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The Best SEO Companies in Montreal

We are here to help you find the best SEO services company in Montreal. Almost all the information you need, including a detailed description of the best SEO agencies in Montreal, rates, range of activity, is available on the website. Use our list of the top SEO companies in Montreal and find a reliable business partner without much effort. You can order top-notch Montreal SEO services from any agency in our rating.

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List of the top SEO Companies in Montreal

Updated: 27 September 2023
BlueHat Marketing logo
Canada, United States

BlueHat Marketing

BlueHat Marketing provides comprehensive online marketing solutions for businesses. Our focus is on optimizing websites to maximize their visibility on search engines and drive customers to our clients’ doors.
Service Focus
  • Seo
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
Netleaf logo


Our SEO experts’ agency works with a fiery (and passionate!) team that can support your business and—above all—explain the foundations of SEO, pay-per-click campaigns and local SEO, as well as how to design a website that will be effective on search engines. Her Majesty Google no longer holds too many secrets for our SEO experts. The whole team also follows the latest digital trends with attention and diligence. Here, we have fine SEO strategists, designers, and web integrators with eagle eyes who work for you and your business.

Service Focus
  • Marketing
  • Seo
Digitad logo
$50 - $99 / hr


Digitad est une agence de Marketing web à Montréal délivrant aux PME des résultats élevés à prix abordables. Nous nous distinguons de notre concurrence par le niveau de service que nous offrons à nos clients, par notre expertise et par notre transparence.
Service Focus
  • Seo
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
Social Media 55 logo
$25 - $49 / hr

Social Media 55


Call Toll Free 1-844-633-4255 1-844-MEDIA-55

Social Media is now one of the most powerful marketing tools with the ability to communicate with a target audience in real time. The challenge some do it yourself companies run into is the ability to develop and maintain these channels.

We are a full service digital marketing agency. Social Media 55 solutions are customized to address your needs and offer peace of mind by maintaining these channels so that you may focus your time and energy on other aspects of your business. Our social media solutions cater to any size business. Our ‘a la carte’ style options are designed to maximize your ability to communicate with your target audience. Speak with one of our specialists today to design a solution that best meets your needs.

Customizing a business website that compliments your business profile is instrumental in the success delivery of your brand and service message through the use of innovative venues that generate traffic and sales.

We design and build customized websites that compliment and serve your business needs from e-commerce to a service oriented platform.

We design one or more landing pages with a call-to-action to generate leads.

We create an up to date tailored website that will capture an optimal traffic flow.

Brands are constantly looking for new ways to drive traffic and convert the traffic to sales. We offer Influencer Marketing as an additional service to you so you can maximize on the visibility. We maximize visibility via strategic alliances with PR and modelling agencies that expands your network of influencers, bloggers, vloggers and celebrities for a fee or in exchange for product.

Service Focus
  • Seo
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
Webential logo
$25 - $49 / hr


Webential is a performance-driven web design, development, and digital marketing agency. Armed with in-depth knowledge, proficiency, and experience, our qualified team renders world-class digital experiences to help enterprises thrive and stand out from competitors.

Our relationships are built on seamless communication and regular reporting. Our goal is to help you look great - to your customers, search engines, and to whoever you answer to at the end of the day. From brand strategy to web design to web development to digital marketing, we render end-to-end solutions that can cater your unique requirements.

Service Focus
  • Web Development
  • Seo
  • Software Development
  • Mobile App Development

The Montreal market is one of the most promising and attractive markets for doing business and promoting existing projects. Due to the high competition, small and medium-sized companies in Montreal must optimize the website for search engine optimization because more than 90% of users, who look for products or services on the Internet, view only the first two pages of the search. And the first pages are often given to local sites. 

To get to the top of local listings and get new clients, you need to optimize your site for local search. If your website does not hold high positions, it won't be an effective source of attracting new customers. According to statistics, out of all searches on Google, 46% are local; out of those local results - 92% of searchers picked companies found on the first page. 

List of SEO Companies

Why is a collaboration with a Montreal SEO company more profitable than the employment of an in-house SEO specialist? There is a number of reasons:

  • Savings in cost and time; 
  • Attracting highly specialized professionals;
  • Significant increase in website productivity;
  • Increasing positions in search results related to your keywords;
  • Effective advice from SEO professionals;
  • Solutions to existing problems, including the elimination of technical failures;
  • Attracting traffic and increasing conversion.

Website owners hire top SEO services in Montreal to engage proven professionals with experience because SEO is a must for a successful and profitable online business.

Reasons to hire an SEO expert in Montreal

  • Cost-efficiency

Whenever you arrive at the decision to improve your SEO, you may hire an in-house SEO team. Still, this is easier said than done. The in-house SEO team is a costly affair. You will have to spend more money on recruiting, salaries, perks, equipment, licenses, etc. On the other hand, by collaborating with an SEO agency in Montreal you will pay only for the rendered services and have real SEO experts at your disposal to address the most diverse SEO issues.

  • Experience and expertise

The best SEO companies in Montreal can boast of really rich experience. They make living helping various businesses from diverse industries to succeed with SEO campaigns. Consequently, they are well-equipped and well aware of all the nuances of search engine optimization. A renowned SEO agency in Montreal can come up with the best SEO strategy covering all your unique business needs.

Do what you do best and outsource the rest! - This is a golden rule. So focus on your core business tasks and let real Montreal SEO experts do their job! Rest assured, you will be satisfied with the results.

  • Higher ROI

A professional SEO company in Montreal will help not only to increase your traffic but to attract the right users who are interested in your products/services and can become your loyal customers. Consequently, your returns will be higher than your investment in SEO. What is also important is that the results you get from the top SEO services in Montreal will benefit your business for many years to come.

  • Competitive advantage

A trusted Montreal SEO company will undertake a comprehensive study to understand what measures your rivals are taking in terms of SEO. In such a way it can draw up workable strategies to empower you to beat these rivals and take a lead.

  • Innovative strategies

Historically, Montreal is intertwined with the technology industry, and therefore it is at the cutting edge of new digital tendencies and approaches. Therefore, local Montreal SEO companies can provide you with indeed innovative SEO strategies enabling you to leave competitors behind.

How to choose the best SEO agencies in Montreal?

There are so many SEO companies in Montreal, that it can be indeed challenging to pick up the one that suits you. To find a perfect SEO partner, we offer you to consider the following:

  • Need identification

To understand, whether a certain Montreal SEO company can meet your needs, you should at first identify them. Define your SEO goals, preferable deadlines, and budget that you can allocate for SEO services. After that, you will be able to ask your potential partners whether they are able to help you.

  • Reviews and case studies

Having selected certain Montreal companies, check their case studies, reviews and rates. Feedback from their former and current clients will be also helpful. This information will let you evaluate the proficiency level of the companies.

  • Domain expertise

An SEO company having experience in your domain will more likely help to attract the demographics that you are looking for.

  • Timeframe

Of course, SEO takes time. It is impossible to get the results of an SEO campaign immediately. However, your business may have strict deadlines. In this case, it is reasonable to focus on larger SEO companies having more resources in place to complete a large project within a shorter time frame.

  • Price policy

Money matters are always important. And while there is always the temptation to cut corners, you should understand that it is always better to pay more for SEO services and receive a higher return on investment than to pay less and get no results at all.

What SEO services in Montreal can you apply for?

The best SEO agencies in Montreal offer a wide range of services in order to supply any SEO need that you may have. You can easily apply for:

SEO audit

SEO experts in Montreal will check your website inside out, reveal SEO weaknesses, and advise proper improvements and efficient SEO strategies.

On-page SEO

  • URL optimization;
  • Tag optimization;
  • Meta description optimization;
  • Internal link optimization;
  • Content optimization;
  • Keyword optimization;
  • Image optimization, etc.

Off-page SEO

  • Backlink building;
  • Vertical search rankings;
  • Brand building;
  • Citation building, etc.

Technical SEO

  • Performance optimization;
  • Mobile-friendliness;
  • Robots.txt file update;
  • Responsive design;
  • Website structure and hierarchy;
  • Crawling and indexation;
  • XML sitemap creation.

Local SEO

  • Optimization of Google My Business;
  • Creation of content with location-specific keywords;
  • Citations (NAP consistency);
  • Review acquisition and management, etc.

Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO suggests SEO services that are tailored especially for large-scale websites. Particular attention here is paid to short-tail and high-competition keywords.

Find answers to all your

No, SEO companies in Montreal can serve both local and global businesses. While some may specialize in local SEO to help businesses target their local markets effectively, others can work on national or international SEO strategies to expand the reach of businesses across borders.

Yes, SEO companies in Montreal can cater to businesses in niche industries as well. Although the competition might be lower in niche markets, it's still essential to have a well-optimized website to attract targeted traffic and potential customers. An SEO company can tailor strategies specific to your niche and help you reach your target audience effectively.

Yes, reliable SEO companies in Montreal will provide regular progress reports detailing the performance of your SEO campaign. These reports will typically include data on key performance indicators, keyword rankings, organic traffic growth, backlink acquisition, and any optimizations made to your website.

Yes, hiring a reputable SEO company in Montreal can lead to long-term results. Ethical SEO practices focus on sustainable strategies that adhere to search engine guidelines. While it may take time to see significant improvements, the gradual progress and increased organic visibility will continue to benefit your website over the long term.