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Top PR Agencies in Poland

Poland is a country located in the very heart of Europe and has a strong and dynamically developing economy. It creates favorable conditions for local businesses and attracts foreign investors and companies.

To gain and keep leading positions in the Polish market, companies should provide excellent services and goods and pay particular attention to public relations. An effective and comprehensive PR campaign can ensure successful business development, providing competitive advantages and opening a vast number of business opportunities. High brand awareness, positive image perception, thought leadership, extensive media coverage, customer loyalty, - all these are the results of an effective work of PR consultants Poland.

So, if you are going to conquer the market of Poland you just cannot ignore PR services. In these terms, it is essential to partner with an experienced PR agency Poland that knows all the ins and out of the Polish market and has a rich network of contacts.

To help you find the best PR agency Poland, our team has conducted in-depth research and selected the creme of the crop. As a result, our ranking includes only the trusted PR agencies Poland that has extended and varied experience, high professional level, and innovative approach to work.

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List of the top pr agencies in poland

Updated: 27 May 2022
$50 - $99 / hr
10 - 49

Admind Agency

Admind Agency is a global, branding agency. We are helping the largest corporations to develop innovative and creative solutions. We’re proud to say that we are pioneers in the field of Creative Shared Services Center in Poland. We are a diverse and constantly expanding group of over 30 talented individuals and experts. Our skill set includes graphic design, brand creation, advertising, content creation and much more.

$50 - $99 / hr
10 - 49


At Elephate, we have been helping our clients to tell their story since 2012, making sure they reach a wider audience. By combining content marketing, SEO, and PR, we help you achieve your internet business and communication goals. We are a small agency that can really do a lot. Over the years, we’ve worked on projects for clients from Poland, Great Britain, the USA, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

We know how to effectively use content in internet marketing – this is proved by both the excellent results of our clients, but also the awards we receive. We have won, among others, the Power of Content Marketing awards for creative campaigns on the Polish market and an EU Search Award for the best small agency in Europe.

1000 - 9999


MSL has over 100 offices in 26 countries. We deal with integrated marketing communication. Our specialty is creating campaigns that stimulate discussion, have the power of persuasion and the power to engage in conversation.

We are characterized by effectiveness in reaching various groups of stakeholders. We create messages that properly argue the arguments of our clients, positively transforming their way of thinking about the brands and companies we work with.

We are part of Publicis Groupe – one of the largest integrated communication networks in the world. Together with other Publicis Groupe agencies and specialist departments, we work in the Power of One model, which enables us to develop and integrate key competences from the perspective of our clients’ business.

10 - 49

Neuron Agencja Public Relations

Since 2001 we have had the opportunity to work for over 100 clients, from SMEs to multinationals. Our business portfolio encompasses finance, IT, FMCG, e-commerce, real estate, trade, automotive industry, and public organizations.

We utilize all available communication techniques and tactics, from classical media relations to communication audits to communication with distribution channels to content marketing and creating online communities. 

10 - 49

Personal PR Sp. z o.o.

PERSONAL PR is the biggest PR & marketing agency in Northern Poland with experience of working on over a thousand PR projects from various industries has one mission: building effective communication strategies and effective implementation of PR and marketing activities based on understanding the client's business and needs.

$50 - $99 / hr
2 - 9

PR Solutions

We are a full-service Public Relations agency specializing in servicing tech clients. We belong to the global PR network - Convoy, which brings together independent tech PR agencies.

10 - 49

Public Dialog

We have been working for leading Polish and international brands. We respond to the needs of tomorrow in the field of communication and building real and lasting relationships between the brands and their surroundings.

We offer clients effective strategies in four areas: corporate communication, product communication, social media and content marketing.

In our strategies, projects or initiatives, we always focus on achieving business goals, measurability and impact on the environment with full faith in the power of dialogue.

10 - 49


We develop the strategies that will maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns. This is built on a comprehensive understanding of the audience as well as your products, services and technologies.

We are a team of public relations and digital marketing specialists. We connect the worlds of technology and media. Our clients include international IT corporations, consumer electronics manufacturers, software developers and digital start-ups. We execute both local and global projects.

$25 - $49 / hr
250 - 999
Poland, Germany

Scholz & Friends

Scholz & Friends Group is one of the leading creative agent groups in the German-speaking world and, as an "Orchestra of Ideas", combines all communication instruments under one roof. 

In addition to the German agent offices in Hamburg, Berlin, and Düsseldorf, the network is represented in other European markets.

$25 - $49 / hr
10 - 49

Sowa Marketing

After the success of their first venture, the Sowa team put their heads together and decided they could help other Polish businesses to go Global.

SOWA utilise their extensive list of connections to bring the best of Poland to the world’s most lucrative markets in the USA and United Kingdom.

Our Mission Is to Bring Polish Products and Services to the World

With an international team based in Poland, the USA and the United Kingdom, we will provide the ‘missing ingredient’ that allows you to succeed in the American marketplace.

We Love to Assist Innovative Polish companies to Make a Global Impact

Do B2B businesses need PR agencies Poland?

Although PR is useful for companies of different sizes and across different domains, it can be difficult to understand whether PR is beneficial for B2B setting. The thing is that B2B PR is informational rather than emotion-driven and personal because B2B companies need special PR tactics targeted at other companies, not at consumers.

Top PR agencies in Poland know perfectly well how and when to implement B2B PR in order to get the most out of it. Still, below there are some thoughts on when a B2B company may be badly in need of PR services.

Entry into a market

Hiring PR consultants Poland is the best way to make people buzz about your startup as it is important from the outset to oil public interest and attract the attention of prospective customers, partners, and investors. A professional PR agency Poland can help to expose your brand to a target audience and make it visible and recognizable. PR is a fail-proof way to claim about yourself and start building a good reputation and strong relationships with the audience.

New product line launch

A new product line launch is a high time to leverage PR. A well-thought-out B2B PR campaign by PR agency Poland can help to attract other companies’ attention and generate a buzz about your new product line and your brand in general. Moreover, such a PR campaign can also rekindle interest in earlier presented products and strengthen your reputation.

Business stagnation

If your B2B company experiences slowing down, it is a good reason to apply for professional PR services because with a well-planned PR strategy you can significantly expand your client base and raise your profile. PR consultants Poland can expose your brand to new prospective markets attracting new clients or funders.

New achievements

Awards, successfully completed projects, new solutions and services, your clients’ success due to your assistance - all this a great occasion to share success stories in order to improve your reputation, demonstrate your value and expertise, and explain to your potential customers why they should prefer your company over your rivals. PR consultants Poland are extremely good at storytelling and can help you to convey your story and message in the best way possible.

Without particular reason

The experience has shown that PR should be leveraged on an ongoing basis rather than from time to time. A continuous and comprehensive PR strategy helps B2B companies to form a positive public perception and solid reputation. B2B PR tactics improve brand awareness, keep the target audience engaged, aid fundraising efforts, and establish thought leadership.

Top PR agencies in Poland are well-versed in B2B and B2C PR and can meet the strictest requirements of companies from the most varied domain. So, check our list and find a reliable PR agency Poland right now.

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