft.

Our priority is to devise and manage tailor-made solutions that correspond to the ideas of our partners. We know that to implement good ideas you need an open mind, and also unique strategy and planning. Our task is to develop these to make sure our clients can reach their target groups with their message and we can promote our clients’ interests.

2 - 9



  • the development of communications strategies that closely fit clients’ business plans;
  • the optimalization of communications spending;
  • communications audits that help turn corporate communication into a quantifiable,
  • profit-making activity.


  • excellent media connections with the electronic, online and offline media, including
  • leading commercial television channels
  • unique partnership with sectoral KOLs (Key opinion leaders) and validators
  • in-depth research and background analysis combined with quick reaction time 
2 - 9

Premium Media Consulting

Premium Media Consulting was founded in 2014 by Gábor Kolozsi, who has two decades of media experience. Since its inception, the company has been providing content marketing services to the financial sector, and since then has helped the domestic corporate sector build branding by providing the most efficient and flexible customer-centric integrated solutions.

$50 - $99 / hr
2 - 9

Pro Business Consulting

Pro Business Consulting is a business and B2B focused PR and communications agency, founded in 2015. We believe in integrated communications, hence we deliver not only classic PR methods, but social media and online solutions are part of our portfolio. We won the B2B Communications Award in Hungary in 2016 and 2017.

We are members of the Hungarian Public Relations Association and NextLaw Global Public Affairs Network.

2 - 9

Strategic Scope Communication Agency

We use our 25-year-long experience for the benefit of our clients. We offer a rich connection network, an innovative approach and up-to-date professional knowledge.

These days even well-known brands face competition and have to come up with new ideas in order to keep up with new business tendencies and successful startups. It is important not only to produce first-class goods or provide excellent services, but it is also important to present your brand as reliable, relevant, creative, and innovative. Therefore, professional PR services in Hungary can be useful for experienced companies and startups as both need to establish and maintain strong relationships with the public to win people’s hearts.

Top PR companies in Hungary can help a startup to claim about itself and expose its advantages and values to a wide audience. A large corporation with a long history can benefit from a well-thought-out PR campaign when there is a need to promote a new product line, win fresh markets, or strengthen leadership positions.

Besides, Top PR firms in Hungary are an indispensable helper when it comes to reputation management and crisis management. PR experts know how to bounce back from an awkward situation with minimal damage and without losing face.

The most important PR tools that you should know

Professional PR agencies Hungary make active use of the most various tools and tricks. To help you be in the loop, we have decided to introduce to you some of the most widely used tools or even rather terms that you will definitely hear while collaborating with Top PR firms in Hungary.

Electronic Press Kit

An electronic press kit is a versatile data resource utilized by journalists when they have a need to find relevant information on your company. Electronic Press Kit is indeed important for a successful PR campaign, as it provides media with details about your performance, high-resolution pictures, and contact information, therefore journalists can refer to it as they make up their articles.

Preparing information for an electronic press kit you should remember that in this case, your target audience is not your consumers but journalists. That is why your main task is not to promote your brand but provide journalists with useful data they may be eager to find quickly without waiting for your calling or writing back. So it is reasonable to mention your business area, the provided services or manufactured products, headquarters, contacts, work schedule, what makes your business unique, and what story you can share with the public.

Editorial Calendar

It is a helpful tool for media coverage management. In some way, an editorial calendar is a list of preplanned stories for forthcoming issues in industry trade journals and newspapers. PR agencies Hungary utilize it to know when it is time to pitch particular outlets and in which context.

Media Game Plan

A media game plan contains media outlets that you plan to target and with each issue monthly. This tool helps keep organized and has a PR strategy overview in place. In such a way not a single opportunity or meeting will be missed or forgotten.

Press Release

Probably, it is the most widely-used and therefore well-known PR tool. Actually, a press release is a newsworthy statement issued to the press. Working on a press release you should define what you would like to say about your business, to whom (who your target audience is), and in which way. It is important to have your press release consistent but brief enough. Besides, do not forget, that your press release can also be distributed online which can improve your SEO as well.

Media Advisory

A media advisory is leveraged by PR agencies Hungary to inform reporters about a forthcoming event, like a conference, show, fest, expo, or any other noteworthy occasion. A media advisory usually includes information on your contacts, a brief event description, its date and location, and other details that can be useful.

Media Pitch

A media pitch is great PR agencies Hungary tool giving an opportunity to secure media coverage. It can be defined as a presentation of your company or its services that stimulates journalists’ interest and makes them wish to receive more information through interviews, samples, or more details for reviews.

Media List

It is a list of reporters, journalists, and editors who could be interested in your business coverage. A carefully compiled media list is essential for successful PR agencies Hungary campaigns because even the most interesting and creative pitches are useless if they are presented to the wrong person.

Al in all, the best PR agencies in Hungary use a full range of tools and tactics in order to help you gain your objectives and boost your business development.

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