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Leading PR Firms in San Francisco

Reputation is a very important aspect of business running. It defines how successful your business can be. Being considered as a customer-oriented and honest service provider as well as a reliable partner can open many doors for you and ensure sustainable business development.

However, a great reputation and good brand awareness is a result of continuous and hard work.

If great brand recognition, strong customer loyalty, and a positive reputation are among your primary business goals, collaboration with the top PR companies in San Francisco can be very beneficial for you. Using a well-thought-out strategy and having in place a set of various tools helping to monitor public perception, PR experts can help you strengthen relationships with existing and prospective customers and build a great brand reputation. Besides, it is worth remembering that reputation is a somewhat fragile thing that requires continuous maintenance and protection. Best San Francisco PR firms know which measures must be taken in these terms. In case of a reputation crisis, they can help you handle it with effective PR crisis management, letting mitigate possible aftereffects.

To get meaningful results as soon as possible, you should deal with only real professionals. To assist you with finding them, we have compiled a relevant list of the top PR companies in San Francisco. Have a look at it and pick up the most suitable firm for future cooperation.

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List of the top pr firms in san francisco

Updated: 27 May 2022
$150 - $199 / hr
10 - 49
United States


Alaniz Marketing started in 2008 and placed in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is an integrated marketing company with a skilled team, specializing in digital marketing (design, SEO, PPC, social media, brand monitoring, Internet advertising) and marketing strategy. As it is a full-service marketing company, it also produces such services as media planning and buying, commercial creative and production, PR, and even web development. Alaniz’s mission to drive high-value customers to your business and into your sales funnel.

Industries Alaniz is working in:

  • Legal Services
  • Medical Services
  • Financial Services
  • Technology Products
  • Consumer Products
50 - 249
United States

Bateman Group

Bateman Group is an award-winning independent public relations and content marketing agency founded in 2004 around a compelling vision — to make a bigger market impact for a more select group of companies. Our content-led approach to PR combines storytelling and innovative thinking, backed by data. We help technology brands turn their innovation into stories that build a solid foundation for market leadership and growth.

At Bateman Group, we've practiced integrated strategic communications since day one. The caliber of our team and rigorous content development process brings our clients’ stories to market in the most impactful way. We use a mix of earned stories, social media, content marketing, amplification techniques and analytics to help technology brands go beyond the expected. Bateman Group is based in San Francisco and New York City.

$100 - $149 / hr
10 - 49
United States

Demonstrate PR

Demonstrate PR is an award-winning, independently owned marketing and communications agency. Founded in San Francisco in 2014, Demonstrate was born out of its founders’ beliefs that earned media is an important part of building brands and developing impactful cross-channel campaigns.

With more than 40-years combined experience building brands on both the client and agency sides – including Dell, FUZE, JetBlue Airways, popchips, Sony Pictures, Walmart and ZICO Coconut Water - the leadership of Demonstrate PR understands that marketing success hinges on good consumer experiences across their journey with the brand.

We work in lock-step with our partners to provide strategic counsel and develop an overarching brand communications platform to serve as our North Star, and help navigate the current cultural landscape. We pride ourselves on curating and executing integrated, insight-based campaigns with the right mix of traditional public relations, social, influencer marketing and event experiences – because meaningful brand actions trigger powerful connections, transformation and cultural reverberation.

We’ve codified these insights into our “experienced by few, seen by many” earned media philosophy – where the consumer experience always takes center stage. It’s also what sets our agency apart from the pack.

Our practice areas include consumer technology, food and beverage, health and wellness, lifestyle, hospitality and non-profits.

$150 - $199 / hr
50 - 249
United States


InkHouse is an award-winning PR firm that offers earned media, creative content and digital marketing. We were founded in 2007, and have been named one of the fastest growing agencies in the country and a best place to work.

$100 - $149 / hr
10 - 49
United States

Karbo Communications

Karbo Com combines the new digital marketing model, with its emphasis on data, analytics and the bottom line, with the PR methods Regis McKenna honed while working with Steve Jobs, Andy Grove and countless tech pioneers. At Karbo Com, we live and breathe tech; not because it’s our job, but because we’re convinced technology is transforming our world in positive ways.

The buzz generated by millions of companies makes it hard for even the most innovative companies to break through. As a top-ranked, full-service digital PR and marketing agency, Karbo Com develops messaging that cuts through the promotional din. Using our Digital Equity Ecosystem we articulate clear differentiation and market leadership. Creative and strategic programs deliver coverage, market buzz and the ability to attract customers, partners and employees.

Karbo Com has extensive experience in the IoT/IIoT, SaaS/cloud, security, communications, commerce, HPC, community-based tech and mobile markets. We offer a full range of services, including positioning, company and product PR, social programs, paid and earned content development, customer and partner relations, event management, growth hacking and analytics. With Karbo Com you get senior people working with you day in and day out. Founder, Julie Karbo, and her experienced team do “the work," bringing industry knowledge, strategic thinking, experience, creativity and the best of the tech industry's entrepreneurial spirit to create and amplify market leadership for a range of clients, from start-ups to leading global organizations.

Karbo Com’s culture emphasizes responsibility—to each other, to the success of our clients and to the larger community. Everyone’s contributions are valued—from interns to our founder. This leads to the highest quality work and an environment where creativity, persistence, strategic thinking, knowledge, mentoring, respect and dedication to the team are paramount.

10 - 49
United States

Merritt Group

Merritt Group is a nationally recognized strategic communications agency that provides marketing, public relations and digital strategy and services to organizations ranging from venture-funded startups to global Fortune 500 companies. Merritt Group applies its deep expertise in four market areas – technology, energy, healthcare and government – to deliver results that get people talking. Founded in 1996, Merritt Group has offices in Washington, D.C., and San Francisco, CA.

$150 - $199 / hr
10 - 49
United States

Singer Associates Public Relations

Singer Associates Public Relations and Public Affairs San Francisco is the leading public relations, crisis communications and public affairs agency in California. Singer Associates works for some of the nation's leading corporations, trade associations, government agencies, cultural institutions, and non-profits.

Singer Associates Public Relations has offices in S.F., San Jose, and Oakland. The firm is at the vanguard of almost every major issue in the State of California and the San Francisco Bay Area.

$100 - $149 / hr
10 - 49
United States; India


Spritz is an boutique Marketing Agency that combines interactive technologies with traditional marketing for companies looking to engage with customers, develop strategic partnerships and grow their business.

Why Spritz?

Our uniqueness is our personal, innovative and versatile approach. We emphasize quality and creativity to create custom-tailored integrated marketing campaigns to meet distinct business goals.

We live and breath the San Francisco community, its unique vibe, its forward-thinking people and upbeat energy. We pride ourselves on our vast business network to support our clients' objectives.

We constantly seek opportunities for strategic business and brand alliances that generate exposure, and boost revenue for our clients.

$100 - $149 / hr
50 - 249
United States; China; United Kingdom; Singapore Japan

The Hoffman Agency

Defining communications broadly to include digital, content marketing, thought leadership as well as traditional PR, The Hoffman Agency knows how to differentiate brands and deliver air cover for sales. With a heritage in the tech sector, the firm’s work today cuts across a range of industries. For clients with global needs, the company operates in Asia, Europe and the United States.

Unlike traditional agencies handicapped by their silo structure, The Hoffman Agency applies a collaborative approach to implementing multi-country campaigns. This leverage of content and thinking across geographies ultimately generates better results (and considerable less bickering).

While campaigns vary by client and industry, all share one theme: the creation of content that reflects the tenets of storytelling. This means developing narratives that prompt journalists to write and target audiences to read – a far cry from the “corporate speak” that satisfies internal stakeholders. Toward this end, the firm conducts storytelling workshops for internal communicators, executives and employees.

10 - 49
United States


We are a boutique marketing and public relations agency built for the modern brand. We think big before we think small. We create integrated campaigns that move the needle on lead generation, brand building, and awareness. Our team is a dynamic, creative group, where each member contributes complementary skills. Our intimate, yet fast-paced work environment is the ideal breeding ground for enthusiasm, energy, and individuality.

Types of PR agencies

The first PR agency appeared in the USA in 1900 and was founded by the three former Boston journalists. Since that time, public relations has been continuously developing. The operation of PR agencies has undergone numerous changes as well. Most PR companies tend to focus on particular industries and particular services. Therefore, today there are several types of PR companies, and you should take this into account while searching for a perfect PR agency in San Francisco that can meet all your requirements and expectations.

Big PR agencies

As its name suggests, a big PR company is a large, global international firm with numerous departments and specialists as well as a great number of useful contacts and a great variety of helpful tools. As a rule, they have a rich experience and offer a broad range of services. Effective networking lets them expose your brand across all media platforms, while diverse culture provides various ideas and opinions. However, as opposed to boutique PR firms, big PR companies are not so good at digital and not flexible enough when it comes to changes in a PR strategy. They cannot handle this on the fly. Nevertheless, large corporations seeking after fast and excellent results opt for dealing with big public relations agencies.

Boutique PR agencies

Boutique PR firms have at their disposal a smaller team of PR experts dealing with the most various aspects of PR. Usually, such PR companies do not possess the vast resources big PR companies have, but they are more customer-oriented and use a personal approach to each project. Among the advantages of boutique PR agencies is also flexibility. They are able to respond quickly to any changes or customers' suggestions as they should not be approved by numerous departments and managers, and there is no need to check whether they comply with a company policy. Apart from this, the services of boutique PR firms are usually charged cheaper. That is wy it is the best option if you are on a tight budget.

Specialized PR agencies

These PR agencies provide their services to the companies of particular industries. For example, today, you can find PR agencies providing their services exclusively for educational institutions, dentists, healthcare providers, realtors, automobile companies, etc. Besides, some specialized PR agencies prefer to focus on a particular aspect of PR, like media relations, reputation management, crisis management or social media, etc. As a result, such agencies can provide you with real PR experts in a particular domain who are not only good at public relations but also know all the needs, challenges, tendencies, i.e., all ins and outs of the corresponding industry.

Traditional PR agencies

Generally, traditional PR agencies concentrate on traditional media outlets, such as newspapers, magazines, TV channels, and radio stations. They make efforts to secure placements on these outlets and very occasionally provide any digital services.

Our list of the top PR companies in San Francisco contains the best PR agencies of each type in order to give you an opportunity to choose the most appropriate one.