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Top Software Testing Companies in Berlin

Are you looking for a reliable software testing company in Berlin? If you have already proceeded to active searching, you probably feel dizziness due to such a large variety of companies promising to provide you with high sky software testing services. Still, you cannot take each word on trust. To find a trustworthy QA partner meeting all your requirements, you should carry out consistent research, analyze tons of data, and check its reliability or you can just have a look at our list of software testing companies in Berlin. The Superbcompanies analysts have already done everything to present the most competent and reputable software testing firms in Berlin. Top Software Testing Companies List. So see it for yourself.

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List of the top Software Testing Companies in Berlin

Updated: 09 March 2023
$25 - $49 / hr
United States


One of the leading QA providers offering full-cycle QA and application testing services, QA audits and consulting, test automation, and QA outsourcing services. The company was founded in 2003, and its headquarter is located in Lakewood, CO. The company has only three offices - in London, UK, Lelystad, NL, and Minsk, BY. The company employs over 700 people. The A1QA portfolio includes over 1,500 completed projects across such industries as banking and finance, healthcare, education and e-learning, media and entertainment, e-commerce, oil and gas, travel, and hospitality.

Service Focus

  • Testing
< $25/hr
India, United States, United Kingdom, Australia

Next Big Technology

Next Big Technology (NBT) is a premium Web & App Development firm established in 2009. NBT always uses the latest technologies for Website & Mobile App development.

As an applications development company, we know how to build websites and apps that utilize proper design and programming to build products that will scale. NBT is based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, with a team of 30+ professionals with various skill sets.

We provide a full range of services with expertise in:

Website Design, Website Development, Website Maintenance, Website Redesign, Offshore Outsourcing, Ecommerce Web Development, CMS Web Development, Mobile Application Development, Android Applications, IOS Applications, Cross platform Applications, React Native Development, Hybrid Development, Ionic Development, Search Engine Optimization,

Software Consulting, social media marketing solutions, CMS (Content Management System), CSS web design, open source ecommerce websites, personal web pages, custom template design, open source shopping carts, blogs, etc.

Next Big Technology’s dedicated team has gained a reputation for delivering high quality services in a time critical manner. Our clients are our top priority and every project commands our full attention. Quality is what we deliver and we strive to create and add value to your business.

Service Focus

  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Development
  • Testing
$25 - $49 / hr


QAwerk software testing company provides high-end QA services to customers in the USA, Canada, and Europe. We use innovative methods and approaches in software testing, applying our vast experience in digital quality assurance for business automation, data mining, e-government and other industries. QAwerk engineers goal is to help identifying the most appropriate type of application testing and find even the most severe bugs.

Service Focus

  • Testing
$50 - $99 / hr
United States


Testlio is the leader in managed QA services for global consumer apps by CBS,, Microsoft, the NBA. Testlio offers a select pool of the best-trained, most-motivated testers in business in nearly 100 countries.

Testlio has deep technology expertise in such capabilities as Mobile Testing, Functional Testing, Localization Testing, Automated Testing, Livestream Testing, Usability Testing, Exploratory Testing, Payments Testing, Location Testing, Regression Testing.

Service Focus

  • Testing
< $25 / hr
United States, Ukraine, India, Cyprus


TestMatick is a leading provider of top quality software testing services. The company was founded in 2009 and headquartered in New York, USA. Our strong team of testers can start testing your project of any complexity within 24 hours.

Service Focus

  • Testing

Reasons to hire a top software testing company in Berlin

We hope that the importance of having your application well tested is clear. Still, let's revise the reasons that prove the fact that collaboration with top software testing companies in Berlin is indeed beneficial.

   1. Rich expertise

Software testing companies in Berlin can boast of extensive experience and varied domain expertise. They can address any issue, know what to pay attention to, and which tools and solutions to use to get accurate testing results.

   2. Cutting-edge technology

Testing companies in Berlin are at the front line of technology development and make use of the most advanced technologies that provide extremely accurate and fast results.

   3. The high quality of a software quality

This point in our list is rather obvious and explicit. After all, that is what we pay for, and what is the main mission of any software company.

   4. User satisfaction

This point results from the previous one. A high-quality application has a good chance of successfully hitting the market and sweeping it. Once such an application is installed, users appreciate it and keep using it.

   5. Cost-efficiency

Software testing is not an additional expense but a wise investment. Not only will you have an awesome application but an opportunity to decrease development costs. The earlier bugs are detected, the easier, faster, and cheaper they are fixed. So we recommend you not only hire a software testing company in Berlin but hire it at the project outset.

   6. High revenue

A high-quality application lets businesses acquire a lot of customers and keep them engaged. It leads to high revenues.

The way Superbcompanies evaluates software testing companies Berlin

To provide our clients with a relevant list of leading software testing companies in Berlin, the Superbcompanies team regularly study and analyze the market and evaluates software testing services in Berlin against multiple criteria. Some of them you can see below.


The SuperbCompanies specialists check how long companies have rendered their services and what the average experience of their teams is.

Track record

We make sure that software testing companies in Berlin have proven track records. Our specialists study portfolios, case studies, and clientele bases. Attention is paid to the number and complexity of projects.

Team size and composition

We know that you may have a need for the most diverse types of testing services and the most extensive QA team. Therefore, we check whether a software testing company in Berlin has enough specialists to provide a team ramp-up whenever needed and whether its staff consists of QA specialists with a diverse background to tackle the most diverse testing issues.


We cannot advise you a company that you cannot rely on. Thus, we pick up only those that have a spotless reputation. For this purpose, we carefully study reviews and feedback from former employees and customers on social media profiles and forums.

Awards and recognitions

Attention is also paid to awards, recognitions, and certificates that software testing companies in Berlin have because they demonstrate their proficiency and experience.


The clientele base can also tell a lot about a company. If among customers of a software testing company in Berlin there are reputable and well-known companies, it enhances the chance that you can also entrust your project to it.

The list is not exhaustive, still, it can give you a general idea about our way of completing rankings. Besides, you can also use this list whenever you want to compare a few software testing companies in Berlin and choose the best to partner with.

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