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Top Translation Companies

Companies that do business internationally use interpreters, as well as employing officers proficient in the relevant languages. If you can entrust translation to one of your employees at the very beginning, then as the company grows and the number of foreign clients increases, the demand for translation agency services arises. Translation agency services save time and money by providing the necessary quality of translations. Translation quality gives a competitive edge as a good translation means high product quality. 

When choosing a translation company to outsource, you should pay attention to its key characteristics. Superbcompanies can help you find the best translation company in just a few clicks. So if you are looking for a translation service provider for your next international project, the following list of the top translation companies is exactly for you. Time must now be allotted to deal with developing your business and let the translation be done by professionals!

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List of the top translation companies

Updated: 25 November 2022
$50 - $99 / hr
10 - 49
United States, France

Cultures Connection Inc.

Translation is much more than moving a text from one language to another. It involves a process of localisation, in which the linguistic particularities, the local expressions, and the cultural references of the original language are detected, so as to translate them naturally into the language requested by our clients. We work in a multicultural and multilingual environment. We have translators specialising in over 40 languages, who are selected for their expertise in clients’ fields of work. In the “City that never sleeps,” we fulfil your urgent requests quickly and efficiently.

Service Focus

  • Seo
  • Services
< $25 / hr
50 - 249
United States


At iScribed our entire focus is on our customers. Whether you need transcription, translation, content writing, caption, or subtitle services we are the best choice for your projects. Our clients are what makes us tick - we know you need an affordable service without breaking the bank so we don't charge exorbitant fees like our competitors do. Our stringent quality assurance process helps us ensure the highest level of accuracy for each order. We also only hire the best of the best - all our employees are thoroughly vetted and evaluated before being hired. We also treat your files and their content as privileged information and will gladly sign an NDA.

Service Focus

  • Marketing
  • Services

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Nowadays, translation services are in demand due to time limitations and increasing globalization, and this in turn provides opportunities for new relationships, growth, and communication. It's evident to everybody that the goal of any global business is to be a market leader. Company development always leads to communication with foreigners or representatives of foreign companies. However, many companies are unable to cope with the capture of international markets, and poor translation can be a big reason for this. 

We know how difficult and confusing could be to choose a translation agency. The following factors should be taken into account when picking a translation company: pricing, professionalism, and qualification of copywriters, the areas they cover, and the services they provide. Also, your documents must be human translated & human approved. Translation is never just a mechanical change of words to another language. The contextual and cultural aspects should also be taken into account, while with the software, you just receive a rough translation. That's why involving professionals is very important.

The goal of translation agencies is to simplify the everyday life of their clients, both by making the translation process more accessible and by offering technology that speeds up this process. After all, such companies have in-deep experience and knowledge to help in different areas.

Long-term practice shows that nowadays, most companies prefer to outsource their translations to agencies rather than do it on their own. So we can conclude that the first option is much more profitable and has many benefits. Most companies recognize that translation companies are efficient, affordable, and experienced. Translation agencies offer a wide range of packages, and it is much cheaper than recruiting and training a new team of in-house translators. Your documents deserve to be as professional in other languages as your native language.

There are highly important points to remember while choosing a translation company:

  • Ask if the company has experience and knowledge in the industry you are doing business in.
  • Confirm that human translators provide the translation services, not a software.
  • Ask how your project will be handled.