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Working with brands in their formative stages

You deserve a name you can be proud of. If you’ve tried to name your business or product, you know how difficult it can be to find an available name that’s distinctive, attention-getting, and memorable. We’re here to guide you from apprehension and uncertainty to a name that truly expresses what your brand is all about. Our naming process is grounded not only in creativity but also in science: how the brain notices, stores and recalls information. That’s why we recommend names made with natural words — the gold standard for brand names. Using language your audience already understands means a brand name can be more attention-getting and memorable, and can lead into a story that they want to hear. As one of the top naming agencies in the country, we’ve created names for organizations of all sizes — from startups to the Fortune 200 — in a wide range of industries including financial, technology, food and beverage, sporting goods, retail, health and wellness, personal services and education, as well as nonprofits. We can help you too.

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