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Top PR Firms in Orlando

Neither marketing nor advertising campaigns cannot provide you with the benefits that PR agencies Orlando can.

In the hectic modern world that is overloaded with information, it is getting more and more difficult to be heard, build strong relationships with the public, and keep customers and leads engaged. However, the top public relations firms in Orlando know all the tricks. They can use the most various techniques to help you claim about yourself, improve brand awareness, build a positive reputation, establish yourself as a thought leader, and maintain long-lasting relationships with existing and prospective customers, partners, and investors.

Networking with numerous journalists, newsmakers, editors, bloggers, and influencers, public relations agencies can help expose your business to a broad auditory.

Moreover, the professional Orlando PR firms can become your lifesaver in hard times, helping you not to lose face and protect your reputation.

All in all, collaboration with an Orlando PR agency can be indeed beneficial for your company. Still, it is often rather challenging to find a reliable PR partner with so many Orlando PR agencies on the market. However, there are no issues for concern - we are here to help you. The main mission of Superbcompanies is to help businesses and individuals find trustworthy service providers. That is why we have already conducted comprehensive research and picked the top public relations firms in Orlando. Look through our ranking and find an appropriate PR firm Orlando, meeting all your criteria.

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List of the top pr firms in orlando

Updated: 27 May 2022
$100 - $149 / hr
10 - 49
United States

Boardroom PR

BoardroomPR is among the largest public relations and integrated marketing agencies in South Florida. We specialize in media relations, online marketing, branding, event planning and crisis communications with offices in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa, and Orlando. The recipe for Boardroom’s success comes from our experienced staff’s opportunistic approach, energy and ability to convert a client’s vision into a workable plan that gets them where they want to go.

Boardroom crafts PR campaigns that bridge new and traditional media to generate newspaper, magazine, trade journal, radio, television and online media coverage. Online services include website and blog development and promotion, search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO).

10 - 49
United States

Consensus Communications

We are a leader in our industry and we represent clients who are leaders in theirs. Our principals are also recognized for their work in specific areas such as crisis communications, issues management, politics, ballot initiatives and lobbying. We represent Florida’s leading industries including agribusiness, healthcare, real estate, tourism, transportation and infrastructure, and environmental resource industries. Seven times in the past decade that Consensus Communications has topped the Orlando Business Journal’s list of leading Public Relations firms.

10 - 49
United States

Curley & Pynn

Our approach to client service was borne from discussions with business leaders who defined effective public relations firms as those that manage the function – not those that need to be managed. As the foundation of our culture, the “Five Steps to Professional Success” empower our team to answer this call, serving as strategic partners, trusted advisers and guardians of your reputation.

$100 - $149 / hr
2 - 9
United States

Gadook - 5 Star Reputation

Reputation Marketing, Reputation Development, Reputation Management includes:

Local SEO, reviews services, lead generation, Facebook, Google +, Twitter Publishing, metrics reporting, website design, social media optimization, video marketing and submission, SEO services, press release submission, article marketing, blogging services, content writing, social media profiles, complex search engine optimization. 

$150 - $199 / hr
10 - 49
United States

MedTech Momentum

Why We Do It?

We, at MedTech Momentum are in business to help you answer those key questions, define your narrative and craft and execute with you a marketing engine that will help you attract the right team and the right customers – people and companies who are with you for the right reasons; because they believe in what you believe.

Focus on the Why

By focusing on the “Why,” as opposed to “features & benefits” we will emotionalize your brand (i.e. Emotional Branding), and connect with people in your ecosystem in a profound way; one that can stand the test of time and create long-term value for your organization.

$150 - $199 / hr
50 - 249
United States

PAN Communications

PAN Communications is a leading integrated marketing and PR agency servicing B2B tech and healthcare brands. Recently named “Tech Agency of the Year” and “Best Agency to Work For” by Holmes Report in 2018, the firm has office locations in Boston, San Francisco, New York, Orlando and most recently, London. PAN supports customer growth journeys and helps B2B brands effectively scale by moving ideas that create compelling stories, drive intent and influence markets across all forms of media. PAN’s acquisition of UK-based Capella PR in July 2019 has allowed the firm to expand its international presence, while continuing to offer the agility and personalized service of a mid-sized agency.

$200 - $300 / hr
10 - 49
United States

Poston Communications

Poston Communications’ Crisis and Litigation Communications team was recognized by Chambers in the PR & Communications category as one of the top 20 agencies in the U.S., for its superior work over the past two years. The Chambers Litigation Support 2020 Guide is a highly regarded directory of the leading professional services providers, including crisis communications firms, in key markets worldwide. Featuring in-depth coverage of 10 categories of support services globally, the annual guide is an invaluable resource for lawyers, general counsel and private clients working through complicated disputes.

2 - 9
United States


Through experience and hard work, the PR/PR team gets through to the right contacts in the media. Their agents are assertive, motivated, and dedicated to getting their clients the publicity that establishes them as experts. PR/PR has developed nationwide contacts at various print and online media. They are proactive in telling the media about their clients. More importantly, the agents at PR/PR understand the media and know where and how to place their client’s name, while reaching the widest possible audience.

Now it’s time for you to benefit from this firm’s vast knowledge and years of experience. If you want to increase your bookings, raise your fees, sell more books, and be the foremost expert in your field, you need PR/PR.

10 - 49
United States

Publicly Related

The PR Boutique is a full-service public relations firm with multiple offices servicing clients around the country and across the globe. Our closest client’s office is less than a mile away from ours, and our furthest clients are a 24-hour flight across the world. regardless of our proximity, we communicate regularly with our clients and achieve excellent results for them.

We build on the foundation of Know Like Trust to get our clients known, liked and trusted by their target customer base. Through our media relations department, speakers bureau and internal publishing house, we educate consumers, shape their opinions, impact their emotions and inform their purchasing decisions. From local to national, we develop media campaigns, launch c-store to luxury products, publicize crowdfunding campaigns and promote events, and we manage social media campaigns.

Our creative, forward thinking team is results driven. When we do something, we do it with a purpose. We strategize to maximize our clients’ time and give them the best value for their budget. With 24/7 access to our system and weekly updates, we keep our clients informed about what we do, and more importantly, where they can see the results.

2 - 9
United States

Sara Brady Public Relations, Inc.

This public relations firm is founded on formal training and front-line experience, but more importantly, on an authentic commitment to helping people and organizations in their worst and best of times. I began my career as a print journalist covering the police beats, courts and government. I’ve seen the best and worst of human behavior. After nearly 17 years in journalism, I transitioned into Public Relations, where I learned the value of thoughtful communications during both positive and negative circumstances. My path led me from the newspaper business to the defense and cable industries and ultimately to me establishing my own firm, which I started in 2010. I have had the good fortune to build a national clientele by providing strategic counsel to clients whose needs range from positive outreach initiatives to rapid response efforts during crises. 

Ways to measure results of Orlando PR agency

Investing significant funds into a PR firm Orlando, it is vital to have an opportunity to assess their success at the end of the day. In some ways, it is more difficult to do this in comparison with marketing and advertising campaigns but not impossible. First of all, it is important to identify the objectives of the PR campaign by the Orlando PR agency and then track corresponding metrics. The most important among them you can see below.

Brand name mentions

The number of brand name mentions defines how often your company name or any other related word has been mentioned on the social media platforms within a particular period of time. In terms of traditional media, it is essential to monitor the number of press clippings mentioning your brand or goods and services. Numerous mentions in target media outlets and social media prove that your PR program has improved your brand awareness and made the public discuss your goods, achievements, actions, etc.

Public perception

In terms of PR measurement, it is important not only to monitor the number of brand mentions but identify whether they are positive, negative, or neutral.

In preceding times, you could just guess what the audience felt about your brand. However, today, with modern tools, Orlando PR agencies can accurately track public perception. They are able to analyze language and emojis used by people in the comments and discussions to reveal the positive, negative, or neutral sentiment. If positive sentiment prevails, it is a sign of good public perception and a successful work of public relations firms Orlando. On the other hand, if negative sentiment predominates, it demonstrates bad public perception. In this case, you should quickly respond, updating your PR strategy correspondingly.


To understand whether a PR campaign by one of the PR agencies Orlando is successful, it is also important to ensure that your posts, interviews, newsletters, or events were interesting for your target auditory and kept them engaged.

If you have a strong social media presence, the best way to assess engagement is to monitor how actively people share, like, and comment on your social media posts.

Engagement is crucial as it helps to improve your brand visibility and demonstrates your customer loyalty.

Remember, the sure-fire way to keep your audience engaged is to provide it with exciting and quality content on a regular basis.


When it comes to a PR campaign, it is important to know whether you managed to reach out to a wide audience. Using special PR tools, public relations firms Orlando are able to detect either social media or non-social media outreach. A high outreach is one of the key signs of an effective PR campaign.

Share of voice (SOV)

Share of voice defines how much your brand is discussed in comparison with your competitors. SOV measurement helps you to evaluate brand recognition and audience engagement.

It is essential to monitor the SOV of your brand on all platforms. Ideally, you should beat off your competitors everywhere. If it is not so, you at least can understand which platform and audience you should work on.

Website traffic

Although most activities today are held on social media platforms, your official website still plays an important role. That is why it is essential to understand whether your PR campaign by the Orlando PR agency has stirred your website traffic. In this case, the Google Analytics tool comes in handy.

Analyzing your website performance, you should identify the number of visitors and consider the lead number.

One more important metric is a bounce rate, which demonstrates the number of users who left the website on viewing just one page. A significant bounce rate indicates that your audience does not like your content or that the wrong audience has been targeted.

We hope that the list of these metrics has helped you understand that PR is not something vague and that it can be measured. PR measurement of PR firm Orlando helps to evaluate the success of a PR campaign and determine its weaknesses and strengths. This information will be helpful for future PR campaigns. By the way, the top public relations firms in Orlando that you may find in our list have a set of all required tools and can provide you with a comprehensive report on PR results measurement.