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Medical Billing Companies in Alabama

Medical billing management is not an easy task. Many healthcare facilities have already taken their lumps trying to maintain medical billing processes on their own. Eventually, most of them admitted that outsourcing medical billing services in Alabama had been the right decision. 

These days, there are a great number of companies that provide professional medical billing services. Collaboration with them can be indeed fruitful for your medical practice. Medical billing companies in Alabama offer a wide array of related services. They are well-equipped and have an army of well-trained specialists who can settle any medical billing issue with ease. With their strong support, all complications will be left behind, all medical billing processes will be optimized, cash flow will be easily predicted and the practice’s revenue will be increased.

To help healthcare providers to get hooked up with the best medical billing services in Alabama, Superbcompanies have carried out a comprehensive study and picked up local providers of the best medical billing services Alabama that offer unparalleled services. Take a look at our rating of Top Medical Billing Companies in Alabama presented below and contact and find the most suitable candidates.

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List of the top Medical Billing Companies in Alabama

Updated: 05 April 2024
The Valletta Group logo
United States

The Valletta Group

The Valletta Group is a physician billing service provider based in Alabama. 

Founded by a few in-house billing employees at a major U.S. hospital, over the years in business they have achieved significant success and recognition among many medical professionals across the country, and have built an impressive client list of many different specialties. The Valletta Group team consists of some of the most experienced and knowledgeable experts in the revenue cycle management industry, which allows them to accurately and efficiently serve the medical billing needs of physicians. Valletta works hard to improve its services and provide the best possible support based on an individualized approach to each client.

The Valletta Group team offers:

  • Credentialing;
  • Coding;
  • Charge Entry;
  • Claim Submission;
  • Payment Posting;
  • Accounts Receivable & Claims Appeals;
  • Patient Statements;
  • Patient Collections;
  • Patient Inquiries;
  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting.
Service Focus
  • Services
MEREM Healthcare Solutions logo
United States

MEREM Healthcare Solutions

MEREM Healthcare Solutions is a medical billing company serving Alabama's medical practices and clinics since 2008.

Founded more than 10 years ago by medical executives, over the years in business they have become a trusted billing partner for many specialty physician practices and outpatient surgery centers. The primary goal of the MEREM Healthcare Solutions team is to take a personalized approach and provide the best possible service to each client. At MEREM, they provide more than just services, but solutions that increase productivity and financial stability, without the additional cost.

MEREM Healthcare Solutions provides:

  • Billing;
  • Coding;
  • Auditing;
  • Medical Credentialing;
  • Patient Pre-Collections;
  • Consulting;
  • Revenue Improvement.
Service Focus
  • Services
Direct Billing Services logo
United States

Direct Billing Services

Direct Billing Services (DBS) is a medical billing company providing individual medical billing and technology solutions to medical professionals and other medical providers of different specialties.

For more than 2 decades, the Direct Billing Services team has developed a range of services that provide clients with a complete system that covers the entire medical practice workflow. DBS solutions simplify and manage every aspect of medical practice billing from appointment scheduling to billing and revenue collection. Medical professionals need to practice medicine and take care of patients and leave the administrative tasks related to billing to the professionals - based on this DBS created its solutions. Experience and deep knowledge in medical billing provide customers with the technology and skills necessary for the productive and efficient operation of medical practices.

Services provided by Direct Billing Services:

  • Medical coders;
  • Billing & Collections;
  • Account Receivable Service;
  • Provider Credentialing.
Service Focus
  • Services
Medisys Data Solutions logo
United States

Medisys Data Solutions

Medisys Data Solutions is a team of medical billing experts serving medical practices and clinics in Alabama.

Medical billing and coding are a vital part of any healthcare organization. Professional medical billing and coding allow for the efficient transfer of patient data and for health care providers to be reimbursed for their services. Medical professionals should only be concerned with medicine and patient care, and all administrative tasks related to billing should be left to professionals in the field. The team takes full control of all medical practice billing procedures and thus allows the medical staff to focus on their immediate responsibilities.

Services provided by the Medisys Data Solutions team:

  • Medical Billing Services;
  • Medical Coding Services;
  • Credentialing Services;
  • Consulting Services.
Service Focus
  • Services
Medical Business Management logo
United States

Medical Business Management

Medical Business Management (MBM) is a medical billing company that provides full-service claims processing, billing, and medical practice management. 

The experts at MBM generate cash flow for their clients through the cycle of medical billing and revenue collection. Founded in 1990, Medical Business Management has become a trusted billing partner for many healthcare organizations across America over 3 decades. The MBM team consists of experienced and well-trained professionals who perform billing and collections functions that include: physician authorization, medical coding, data entry, claims filing, payment posting, follow-up, and bill collection. In addition, MBM specializes in providing anesthesia billing services with a focus on assisting the anesthesiologist, CRNA, and hospital. Medical Business Management takes pride in the accuracy, efficiency of their services and the results they achieve for their clients. 

Services provided by the experts at MBM:

  • Anesthesia Medical Billing Services;
  • Anesthesiology Groups Billing;
  • Pain Management Billing;
  • Interventional Pain Management;
  • Provider Credentialing;
  • Revenue Cycle;
  • Coding.
Service Focus
  • Services
MedEx Billing Service logo
United States

MedEx Billing Service

MedEx Billing Service is a medical billing service provider with more than 35 years of history.

The MedEx Billing Service team specializes in providing management and billing services to healthcare companies. Years in the medical billing business have allowed MedEx Billing Service to find its approach to medical practice billing without the added costs of it. MedEx Billing Service strives to provide the highest quality service to its clients, striving to maximize efficiency, minimize costs and collect every dollar they are owed. By hiring MedEx Billing Service experts, you can free your practice's medical staff from the worries of billing and focus on patient care.

MedEx Billing Service offers:

  • Collecting Past Due Insurance Claims;
  • Collecting Past Due Patient Balances;
  • Managed Care Contract Review and Analysis;
  • Fee Schedule Negotiation;
  • Purchasing a Billing System;
  • EMR;
  • Claim Filing;
  • Claim Tracking, etc.
Service Focus
  • Services
Millennium Medical Billing and Physician Services logo
United States

Millennium Medical Billing and Physician Services

Millennium Medical Billing and Physician Services is a medical billing company that provides services to medical practices in Alabama.

Millennium Medical Billing and Physician Services have the newest software and hardware technology. The team at Millennium Medical Billing and Physician Services provides comprehensive billing and collections services as well as medical practice management services. Keeping abreast of the latest innovations in information systems allows the Millennium Medical Billing and Physician Services team to provide their clients with the highest quality service while complying with all current rules, requirements, and regulations, and to plan and respond promptly to your needs and act in your best interest.

Medical Billing Services:

  • Patient demographic information entry;
  • Charge entry;
  • Payment posting;
  • Insurance filing and refiling;
  • Accounts receivables management;
  • Statement processing;
  • Billing software/system leasing.
Service Focus
  • Services
RCM Medical Billing, LLC logo
United States

RCM Medical Billing, LLC

RCM Medical Billing is a team of medical billing experts based in Alabama.

The RCM Medical Billing team provides a range of highly personalized services that can improve cash flow and reduce the operating costs of medical practices. RCM Medical Billing has developed solutions to meet the needs of individual and small physician groups. Personalized attention to each client and complete dedication make RCM Medical Billing a trusted and sought-after medical billing partner.

Some of the services RCM Medical Billing provides include:

  • Process primary, secondary, tertiary insurance claims;
  • Follow up with insurance (primary/secondary);
  • Post payments to insurance and patient accounts;
  • Track unpaid claims;
  • Follow up on patients payments and generate patient statements;
  • Receive monthly and annual financial analysis and review of medical codes, etc.
Service Focus
  • Services
5 Star Billing Services, Inc. logo
United States

5 Star Billing Services, Inc.

5 Star Billing Services is a company that provides healthcare facilities with professional medical billing, collection, and administrative services. Whether you need full-service medical billing or just temporary staffing, the company’s experienced team can impress you with first-class medical billing and collection services.

5 Star Billing Services’ expertise in working with either commercial or government payers enables the company to keep up with the latest changes in policies and codes. It handles on the regular basis common issues like Medicare ADRs and state-specific logistics.

By letting the 5 Star Billing Services team manage the whole span of your medical billing issues, a practice can get rid of the hassle, avoid the high operational costs, increase cash flow and significantly reduce the number of denied claims.

The company can assist with:

  • Electronic and paper claim processing;
  • Aggressive AR follow-up;
  • Patient statements;
  • Insurance and patient collections;
  • Payment postings;
  • Medical coding;
  • Temporary staffing;
  • Electronic billing setup;
  • Data entry, including patient and charge input;
  • Physician credentialing;
  • Practice analysis;
  • Medical billing consulting, etc.
Service Focus
  • Services
MedHelp, Inc. logo
United States

MedHelp, Inc.

MedHelp, Inc. tender superior revenue cycle management services to all specialties, hospitals, urgent care centers, nursing facilities, etc. The company excels at medical billing, credentialing, and emergency department EMTALA recovery services.

MedHelp service healthcare facilities in the DELMARVA region and are rapidly expanding nationwide. Its rich experience in diverse service offerings and depth of expertise with an advanced practice management platform is a core differentiator between MedHelp and its rivals.

For over twenty years, MedHelp has assisted healthcare facilities with the improvement of their cash flow and optimization of their billing processes and revenue cycles.

MedHelp’s medical billing experts with functional and technical expertise can efficiently and professionally manage all billing processes from beginning to end.

The company pride itself on a proven track record for significantly enhancing its clients’ profit opportunities. First of all, this is because of the effective management of team members in the troubleshooting of billing processes to ensure that all problems and bottlenecks in the revenue cycle are detected and eliminated at once.

As a rule, the MedHelp team works on-site handling payor contact, providing customer support, and working as an extension of the client’s team. Besides, at the Facility level, personnel is assigned to work in liaison with facility staff.

The company’s outstanding services ensure excellent results in:

  • Cash flow improvement;
  • Reduction of billing backlogs;
  • Reduction of outstanding days in A/R;
  • Revenue increase.
Service Focus
  • Services