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Corporate Training Companies

Invest in the future of your company - hire corporate training consultants. As the practice of doing business in challenging economic conditions has shown, this investment will allow your company to be at the peak of success, even in the most difficult situations. 

Many owners save on staff training, upgrading their qualifications and skills, thereby not allowing the company to develop. In addition, today's potential employees of companies are not only looking for a job but also an opportunity to learn something new. Therefore, the presence of corporate training in a company can be an additional plus in the aspect of recruiting. But, fortunately, more and more business owners are coming to the conclusion that training the employees is a very important part of the company's success. 

SuperbCompanies experts have prepared a list of top corporate training companies with excellent training and development programs. Check our list of corporate training companies and learn more about the possibilities of corporate training consultants.

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List of the top corporate training companies

Updated: 25 November 2022
50 - 249
United States


AllenComm is a company that has been designing, developing, and implementing innovative eLearning solutions for the past 40 years. Over the years in business, AllenComm has developed dozens of unique and innovative training programs and built a team of performance consultants, trainers, software developers, and project managers that have made AllenComm one of the leading companies in its segment. AllenComm has worked with leaders in a variety of industries, including clients from nonprofits, retail, medicine, healthcare, financial services, and food and beverage manufacturing and delivery. A team of top experts who cover all phases of the training process makes AllenComm a true partner, fully prepared to provide an effective experience that meets both the needs of the organization and the business goals.

The AllenComm team offers:

  • Performance Consulting;
  • Needs Analysis;
  • Performance Mapping;
  • Evaluation & Measurement;
  • Instructional Design;
  • Digital Learning;
  • Blended Learning;
  • ILT and VILT;
  • On-Demand Learning;
  • Video Services;
  • Learning Technologies;
  • Learning Portal;
  • Learning Content Platform;
  • Performance Support.

Service Focus

  • Services
201 - 500
United States

BrainStation Inc.

BrainStation is one of the world leaders in digital skills training and workflow transformation. The BrainStation team consists of experts and instructors from some of the largest and most progressive companies in the world, such as Google, Facebook, Shopify, Amazon, and Nike. Founded in 2012, the BrainStation team has developed dozens of cutting-edge digital courses in areas such as data, design, web development, product, and marketing over the years in business. BrainStation has helped more than 100,000 professionals and the world's largest companies increase employee performance and productivity by enhancing their professionalism and skills.

Certificate courses provided by the BrainStation team:

  • Web Development;
  • User Experience Design;
  • Data Science;
  • Digital Marketing;
  • Cybersecurity;
  • Digital Leadership;
  • Data Analytics;
  • Python;
  • User Interface Design;
  • Design Thinking;
  • Search Engine Marketing;
  • Social Media Marketing;
  • Product Management.

Service Focus

  • Services
11 - 50
United States

Corporate Training Group, Inc.

Corporate Training Group, Inc. is one of the leading providers of training and education solutions. Starting in 1991, over 3 decades they have established themselves as a trusted partner for productivity improvement. CTG is committed to meeting the training needs of today's dynamic and fast-paced companies around the world. Over the years, the CTG team boasts such significant accomplishments as Microsoft Learning Partner, Small Business Enterprise (SBE) member, Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) certified, and others. Years of experience in education, in-depth knowledge, and understanding of all the intricacies of the business world, help the CTG team to develop a solution that is unique and designed exclusively for a particular company.

Service Focus

  • Services
201 - 500
United States

Lessonly, Inc.

Lessonly is a company that produces software for training, professional development, and coaching. Lessonly's software serves about 4 million apprentices at more than 1,000 well-known companies and brands. The Lessonly team has set its sights on increasing productivity and professional development in client companies and has been successfully pursuing that goal for almost a decade in business. The Lessonly team will assist in developing a training strategy, designing a program, instructor-led training, and even creating lessons for the client team.

Service Focus

  • Services
11 - 50
United States

Lorman Education Services

Lorman Education Services has been providing corporate training services for 33 years. Over the years in business, at Lorman Education Services have learned to understand client needs and develop accurate and relevant training programs that are beneficial to their business. Having trained more than 1.4 million professionals, they know what an effective learning process is and know how to organize it, providing clients with a variety of training products, live webinars, etc.

Training Products provided by Lorman Education Services:

  • All-Access Pass;
  • Live Webinars;
  • OnDemand Courses;
  • Learning Paths;
  • In-House Training.

Service Focus

  • Services
51 - 200
United States


NovoEd is a learning platform that allows organizations and companies to develop unique educational programs to improve employee productivity by enhancing their skills and knowledge. Founded in 2012, NovoEd has helped hundreds of companies unlock collective knowledge and develop and retain the individual skills of each employee in nearly a decade. The NovoEd team is comprised of dedicated education professionals who share a common goal of accelerating a company's global business performance by fostering and maintaining employee engagement in the learning process. 

The NovoEd team provides the following solutions:

  • Leadership Development Platform;
  • Innovation & Design Thinking;
  • Digital Transformation;
  • Employee Onboarding;
  • Sales Enablement;
  • Functional Upskilling;
  • Diversity & Inclusion.

Service Focus

  • Services
2 - 9

Sandler Training

Sandler Training is one of the world's leaders in innovative sales and management training. Having been in business for nearly 50 years, the Sandler Training team has developed a unique and unconventional sales training methodology that helps sales managers fully manage sales and understand all the intricacies of the process. The Sandler Training team has created training that is designed to create lasting improvements. A unique system that consists of quality materials, training seminars, and individual coaching sessions help clients achieve their business goals. Years of experience in the educational field have helped the Sandler Training team to gather the best sales practices from the best trainers and millions of participants worldwide. 

The solutions the Sandler Training team offers are:

  • Leadership & Management;
  • Sales Training;
  • Professional Development;
  • Ziglar Corporate Training;
  • Sales Technology;
  • Assessments & Benchmarking.

Service Focus

  • Services
501 - 1,000
United States


Simplilearn is the #1 online bootcamp in the world providing digital skills training. Simplilearn specializes exclusively in online learning in disciplines such as cybersecurity, cloud computing, project management, digital marketing, data science, and more. The Simplilearn team develops both individual courses and comprehensive certification programs. The Simplilearn team has helped more than two million professionals and companies train and upskill their employees. More than 2,000 industry experts work hard to continually refine the training programs to deliver only the most relevant and up-to-date information. Simplilearn's guiding principle is learning by doing, and over 1,000 monthly live classes and real-world projects help achieve real success in this. 

Service Focus

  • Services
11 - 50
United States

Smart Sparrow

Smart Sparrow is a team committed to improving online teaching and learning. As one of the world leaders in adaptive and personalized learning technologies, they help educators create engaging, interactive, and effective educational programs. Founded in 2008, Smart Sparrow has never stopped evolving and improving teaching technologies. Over the years, they have established themselves as a trusted provider of digital learning solutions, and have gained the trust of more than 700 leading educational institutions worldwide in higher education and corporate management. From its founding until now, the Smart Sparrow team's primary goal has remained unchanged - to help educators engage their students and guide each student to success.

Service Focus

  • Services
1 - 10
United States

The Training Clinic

The Training Clinic is one of America's leaders in the field of training trainers. Founded in 1977 and as one of the oldest and most experienced training and education companies in the world, The Training Clinic has provided quality materials and training programs to more than 150,000 clients worldwide, from the USA to Southeast Asia. The Training Clinic specializes in training trainers: how to manage the training and development function, how to design effective training, how to conduct training, etc. All of The Training Clinic's materials are thoroughly researched, designed, and developed in their corporate office with input from certified trainers, client feedback, and other training and development experts.

Service Focus

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Related Categories

More and more companies conclude that corporate training is a mandatory element in forming highly qualified and professional staff in the modern world. That is why many managers try to organize various activities, seminars, and training to develop their employees' professional skills. Besides, programs by corporate training consultants enable any organization to improve the efficiency of their employees significantly.

Statistics show that over 90% of employees say that learning something new motivates them and increases their involvement in work and work processes.

Corporate training can be divided into two types:

  • Communication training;
  • Professional skills training.

Communication training enables employees to learn how to interact. This applies to both internal communication in the company and communication with partners, customers, etc.

Training of professional skills helps the company and its employees not to stand still and move in step with the times. Everything is changing very rapidly; new technologies, techniques, and work standards appear so that such training will be equally useful for beginners and people with extensive experience.

Building corporate training is quite a tricky process and requires a lot of effort, attention, and, most importantly, time. But being the head of the company, you will hardly have enough time to organize a fascinating and effective training process. In this case, corporate training companies come to the aid, which will take on all the difficulties of organizing and managing such a challenging activity.

But the success of corporate training will depend on how professional the corporate training company will be to which you entrust the organization to training your employees.

Among the many corporate training companies, it is essential to choose the right one. For that, you should focus on such criteria as:

  • Familiarity and image of the company;
  • The quality of staff training programs and the diversity of approach;
  • Availability of additional service;
  • Experience of working in the market;
  • Positive feedback from customers;
  • Post-training support;
  • The cost of services.