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The Best Software Testing Companies in Bangalore

Bangalore is known as the "Silicon Valley of India" or "IT capital of India". The thing is that a large number of leading information technology companies are located here and employ almost two million people in the IT and IT-enabled services sectors. So you can easily find a good software testing company in Bangalore. Local software testing companies can provide you with QA experts having the most varied background and domain expertise. Moreover, they offer a wide array of services and utilize advanced tools and techniques in order to test your product thoroughly and detect bugs and soft spots in your software before the end-users find them and get disappointed.

As the list of software testing companies in Bangalore is indeed long. It can be rather difficult to understand what to start with and what to consider while selecting a future partner. To assist you with this task, the Superbcompanies team has studied local software testing companies and assess their performance according to multiple criteria. So, look through our list of the top software testing companies in Bangalore to find the cream of the crop.

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List of the top Software Testing Companies in Bangalore

Updated: 14 April 2023
QSG logo


QSG (Quality Service Group) is a leading independent software testing and test automation company that has been operating in the software market since 2005 and its offices are located in Bangalore, India. During this time the company has realized a lot of cases and accumulated great experience in the sphere of software testing and automation. 

For more than 15 years the company has managed to form a close-knit team of professionals capable of solving any tasks both on behalf of public authorities and private organizations with high quality and in the shortest possible time. The qualification of the company employees is confirmed by diplomas of higher education of the leading educational institutions of the country and certificates of successful completion of specialized courses.

QSG provides services in software testing, manual and automated testing, process auditing, and finally assisting software and solution owners in making data-driven decisions on the quality of their products and services for businesses of any size and profile. QSG develops many proprietary tools to enhance the testability of software, whether it be Web, Desktop or Mobile applications.

QSG's mission is to offer a comprehensive solution based on advanced technology, analytical tools, experience, and the professionalism of the team. In a world where information technology is becoming crucial, this approach allows customers and partners to succeed.

Service Focus
  • Testing
Indium Software logo
< $25 / hr
United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia, India, Singapore

Indium Software

Indium Software is a technology solutions company with deep expertise in Digital and QA. We have over 20 years of experience, serving 350+ clients across Startups, Fortune 500 companies and Global enterprises. We've been serving customers in North America, India, APAC, Europe and South Africa. We operate through our registered offices in New Jersey, Cupertino, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Indium Software’s mission is to provide customer-centric high quality technology solutions that deliver business value.

Our Digital Solutions focus on offering Big Data Services, Advanced Analytics, Blockchain Development, RPA Services, Low-Code Development and Application Development (Full Stack & Mobile) services to our clients. We deliver pilot-to-production and have built data intensive, high bandwidth Big Data and Analytics applications that can process Terabyte-scale, multi-structured data. Our Big Data Solutions team also has expertise on Cloud environments such as AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and integration with Real-time data management solutions.

Our Independent Software Testing Services division has served 250+ customers over the last two decades. We developed and scaled the software testing practice by establishing iSafe, an Ai based Test Automation framework.

Our Global Delivery Centres are located in Chennai and Bangalore, India.

Indium has strong solutions competency in Banking, Technology, Healthcare, Lifesciences, Retail, Education and Gaming industries.

Service Focus
  • Software Development
  • Testing
  • Consulting
  • Mobile App Development
Teknotrait Solutions logo

Teknotrait Solutions

Teknotrait Solutions' mission is to serve clients by delivering cutting-edge engineering solutions. Since 2014, Teknotrait Solutions has been continuously engaged in Web & Mobile Application Development, Software Testing, UI/UX Design, and Digital Marketing working with global corporations as well as local businesses.

Teknotrait Solutions solutions are designed for industrial and transportation companies, retailers, distributors, financial institutions, and government agencies.

Teknotrait Solutions experts take on the most complex and demanding tasks, quickly breaking them down into their core components and applying specific methodologies to ensure successful development and testing of an endless number of applications and software. 

Teknotrait Solutions brings together professionals who deeply understand the challenges and needs of a client's business and are able to create effective tools. Its mission is to provide customers with the latest and sophisticated technology to help them grow and perform better. Teknotrait Solutions operates in every dimension of the business and provides end-to-end IT solutions worldwide with the latest technology and positive changes in the information technology industry.

Service Focus
  • Testing
Codoid Innovations logo
$50 - $99 / hr

Codoid Innovations

Codoid is a software testing company which has continually transformed itself from a startup way back in 2012 to one of the top QA companies now, Led by QA leaders who are passionate in software testing and Quality Assurance.

Service Focus
  • Testing
Qualitrix logo


Qualitrix is one of the leading software testing and market acceptance firms with a global presence. The company is headquartered in Bangalore, the IT capital of India.

Qualitrix has over 15,000+ crowd testers in 60+ countries ready to evaluate your apps on 100s of device models, system configurations, locations, and languages.

Qualitrix offers a comprehensive software testing solution including initial strategy consulting, crowdsourced testing, mobile app testing, user and usability testing and offers the best quality test automation framework. Their process ensures that software is accurate and compliant and that all features work properly.

Qualitrix uses industry best practices and advanced technologies to facilitate and (where possible) automate all phases of software testing. High-quality work is guaranteed at all stages of the software testing process.

Service Focus
  • Testing
QualiTestGroup logo
United States


QualitestGroup is one of the largest, independent services provider of quality assurance and testing solutions. The company is on the market since 1997, and it offers Software Testing, QA, Quality Assurance, Test Automation, Consulting, Software Testing Outsourcing, Testing solution, Testing Projects, Outcome Based Testing, Right Shore Testing, and mobile testing. The major clients are Microsoft, Avaya, Sky, Multiplan, and Fiji.

QualitestGroup is a software testing company with a professional experience based on thousands of completed projects.

Service Focus
  • Testing
Techasoft Pvt. Ltd. logo

Techasoft Pvt. Ltd.

Techasoft Pvt. Ltd. is a leading IT Company that provides IT expertise in software, website, and application (iOS & Android) development; UI/UX design; and digital marketing and located at around 12 service locations. Techasoft's mission is to help clients improve efficiency and profitability using software solutions. The company's goal is to enable startups and large brands to grow and achieve great results.

Techasoft has over 5 years of experience in industries such as healthcare, catering, travel and tourism, logistics and shipping, e-commerce, banking, manufacturing, and IT-enabled educational services. 

Techasoft practices an individual approach to each client in order to best fit their business needs. Among their cases are software for banks, insurance companies, healthcare, retail industries. Currently, a team of experienced experts includes software developers, web developers, designers, and digital marketing specialists.

During solution development, Techasoft implements best practices in oftware testing and development that accelerate product release and reduce costs. 

Service Focus
  • Testing
  • Consulting
Test Yantra logo

Test Yantra

For 13 years Test Yantra, an Indian IT company, has been making its clients' software better and more competitive, and business more agile and productive. Its expertise includes all areas of software testing, managed QA services, crowd testing, and professional services training.

For 12 years 1000+ software testing professionals offer their services and have completed multiple projects in QA, Automation & Testing services with capabilities in Selenium, Appium, QTP, and Sauce Labs integration. Test Yantra's innovative IT solutions help customers minimize business risks and gain a long-term competitive advantage.

The company is established in the year 2007 and is headquartered are located in Bangalore, India, also has a global presence in geographies like UK, USA, MENA, and Asia-Pacific. Partnering with Test Yantra ensures a reliable, consistent, secure, unchanging, and user-friendly product that is tested for both functional and non-functional requirements. Their customized methodology and strategy are based on customer requirements and specifications for each specific testing process.

Service Focus
  • Testing
QA InfoTech logo
< $25 / hr

QA InfoTech

QA InfoTech is considered as one of the leading providers of Software Quality Assurance & Testing services around the world. Founded in 2003 for over a decade of existence QA InfoTech team compiled huge technical expertise that lets its professionals offer quality testing services to companies of different fields of activity. 

Software Testing Services provided by QA InfoTech:

  • Performance Testing;
  • Functional Testing;
  • Automation Testing;
  • Mobile Testing;
  • Security Testing. 

Customer focus and orientation on the results, backed by a huge amount of experience and total dedication to the work make QA InfoTech a reliable software testing partner for the best companies across the USA, UK, and Canada.  

Service Focus
  • Testing
Testhouse Ltd logo
$25 - $49 / hr
United Kingdom

Testhouse Ltd

Testhouse is a thought leader in Quality Assurance, software testing, and DevOps space. The company was founded in the year 2000 in London, UK, with a mission to contribute towards a world of high-quality software. It also has offices and operations in USA, Australia, Middle East, and an offshore development center in India. For 20 years, Testhouse has been helping businesses across the globe deliver great user experiences through innovative QA solutions and a unique off-site, on-site, and offshore delivery model. The company’s highly customizable software testing and quality assurance solutions ensure the shortest turnaround times to improved business efficiencies and return on investment. Testhouse is also a certified Microsoft Gold partner and leading DevOps practitioner.

Testhouse offers a wide range of third-party software testing, QA, and DevOps services, including Functional (manual and automation) and Non-Functional (performance and penetration/security) testing, Microsoft Dynamics 365 testing, consulting &training on Microsoft, HP and IBM tools, source code security code review, feasibility study, assurance audit and other IT and quality assurance consultancy services.

Winner of the prestigious Queens Award for Business in the International Growth Category in 2018.
Finalist in ‘The North American Software Testing and QE Awards 2019’ held at Canada.
Selected by Microsoft as an “Inner Circle” partner for defining, designing, implementing and training in Test Solutions using Visual Studio 2010.
Recognition at the London Business Awards, East London and Essex Business Awards and Docklands Business Awards.

Service Focus
  • Testing
GeekyAnts logo
$20 - $50 / hr


A product studio for app design and development based in Bangalore, London, and SF. We are a community-driven company and focus on tech stacks such as React, React Native & Flutter. Being official Google suppliers since 2017 and having worked with clients like Rivian, Darden, and 500 others, we’re also top contributors to the OSS community (we’re the creators of NativeBase).

Service Focus
  • Consulting
  • Testing
  • Web Development
  • Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Development
  • Services

Importance of performance testing

Whatever Bangalore software testing company you hire, its testing plan will contain activities related to performance testing. It is known that software quality depends on numerous factors; that is why either functional or non-functional tests are conducted. Performance testing refers to non-functional types of software testing. Its main goal is not to find bugs and defects in software but to analyze and assess its work under various loads. Performance testing focuses on such criteria as software stability, speed, scalability, reliability, memory consumption, CPU utilization, disk utilization, network utilization, etc. As a rule, this testing is carried out as soon as functional testing has been completed and utilizes tools that simulate required types and levels of loads.

Top Software Testing Companies.

There are several types of performance testing. Let’s have a closer look at each one.

Types of performance testing

  • Load testing

This type of performance testing verifies AUT work as the workload enhances. This workload is an increasing number of contemporary app users or transactions. The AUT is inspected to analyze speed and stability as the workload is increasing. The implemented workload does not go beyond estimated working parameters.

  • Stress testing

As the name suggests, the workload applied in the course of stress testing exceeds estimated working parameters. An application is tested with a larger number of users or transactions than it can actually withstand. The objective of stress testing is to assess app stability, define a point at which an app fails, and check the way it recovers from the failure.

  • Spike testing

Spike testing checks app performance when the workload is significantly enhanced quickly and on multiple occasions. The workload is applied for a short period of time and exceeds normal expectations.

  • Endurance testing

It checks AUT work with an estimated level of workload for an extended period of time. One of the core goals of endurance testing is to check software for memory leaks which can adversely affect app performance and lead to its crash.

  • Volume testing

Flood testing or volume testing checks whether the software is able to handle and process vast amounts of information efficiently, without crashing, slowing down, or data loss.

Steps to carry out performance testing:

  1. Plan your performance testing;
  2. Define the requirements of your testing environment;
  3. Define acceptance criteria of performance testing;
  4. Design performance tests;
  5. Adjust the test environment in accordance with requirements;
  6. Carry out performance tests;
  7. Study test outcomes;
  8. Prepare testing report.

The most widely used performance testing tools

We have already mentioned that performance tests are executed with the help of special tools. As there is a great demand, a wide range of tools for performance testing is available on the market today. Below you can see the most popular ones.

  • Apache JMeter;
  • WebLOAD;
  • StresStimulus;
  • LoadRunner;
  • Silk Performer;
  • LoadNinja and others.

Performance testing plays an important role in the whole QA process and helps to provide app users with a great experience. This type of testing proves that every detail should be properly checked to ensure high quality of software. So do not waste your time, hire the best software testing company in Bangalore. and engage your QA team as early as possible.

Find answers to all your

Software testing companies in Bangalore are organizations that specialize in testing software applications for bugs, errors, and functionality issues. They are based in Bangalore, which is a hub for IT companies in India.

Software testing companies in Bangalore offer a range of services, including manual testing, automation testing, performance testing, security testing, and mobile testing. They also provide testing consulting, test strategy, and test management services.

Software testing companies in Bangalore cater to a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing, e-commerce, and more. They work with both small and large organizations to ensure the quality of their software applications.

The process followed by software testing companies in Bangalore typically involves requirements analysis, test planning, test case development, test execution, and test reporting. They may use a variety of tools and techniques to carry out these activities.

Hiring a software testing company in Bangalore can help organizations to improve the quality of their software applications, reduce time-to-market, and minimize the risk of defects and errors. It also allows organizations to focus on their core business activities while leaving the testing to experts.

When choosing a software testing company in Bangalore, you should consider factors such as their experience, expertise, reputation, and pricing. You should also evaluate their communication skills, project management capabilities, and ability to understand your specific testing needs.

The cost of software testing services in Bangalore can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project, the level of testing required, and the experience and expertise of the company. It is best to get a quote from multiple companies and compare their prices before making a decision.

Yes, many software testing companies in Bangalore offer remote testing services, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. They use various collaboration and communication tools to work with clients and ensure the quality of their software applications.