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Top PR firms in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is not just a tourist city of the US but a yachting capital of the world. A great number of tourists and visitors, as well as the well-developed boating industry, give rise to numerous companies and startups, which in their turn try to do their best to stand out from the rivals, get visible, and win people's hearts. And in this case, companies cannot do without professional PR services as PR is known as a proven effective tool of business development.

Ft Lauderdale PR firms offer their clients a wide range of services, including traditional and digital PR services. They leverage a bulk of PR stunts to provide you with extended media coverage and make the public buzz about your business in a positive way.

Professional Fort Lauderdale PR firms know millions of fail-proof ways to build a positive reputation and protect it surely in case of a PR crisis. As we all know, a spotless reputation plays an important role and provides great opportunities for a business.

If you are concerned about your business development, a partnership with a reliable PR firm Ft Lauderdale is one of the best solutions. Besides, there is no need to waste a lot of your time on search as our team has already conducted an in-depth study and sorted out the best PR firms in Fort Lauderdale, taking into account multiple criteria. Check our list of the top Fort Lauderdale PR firms and get acquainted with the real PR experts that can help your business take a quantum leap.

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List of the top pr firms in fort lauderdale

Updated: 27 May 2022
2 - 9
United States

Bitner Group

Trusted and respected, Bitner Group professionals provide essential communications services while focusing on the strategic objectives of our clients. We analyze client situations and identify critical issues in order to provide valued counsel. Then we craft meaningful messages aimed at key audiences and deliver them through comprehensive public relations programs. This process has established Bitner Group as a leading public relations counseling firm, always admired and in demand.

From its base in South Florida, Bitner Group works with regional, national and international clients and employs professionals in various geographic locations. Our signature clients include the Seminole Tribe of Florida and Seminole Gaming, which operates casinos in multiple Florida markets. We represent the Seminole Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos in Hollywood and Tampa, Florida, as well as the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City. We also work closely with B. Lilley Productions and present air shows in many parts of the United States. In addition, our clients include Nik Wallenda, the “King of the High Wire,” as well as Community Foundation of Broward, the Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools, Portofino Towers of Miami Beach and Habitat for Humanity of Broward.

$100 - $149 / hr
10 - 49
United States

Boardroom PR

BoardroomPR is among the largest public relations and integrated marketing agencies in South Florida. We specialize in media relations, online marketing, branding, event planning and crisis communications with offices in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa, and Orlando. The recipe for Boardroom’s success comes from our experienced staff’s opportunistic approach, energy and ability to convert a client’s vision into a workable plan that gets them where they want to go.

Boardroom crafts PR campaigns that bridge new and traditional media to generate newspaper, magazine, trade journal, radio, television and online media coverage. Online services include website and blog development and promotion, search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO).

$150 - $199 / hr
10 - 49
United States

Fish Consulting

Back in the old days, like 2002, consumer media relations was all about landing the “big story.” But building a brand today means less about the “big one” and more about shaping how your audience thinks about you.

In today’s media landscape, the evening news and your local paper can sometimes lose mindshare to the 24/7 media outlets. Outlets that are, from a consumer’s standpoint, just as credible as the old ones. It’s OK. Change is good. Effective consumer media relations today are two-way and not passive, because today’s consumers have strong opinions and they aren’t afraid to voice them.

10 - 49
United States

GPR/Goodman Public Relations

A Full-Service Public Relations Company

GPR/Goodman Public Relations is a full-service public relations company with a history of developing successful strategic campaigns and maximizing results. Our impressive client roster is a reflection of our highly skilled team of professionals who think outside of the box to create innovative programs and identify opportunities for exposure.

$100 - $149 / hr
10 - 49
United States

Hemsworth Communications

Hemsworth Communications is a top-ranked public relations firm with local, regional, national and global reach. We combine unparalleled passion, insight and connections to wow our clients, providing personal client service to generate powerful results.​

With offices in Atlanta, Charleston and Fort Lauderdale – as well as freelancers in various markets, including NYC – Hemsworth specializes in the following:

  • Media Relations
  • Brand Communications Strategy
  • Trade Show Support
  • Community Relations
  • Press Kit Creation & Design
  • Crisis Communication
  • Awards Programming
  • Influencer Activations & Campaigns
  • Social Media Strategy & Implementation
  • Grand Openings & Special Events
  • Brand Partnerships & Promotion

10 - 49
United States

O'Connell & Goldberg

The world has enough bad news already. All too often, it’s the negative that seems to draw the attention – the crazy, the loud, the corrupt. O&G was founded by two people with one wish: to live in a world with more good news. We’re moved by kind hearts, good intentions, lovable pets, and books with happy endings. We will always give the best of who we are and use the power of communication for good. It’s less about what we do for a living and more about who we are as people. And we seek that same light within those who work with us. We know we can’t make everything better, but that won’t stop us from trying. Because that’s how good news always gets started.

We are a full-service communications company that helps clients build relationships with their audience. Since 1993, we’ve been proudly working with forward-thinking brands representing a wide range of industries, including retail, real estate, hospitality, food & beverage, health care, higher education and non-profit.

10 - 49
United States

Pierson Grant Public Relations

Pierson Grant is a full-service public relations, digital strategy and creative marketing firm reaching audiences around the world on behalf of great clients in many industries.

We deliver your message, build your brand and actively engage your audiences with the right combination of communication tactics. We’re all about motivating people to action.

Our talented professionals work together in teams, combining expertise in global media outreach, social media and website development, creative writing and design, special events and issues management.

$100 - $149 / hr
10 - 49
United States

rbb Communications

rbb Communications has a reputation for delivering results on par with the largest national firms, but with the individual attention of a boutique agency. rbb has been recognized throughout the PR industry. The firm’s capabilities encompass a variety of practice areas, including B2B, consumer products, crisis communications, travel & leisure, health & fitness, real estate, and food & beverage.

2 - 9
United States

Red Banyan

Our team of seasoned public relations professionals is what makes us a leader in strategic communications and crisis PR.

Featuring primarily senior-level executives with decades of experience in media relations, government affairs and crisis management, Red Banyan’s team provides strategic PR counsel to a broad range of clients, including presidential candidates and some of the biggest corporate brands in the country.

What sets us apart is our collaborative, results-driven culture, unparalleled expertise and uncompromising commitment to our clients.

$150 - $199 / hr
10 - 49
United States

Sachs Media Group

We are the go-to strategic communications partner for mid- to large-sized corporate, non-profit, and government organizations with high-stakes challenges. Based in Florida with a national reach, we've perfected the art and science of promoting issues, brands, and services. We believe in insight-informed strategy – doing the right things to reach the right audiences and achieve the right outcomes, measuring success the way our clients do.

With offices in Tallahassee, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, and Washington DC, and global reach powered by our affiliations with the prestigious PR Council and the Worldcom Public Relations Group, we’re the right team to help you break through to success.

Why PR plays an important role in a rapid business growth

New great startups appear every day. However, just a few of them manage to become extremely successful and profitable. A question arises what the secret is, and the answer is pretty simple - they have driven their initial potential by means of effective PR. A partnership with a competent Ft Lauderdale PR firm can provide your company with a plethora of benefits and opportunities. So, let's take a closer look at the ways PR contributes to your business growth.

Brand visibility

Fort Lauderdale PR firms make every effort to provide their clients with maximum coverage on traditional and social media. As a result, your brand can get exposed to a wide audience, which results in greater brand visibility and recognition, essential for any business development.

Thought leadership

In an attempt to achieve better visibility, PR agents provide you with numerous speaking engagements, arrange interviews, assist with blogging and valuable content generation. As a consequence, the public considers you as a reliable source of information which helps establish you as a thought leader in your niche, whereas thought leadership is a great competitive advantage.

Brand confidence

Thought leadership, valuable and educational content, effective messaging, as well as reviews from third parties help form a positive public perception and build trust. Being considered as a reliable company, you can retain current customers and partners and attract new ones.

Effective communication

Strong social media presence, TV and radio interviews, as well as participation in various industry events, expos, and conferences enable you to establish strong relationships with customers, prospects, stakeholders, potential partners, and investors. In such a way, you can better understand your target audience and significantly extend your list of contacts.

Effective crisis management

Small companies and large corporations can be hit with a reputation crisis at any moment. It can be related to employee scandals, competitors' intrigues, negative reviews from customers or bloggers, etc. Whatever the reason for a crisis, it is vital to respond to it quickly, decisively, and promptly. In these terms, a previously made up crisis strategy can be extremely beneficial. In such a way cooperating with a professional Fort Lauderdale PR firm, you can be prepared for any crises in advance, and any problem will not be able to throw you off a course.