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Techasoft Pvt. Ltd.

Techasoft Pvt. Ltd.

Techasoft Pvt. Ltd. is a leading IT Company that provides IT expertise in software, website, and application (iOS & Android) development; UI/UX design; and digital marketing and located at around 12 service locations. Techasoft's mission is to help clients improve efficiency and profitability using software solutions. The company's goal is to enable startups and large brands to grow and achieve great results.

Techasoft has over 5 years of experience in industries such as healthcare, catering, travel and tourism, logistics and shipping, e-commerce, banking, manufacturing, and IT-enabled educational services. 

Techasoft practices an individual approach to each client in order to best fit their business needs. Among their cases are software for banks, insurance companies, healthcare, retail industries. Currently, a team of experienced experts includes software developers, web developers, designers, and digital marketing specialists.

During solution development, Techasoft implements best practices in oftware testing and development that accelerate product release and reduce costs.