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Top PR Agencies in Dubai

Whatever services your company provides or whatever goods it produces, it is extremely important to let a wide audience know about your brand and make it like you. Top PR agencies in Dubai are an indispensable helper in these terms.

Having experienced staff, advanced tools, and great networking at their disposal, the best PR agencies in Dubai apply the most various ploys and tactics to expose a brand to the public at large, highlight its advantages, increase brand awareness, and improve client loyalty.

Under current conditions, PR services are in great demand. Taking into account a severe competition in the marketplace, one of the main goals of any company today is to stand out from the others, stick in people's memory, and keep customers and leads engaged. Like no one else, professional PR agencies know how to build a positive image, establish fruitful relationships, and win people's hearts.

However, to achieve the best results in the shortest time, it is essential to entrust your PR issues to the real experts. Due to a great number of PR companies in Dubai, the selection of candidates can take up a lot of time. To simplify this task and help you find a reliable PR partner, we have conducted a comprehensive study and sort out the best PR companies in Dubai. Look through our ranking to get familiar with the best of the best in the PR sphere and find an expert that meets all your needs.

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List of the top pr firms in dubai

Updated: 27 May 2022
50 - 249
United Arab Emirates

Alsayegh Media

AM Events is an integrated events agency that uses exceptional creativity and storytelling to transform events into unforgettable experiences. We have masterminded some of the most successful events for local, regional and international brands: from high profile launches to award ceremonies, expos, conferences, exhibitions, experiential events, trade shows, galas, fun days and more.

Industry leaders trust AM Events as their end-to-end partner from ideation and conceptualisation to event design, event production, event planning, event sourcing and destination management.

10 - 49
United Arab Emirates

Amber Communications

Amber Communications - an Independent Communications Group Headquartered in Dubai Media City, Dubai, UAE.

We are - one of the fastest growing and the biggest independent communications group. We are possibly the only independent communications agency to handle 6 global brands. We work across 25 countries for most of our clients. We have helped all our clients grow in double digits every year.

$100 - $149 / hr
50 - 249

Blue Label Labs

Blue Label Labs is one of the leading development companies based in New York City, Seattle, and San Francisco.

Since 2009 this company is partnering with enterprises, entrepreneurs digital/full-service agencies, and produced over 250 products. El Dorado Airport App, HowUdish, Bloomberg News, United Nations, Major League Baseball Player's Association, Muncheez, and Magic Money are the major clients.

2 - 9
United Arab Emirates


The MENA region fast development over recent years has generated interest from institutions and companies across the globe that want to benefit from working with one of the most dynamic regions of our time. We support our clients in making the best of the immense possibilities the MENA region have to offer.

Clients turn to us for different reasons. An increasing number of nations, regions and cities are aiming to attract investments and incoming tourism from the Arabian Gulf. Transnational corporations want to improve their image more generally or promote their products and services in the MENA region. Governments, more broadly, are seeking to influence positively the public perception of their nations in the Middle East - a key prerequisite for the development of fruitful political, economic and cultural relations with a rapidly emerging region.

10 - 49
United Arab Emirates

Copia Group

Founded in 2012 by Rania El Sadek, Copia is a communication, representation and global strategy firm working with brands and individuals within lifestyle, hospitality and tourism, fashion and luxury, entertainment, sports, art and design, and health & beauty.

We develop long-term result driven consumer and corporate communication strategies where global positioning, creative sensibility, and brand integrity are at core. Our strategies represent all the key elements and capture the essence of a brand whilst bearing in mind market trends and sensitivities.

We work on comprehensive communication campaigns and plans that penetrate the target market and create top of mind positioning for our clients. Through our local, regional and international networks, along with an innate understanding of strategy and consumer trends we are capable of introducing, connecting and positioning brands on an international scale.

50 - 249
United Arab Emirates

Ethos Global Solutions

Ethos Global Solutions with years of establishment in internet technology completely understands the behavior of the web. Whether web development or digital marketing, the company is proficient in each service. Being one of the renowned and recognized digital marketing and ORM services company in Dubai, the wings of the organization have touched almost every corner of the world. With more than 100+ creative IT and digital professionals, Ethos Global Solutions is all set to cater to vivacious business needs. We strive to give the best and wanted outcomes for all of our clients and their confidentiality is of prime importance to us. We focus on custom, result-driven, and business-focused procedures so that our clients get real-time results based on their needs and goals.

$100 - $149 / hr
2 - 9
United Arab Emirates

Market Buzz International

Market Buzz combines its own expertise and resources with the outsourced strengths of experienced freelance executives, providing its clients access to a wide network of industry professionals.

$150 - $199 / hr
2 - 9
United Arab Emirates


NettResults is a results-oriented public relations and marketing company serving a broad range of international clients. We have a wealth of expertise in technology, health, consumer and lifestyle, real estate, business-to-business and financial services.

It’s all about results - hence the name - and proving a positive return-on-investment to all our clients.

Operating across the Middle East region from our head offices in Dubai, satellite offices in Abu Dhabi, Jeddah & Riyadh, consultants in all Middle East country; and across the world from 51 partner offices in 37 countries; NettResults offers award winning public relations.

10 - 49
United Arab Emirates

Shamal Communications

Established in 2004, Shamal Communications is a leading independent, full service public relations consultancy based in Dubai.

As a bespoke boutique agency, we effectively manage market perceptions by working hand-in-hand with our clients, to build a positive, informed opinion among their target audiences.

We deliver strategic, focused, creative and cost-effective English-Arabic communications’ solutions that enable our clients to successfully position their businesses and brands, whether in a corporate or consumer environment. Our work helps enhance their visibility in a highly competitive and rapidly changing, digital marketplace.

2 - 9
United Arab Emirates

White Water Public Relations

The year 2008 was challenging for many and will go down in history as one of the toughest for businesses worldwide.

That’s the year when the company’s founders thought of swimming against the tide and planting a seed of hope called ‘White Water Public Relations’, an independent communications agency headquartered out of Dubai.

The founders, bootstrapped and nurtured this firm over the years and ensured that the company grew strong roots. Today the company collaborates with a strong team of professionals in the industry and supports its clients with their communications objectives.

Since then the firm has consulted brands from across continents including Antarctica. From US$38 billion to startups, 200 plus year old’s to just born brands, we have consulted and guided them all.

Traditional PR versus digital PR

When it comes to PR, there are two main approaches - traditional and digital.

Today, as the world is getting more digital, many people;e tend to think that traditional PR is on its last legs. Although more and more PR firms in Dubai indeed focus on digital PR services, it doesn't mean that traditional PR is getting useless and can be replaced with digital PR. So let's deep dive into the issue.


First of all, it is worth mentioning that traditional PR and digital PR have the same goal that is positive image building and brand awareness improvement. Both cover reputation management, crisis management, advocacy, and communication, but they pursue the same aim using different methods.


Traditional PR agencies in Dubai try to expose a brand to the public through traditional media outlets that are newspapers, magazines, TV channels, and radio stations. They work on press releases, arrange interviews, as well as help with event holding and speaking engagements when it comes to participation in business meetings and conferences. All in all, they do their best to have your brand frequently mentioned in a positive way on traditional media.

On the other hand, digital PR provides brand coverage on social media platforms, blogs, websites, video platforms, and online news resources. Besides, while traditional PR agencies network with editors, publicists, journalists, and newsmakers, digital PR companies try to establish strong relationships with bloggers and influencers.


Traditional PR campaigns concentrate on the direct approach to those who may be interested in the goods and services of a brand. Digital PR, in its turn, tries to reach out to a wider audience, not being limited just to potential customers. At the end of the day, the mission of digital PR is not only to impress the public but have an effect on Google, as search engine optimization is one of the core missions of digital PR. That is why digital PR strategy also includes better ranking in the SERPs, which can be done with website traffic improvement and an Impressive collection of backlinks.

Success measurement

The aim of any PR campaign is to expose a brand in front of as many potential customers as possible and provide a positive public perception. So how can it be measured when it comes to traditional PR? There is no guarantee that the whole audience of a TV channel or a radio station paid attention to your brand message. It is even more difficult to understand which impression your message made on the public. In this case, the best way to measure PR campaign success is to monitor the number of brand mentions on the media and analyze their tone.

As for digital PR, it is much easier to assess the success and define ROI, as numerous metrics can be analyzed with modern tools - the number of likes, dislikes, shares, views, website visitors, etc.


While it seems that the whole world has gone totally digital and most people spend a few hours a day on social networks, there are still millions of those who use traditional media. They watch TV shows and the news, spending their evenings in front of a TV set, listen to a favorite radio station while driving, and still like to start their day with a cup of coffee and a fresh newspaper. Therefore, traditional media, as well as traditional PR, remains relevant. To get the most out of your PR campaign, you should use either traditional or digital approaches. Top PR agencies in Dubai can help you to choose the most appropriate combination of tactics that will cover both types of public relations.