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Top Web Development Companies in New Jersey

In today's highly competitive business landscape, companies must establish a strong online presence to thrive and stay ahead of the competition. A well-designed and high-performance website plays a pivotal role in ensuring that a company's voice is heard and its brand reaches a wide audience. For businesses in New Jersey, finding a reliable web development company is essential to achieve their online goals.

Understanding the significance of partnering with trustworthy web development companies, our team has diligently researched and compiled a comprehensive list of the top web development companies in New Jersey. These industry leaders possess the requisite expertise, infrastructure, and resources to deliver exceptional web solutions that drive business growth and substantially increase revenue. By partnering with one of the top web development companies in New Jersey, you can leverage their expertise to develop superior websites that will undoubtedly enhance your online presence and help your business thrive in the competitive market resulting in sustainable success in the dynamic market environment.

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List of the top Web Development Companies in New Jersey

Updated: 10 August 2023
Bluefox Technology logo
United States

Bluefox Technology

Bluefox Technologies is an extremely versatile software development company providing a premium range of mobile app development and web development services. 

In fact, the company represents itself as a one-stop technology (design/architecture/implementation) shop with an affordable price policy.

For the Bluefox Technologies team software development is not only its bread and butter but also a passion. Therefore, team members educate themselves on an ongoing basis and constantly try to improve ideas using emerging technologies and frameworks.

What makes Bluefox Technologies different from similar companies is a great combo of profound knowledge in Web Technologies and a personal approach to each project.

Its brilliant developers excel in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and such frameworks as Node Js, React Js, Angular Js, Laravel, Codeigniter, jQuery, Less, Sass, Grunt, Protractor., etc. At the same time, each client can feel their high value and importance.

Service Focus
  • Web Development
United States


EXPRESEO is a boutique digital marketing company with a spotless reputation. It is based in Hillsborough, NJ, and renders its professional services to local entrepreneurs and small family-owned companies.

The company specializes in logo design, search engine optimization, web design and development, content management, and marketing of course.

In respect of website development, the team of EXPRESEO clearly understands that one size does not fit all. Restaurants, wedding agencies, online stores, artists, - all have various needs. Therefore, experienced and committed web developers of EXPRESEO build websites with the needs of each particular customer and their target audience.

The company strives to help its clients create their business identity in the digital world by means of an efficient tailor-made website.

Custom design, user-friendliness, and SEO-friendliness are trademarks of EXPRESEO’s websites.

Service Focus
  • Web Development
Local Business Marketing Solutions logo
United States

Local Business Marketing Solutions

LBMS or Local Business Marketing Solutions is a New Jersey-based company specializing in Social Media Marketing, Local Search Marketing, Web Design, Web Development, Mobile App Development, and Custom Application Development. As you see its range of provided services is indeed broad.

Since its establishment in 2007, LBMS has helped businesses from different corners of the USA to increase their revenue by approximately 25% by improving their online presence. Among them are law firms, dental practices, HVAC companies, Acupuncturists, Mortgage Brokers, Basement Waterproofing companies, and other companies from the most diverse domains.

It is worth noting that the development team of LBMS does not use templates and all their websites are tailor-made, good-looking, high performance, SEO-friendly and meet the business needs of each particular customer. At your will, an easy-to-use CMS can be built to let you add and update website content on the fly.

On top of that LBMS also provides backup, maintenance, and editing as needed.

Service Focus
  • Web Development
Aronson Hecht Agency logo
$150 - $199 / hr
United States

Aronson Hecht Agency

Aronson Hecht Agency is a full-service advertising, and marketing agency headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey.

When it comes to web design and development, Aronson Hecht Agency is not afraid of complexity. Moreover, its seasoned development team likes challenges and never narrows a possible solution down to only one option. It prepares a few options and reviews them with clients to identify the advantages and disadvantages of each one and find the most suitable solution meeting all business goals.

Choosing Aronson Hecht Agency as your web development partner, you can take advantage of:

  • Custom website development

Experienced developers build mobile-friendly and conversion-friendly websites completely adjusted to the needs of clients.

  • CMS development

Whenever it is relevant, Aronson Hecht Agency also creates websites built on WordPress, which is the leading Content Management System today.

  • e-Commerce development

The company delivers custom e-commerce solutions with a rich set of functionalities utilizing WooCommerce and Shopify.

  • Maintenance and security

The company also provideы website maintenance and security by updating it continuously to improve performance, safety, and user experience in general.

  • Best SEO practices

The team makes use of the best SEO practices to ensure that a website is optimized for all search engines.

Service Focus
  • Web Development
HitUsUpDesigns LLC logo
United States

HitUsUpDesigns LLC

HitUsUpDesigns is a trusted web design, printing, and SEO company in NJ. It focuses on SMEs and is keen on helping businesses grow and open new horizons.

HitUsUpDesigns is considered to be a one-stop shop due to its wide range of rendered services. Still, it is worth noting that web design and development play a special part. The company has indeed excelled in this. So by hitting HitUsUpDesigns up for web development services, you can take advantage of:

  • Easily manageable websites

HitUsUpDesigns delivers websites that are indeed easily manageable due to using such a leading modern platform as WordPress. Moreover, the company offers monthly maintenance and free of charge training.

  • Efficient WordPress websites

The company specializes in WordPress development and can build a WordPress website that completely satisfies your business goals.

  • Shopify and other platforms

Although HitUsUpDesigns admires WordPress, in case you are not interested in it, the team can leverage Shopify or other platforms.

  • e-Commerce websites

If you want to shift your sales to online then the team can build for you an e-commerce website leveraging Woocommerce, Shopify, or other platforms.

  • SEO friendliness

Developers of HitUsUpDesigns write a clean code that significantly contributes to SEO-friendliness. Besides, due to this approach, it is easier to implement any further SEO improvements.

  • Guaranteed satisfaction

The team does not stop working on a project until a customer is happy and fully satisfied with a final product.

Service Focus
  • Web Development
Radiant Elephant logo
$100 - $149 / hr
United States

Radiant Elephant

Radiant Elephant is an NJ-based full-service digital marketing and web design boutique agency. Its unconventionally thinking team has mastered the power of advanced web technologies combined with an extraordinary creative approach. It generates ingenious ideas and draws up efficient strategies to help clients meet their objectives and overcome their challenges. Although Radiant Elephant is a rather small agency, it indeed brings big results.

WordPress web design and development, Shopify web design, landing page design, e-Commerce, conversion rate optimization, branding, copywriting, social media marketing, off-pageфтв on-page SEO, digital advertising - all these are areas Radiant Elephant specializes in.

Regarding web design and development, the company is considered to be a real expert. It is not just one more common web design agency but a team of developers obsessed with what they do and knowing the psychological triggers that provide high conversion rates and sales. With such a partner as Radiant Elephant, you will have a website that will serve as a powerful force for your business evolvement.

Service Focus
  • Web Development
South Jersey Web Design logo
United States

South Jersey Web Design

South Jersey Web Design is a prosperous and sought-after web design company which services transform the digital presence of its customers.

What stands behind the success of the company is the ability of its team to smoothly blend clients’ philosophies and goals with its own unique development.

With such a reliable partner as South Jersey Web Design, you can be sure that whatever idea you have, it will be perfectly realized in an outstanding website. The seasoned specialists will develop your website from an idea to completion, providing an architecture that enables hassle-free modification, update, and incorporation of new features whenever it is needed.

Rest assured, with a dedicated team of South Jersey Web Design, you will have a website reflecting your brand visions and messages as well as fulfilling all your purposes.

The reasons to choose South Jersey Web Design among the others:

  • 24/7 client coordination;
  • Goal-oriented projects;
  • Client-centric approach;
  • 100% ownership rights;
  • Best-of-breed specialists.
Service Focus
  • Web Development
JSMT Media logo
United States

JSMT Media

JSMT Media is a New Jersey trusted company that focuses on web design, Google Ads management, and SEO. Its team is composed of highly professional web designers, web developers, content managers, and different marketing specialists. JSMT Media has rendered its services to hundreds of a multitude of businesses, both big and small, and from a diversity of domains. The company can boast of a stellar reputation it has managed to build by the means of its key principles that are transparency, individual approach to each customer, and honesty.

The team of JSMT Media creates up-to-date, responsive, SEO-friendly, and user-friendly WordPress websites leveraging the most advanced web design and development technologies along with time-proven practices. The customers’ needs and goals lie at the core of its website design and development process. Besides, particular attention is paid to every detail regardless of the project scope and budget.

Service Focus
  • Web Development
Saffron Edge logo
United States

Saffron Edge

Saffron Edge is a trusted digital marketing firm based in Newark, NJ. The company has served customers across industry verticals for over ten years with quality and growth-driven services. By the way, its scope of services includes but is not limited to SEO, PPC, website design and development, mobile app development, digital marketing, analytics, business consultation, and others.

As for the provided web development services, the skilled and experienced team of Saffron Edge goes to extraordinary lengths to deliver the business solutions its customers need. The company is considered to be a real expert at developing web apps, web portals, websites, public web services, and mobile web apps.

Developed by Saffron Edge websites generate conversions due to aesthetic and pleasant design and provide profound responsiveness across all devices.

What makes Saffron Edge stand out from the competition is a range of the following merits:

  • Customized approach;
  • End to end customer support;
  • Transparent communication;
  • Dedicated professionals;
  • Industry experience;
  • Advanced technology;
  • Holistic support;
  • Valued services.
Service Focus
  • Web Development
  • Marketing
Sagapixel logo
United States


Sagapixel is an experienced digital marketing agency based in New Jersey, providing top-notch services in the areas of web design and digital marketing. The Sagapixel team uses the best practices in SEO, web design, and digital marketing to get the best results for their clients. The goal of Sagapixel's experts is to create for the client not just a website, but a hub for all of the company's online activities. The Sagapixel team has designed hundreds of unique, fast, and feature-rich web resources for companies in a wide variety of industries - from law firms to private physician websites.  

The main range of services provided by the Sagapixel team:

  • Web Design;
  • SEO;
  • PPC.
Service Focus
  • Web Development
  • Marketing
Find answers to all your

Evaluating a web development company's security measures is crucial for safeguarding your website and user data. You can inquire about their approach to data encryption, secure coding practices, regular security audits, and adherence to industry standards like OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project). Additionally, check if they offer SSL certificates, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems to enhance website security.

Yes, web development companies in New Jersey can integrate various social media features into your website, such as social media sharing buttons, live feeds, login options through social accounts, and social media integration for user engagement and marketing purposes.

Yes, many web development companies in New Jersey are well-versed in accessibility guidelines like WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and can design and develop websites that are accessible to users with disabilities. They can implement features like screen reader compatibility, keyboard navigation, and text alternatives for multimedia content.

Absolutely, web development companies in New Jersey can create custom web applications that cater to your unique business requirements. They will work closely with you to understand your goals and develop a solution that aligns with your processes and objectives.

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