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Peter Breslow Consulting

Peter Breslow Consulting

Tenacious, resolute and determined, Peter Breslow Consulting & Public Relations has been called “A PR Machine” by clients and members of the press alike. If you’re looking for a savvy, sophisticated, multi-faceted public relations campaign, look no further than Peter Breslow. A team of seven admitted news junkies, we are obsessed with influencing the news media and igniting buzz for the brands we work with. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and serving hospitality, culinary, entertainment, real estate and retail fashion clients throughout the U.S., we eat, sleep and live PR 24 hours a day. We think about our clients’ goals and how we can deliver results in our sleep. We're addicted to PR, and we're okay with that. We love the excitement and daily stimulation that this lifestyle provides!

We have conceptualized, named and introduced hundreds of businesses, helped dozens of entrepreneurs realize their dreams, generated immeasurable awareness, and have driven legions of consumers to experience the brands that we've worked for since launching in 2007. In 2010, we began mastering social media strategies and producing short films to tell our clients’ stories. Links to these assets are included in press releases, social media posts and correspondence. We live in a very visual world today, and the content we generate provides the press and public with a greater understanding of the deliverables we’re publicizing. 

Public Relations is our life’s work. We’re equally excited to bring new business to life as we are to breathe new energy into existing brands that need to pivot to remain relevant.

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$150 - $199 / hr
2 - 9
United States