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Top Software Testing Companies in Toronto

The SuperbCompanies team understands the importance of a competent QA team in supporting developers to create bug-free software. To assist you in finding the best software testing company in Toronto, we have compiled a list of top companies based on extensive research and analysis. When selecting a software testing firm, we recommend considering various criteria such as reputation, experience, domain expertise, flexibility, scalability, price policy, engagement models, and leveraged technologies.

With the SuperbCompanies list, you can save significant time and effort that would have been spent on preliminary research. Our professional analysts have conducted a thorough survey to identify the top software testing companies in Toronto to let you get acquainted with the best of the best IT Testing Companies. Now, you have the opportunity to explore the top contenders in the industry and find the most suitable one for your needs. Whether you require specific software testing services or comprehensive QA support, this curated list of the top software testing companies in Toronto will provide valuable insights and help streamline your search. Trust the expertise of the SuperbCompanies team to connect you with the best software testing companies in Toronto.

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List of the top Software Testing Companies in Toronto

Updated: 10 August 2023
QA Consultants logo
$50 - $99 / hr

QA Consultants

QA Consultants is known as an award-winning provider of QA and Software testing services.

As the QA Consultants team perfectly copes with the tasks of different levels of complexity they quickly gained trust among customers. Founded in 1994 over more than 2 decades QA Consultants professionals have delivered 10,000 + projects in the different sectors of business.

QA Consultants company has huge expertise in such industries as:

  • banking;
  • insurance;
  • media and advertising;
  • public affairs;
  • travel and tourism, etc.

Due to a striving for quality in all aspects of work and high professionalism at all levels of team members in all tasks they became one of the leaders in the Quality Assurance market.

Solutions + Services that QA Consultants offers:

  • Test Automation;
  • Performance/Functional Testing;
  • Security Testing;
  • Data Testing;
  • Mobile Testing;
  • Audit & Advisory Services.
Service Focus
  • Testing
Narola Infotech logo
< $25 / hr

Narola Infotech

Narola Infotech is one of the best companies that provide qualified services in the IT field. Narola Infotech team specializes in software development as well as software testing and QA services.

For more than 15 years of existing Narola Infotech has successfully completed a lot of projects of different sizes and complexity for almost 1250+ worldwide clients. All you have to do is trust the project to the experts of Narola Infotech and you can be sure your product is in good hands.

QA services that the Narola Infotech team provides:

  • Automation Testing;
  • Functional/Performance Software Testing;
  • Compatibility Software Testing;
  • Security Software Testing;
  • Regression Testing.
Service Focus
  • Testing
SQA Canada logo
$50 - $99/hr

SQA Canada

SQA Canada is a Toronto-based provider of high-class Software Testing services founded in 2012. The main thing in work for the SQA Canada team is orientation on the clients' needs and requests. Due to combining huge technical expertise with a dedication to customer satisfaction, SQA Canada became one of the leaders in the QA services market.

SQA Canada offers its Software Testing services to companies from different areas of business such as banking and financial services, insurance, healthcare, retail, and eCommerce, and so on. Services providing by SQA Canada include the huge spectrum of software testing services from Test Automation to Functional/Performance testing and Security Testing.

SQA Canada has gained the trust of many companies around the world through its professionalism, high-quality services, and absolute dedication to its work.

Service Focus
  • Testing
QA InfoTech logo
< $25 / hr

QA InfoTech

QA InfoTech is considered as one of the leading providers of Software Quality Assurance & Testing services around the world. Founded in 2003 for over a decade of existence QA InfoTech team compiled huge technical expertise that lets its professionals offer quality testing services to companies of different fields of activity. 

Software Testing Services provided by QA InfoTech:

  • Performance Testing;
  • Functional Testing;
  • Automation Testing;
  • Mobile Testing;
  • Security Testing. 

Customer focus and orientation on the results, backed by a huge amount of experience and total dedication to the work make QA InfoTech a reliable software testing partner for the best companies across the USA, UK, and Canada.  

Service Focus
  • Testing
PQA Testing logo
$50 - $99 / hr

PQA Testing

Founded in 1997, Professional Quality Assurance Ltd. (PQA) is Canada’s leading independent solutions provider of quality assurance and software testing services through a team of over 100 professionals. Headquartered in Fredericton, NB, PQA has additional delivery offices located in Halifax, NS, Moncton, NB, Calgary, AB and Vancouver, BC.

PQA offers a “Test Smarter” testing process that includes methodologies, frameworks and tools to ensure that testing projects are conducted in a well-managed and consistent manner across the entire software development life-cycle. We apply and tailor our methodologies and approaches to match your development and testing life-cycle, keeping your objectives and goals in mind. PQA can add value at any point in your testing process to help ensure successful project delivery.

Service Focus
  • Testing
  • Consulting
TatvaSoft logo
< $25 / hr
India, United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada


TatwaSoft is a custom software development company operating on various technology platforms such as Microsoft, Java, PHP, Open Source, BI, and Mobile. They specialize in providing high quality, timely, and cost-effective IT outsourcing services in a variety of industries around the world.

TatvaSoft serves clients worldwide with offices in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and the development center in India, employing more than 810 IT professionals. The company has more than 1800 successfully implemented projects on its account.

Their rich and varied experience of over 18 years in software development guarantees quality, timely, and cost-effective software solutions that give any business an advantage over its competitors. To date, the company's specialists have completed projects for 700+ small and medium companies and 500 companies on the Fortune list.

Service Focus
  • Testing
  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Consulting
Net Solutions logo
$25 - $49 / hr

Net Solutions

Net Solutions is a digital experience agency founded in 2000. For years of existing they have proven themselves as providers of world-class Software testing services. Net Solutions team offer complex QA testing covering all aspects of performance, compatibility, security, and usability.

Among customers of Net Solutions companies from multiple areas of business, from retail and eCommerce to healthcare. The professionalism of the Net Solutions team was recognized by such famous brands as Unilever, Microsoft, Harvard Business Review, IMG, etc.

Here at Net Solutions, you can get such services:

  • Managed Testing Services;
  • Quality Audit;
  • Test Cases Production;
  • Customized QA Consulting;
  • Project-specific Software Testing Services.
Service Focus
  • Testing
  • Mobile App Development
  • Design
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
Dynathrone logo


Dynathrone is an engineering consultancy firm located in Toronto. Dynathrone engineering team consists of excellent specialists in Software Testing and Quality Assurance services with extensive technical expertise. The engineering-focused capabilities of Dynathrone aim specifically to improve each of the organization's processes, procedures, workflow productivity.

Dynathrone company does its best to offer their customers effective solutions helping them provide their clients with quality products.

Among the range of testing services provided by Dynathrone team the following can be highlighted:

  • Performance Testing;
  • Automation Engineering & Testing;
  • Functional testing;
  • Regression Testing;
  • Compatibility Testing;
  • Mobile Testing.
Service Focus
  • Testing
Intertek logo


Intertek is one of the leading Software Testing and Quality Assurance services for companies across the world. Having more than 100 years of existence, Intertek company stood at the origin of forming the modern testing industry. A long history, huge technical expertise, and a team of more than 43,800 employees let Intertek company provide their customers with innovative, high-class Assurance, Testing, Inspection, and Certification services.

Intertek's main purpose is to ensure that companies of different industries around the world, from Chemicals, Construction & Engineering to Food & Healthcare, have confidence and safety in their products, processes, and systems.

Services that Intertek company offers:

  • Assurance;
  • Testing;
  • Inspection;
  • Certification;
  • Auditing;
  • Consulting.
Service Focus
  • Testing
Kefi Tech Solutions logo

Kefi Tech Solutions

Kefi Tech Solutions is a trusted IT partner for companies across the world for almost 10 years.

Experts of the Kefi Tech Solutions team provide their clients with innovative, qualified, reliable Software Testing and Quality Assurance services. Among the Kefi Tech Solutions clients companies of different sizes and domains: Banking & Financial Services, Retail, Travel, Healthcare, and so on.

In addition to Software Testing & QA services at Kefi Tech Solutions, you can also get Application Development and Consultancy Services.

Service Focus
  • Testing
pb+j logo
$150 - $199 / hr


We're a lot of things; normal is not one of them. We’re pb+j: a strategy-first, design-driven B2B digital agency with 400+ builds under our belt.

Our area of expertise is in working with industry-leading creative services firms and premium, high-touch e-commerce brands. We typically work with patrons that are at a critical point of growth and reinvention that need to transform their online brand and website performance.

Discover new opportunities, create an online domination blueprint, articulate your true value, force your website to deliver real results, and build new levels of success and confidence online.

👉 We partner with self-made successes, innovative trail-blazers, professional tastemakers, and rule-breaking challengers that are hungry for growth and serious about doing what it takes to see their vision become a vivid reality.

With deep experience in Digital Strategy, Website Design, Website Development, UX / UI Design, E-commerce Design and Development, Conversion Optimization, Brand Identity, and Pun Mastery, we know that trust is a big factor in any meaningful relationship so we hope we can start to build that trust… now!

🏆 We’re consistently a Clutch national leader for best B2B service and website design, top creative agency, and best-in-class digital strategy:

Top 10 Clutch Creative + Design Agency (2020) | Top 10 Clutch Highest-Ranking B2B Companies in Canada (2020) | Top Clutch Website Designer (2019) | Top 20 Web Design Agencies in Canada - The Manifest & Visual Objects | Shopify Expert Partner | World-leading Squarespace Specialist | Notable patrons: Harvard Business School, Stanford d.School, Harper Collins Canada, Penguin Random House, Marriott Hotels, Rogers, Endy, Progressive Nutrition

If you value the unnormal and you need a partner for online brand-building, conversion-driving, or money-making, we’re made for each other.

Service Focus
  • Software Development
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Web Development
  • Testing

Types of software testing

There are different classifications of software testing. Various types of software testing are differentiated according to different criteria. Some of them are essential for any project, others are executed only if project peculiarities require this. So let’s take a closer look at the most common ones.

Functional testing

This is a type of software testing that is executed to make sure that all app functionality works as expected, i.e. according to the specifications. As a rule, it is conducted by means of the black-box testing technique.

GUI testing

This testing checks the graphic user interface to make sure that all its elements (e.g. buttons, menus, icons, etc.) look and behave according to the specifications and mockups.

Security testing

This type of testing is of primary importance these days as it checks whether an application is able to withstand the most various cyberattacks and whether sensitive information is securely protected. Profound knowledge and specific skills are required from QA specialists to reveal possible vulnerabilities and loopholes in software.

Performance testing

This non-functional type of software testing is executed to make sure that a product can work smoothly and properly under heavy loads. Performance testing helps identify the responsiveness, robustness, and stability of an application under varying loads. There are several subtypes of performance testing. These are load testing, volume testing, stress testing, and stability testing.

Localization testing

Localization testing checks whether an application under testing has been adapted to a certain culture/locale. Its scope includes a linguistic aspect, time and data format, currency converter, etc.

Compliance testing

This testing helps to make sure that an application corresponds with compulsory standards, norms, regulations, and guidelines. It is a must for certain types of applications, e.g. healthcare apps, bank apps, etc.

Compatibility testing

This type of software testing checks whether an application works equally well on different hardware, software, OSs, network environments, etc.

Recovery testing

This testing is executed to assess how well an application is able to recover from crashes, hardware failures, and different serious problems.

Database testing

As its name suggests, this testing checks all issues related to the leveraged database, including schemas, tables, inquiries, triggers, data integrity, and consistency.

API testing

This type of software testing is performed in the course of integration testing and checks whether application programming interfaces comply with functionality, security, and performance requirements.

Usability testing

It is a type of software testing that is executed to reveal whether an application is user-friendly and easy to use. As a rule, it is conducted by a target group consisting of a limited number of end-users whereas QA experts observe whether they are able to perform tasks easily and on the fly. Usability testing helps provide a great user experience.

Accessibility Testing

This testing is partially related to the previous one. It helps understand whether an application under testing can be easily used by people with disabilities (e.g., deaf, blind, etc). Consequently, this testing is also executed by a group of people with corresponding disabilities.

So to be a success and be well accepted by the end-users, an application must undergo the most various types of testing. That is why selecting one of the top software testing companies in Toronto, you should make sure that it offers a wide range of testing services.

Find answers to all your

There are several software testing companies in Toronto, including QA Consultants, TestRail, Kualitatem, Sauce Labs, QASource, and many more.

Toronto-based software testing companies typically provide an extensive array of services that cover functional testing, performance testing, security testing, mobile testing, automation testing, manual testing, and more.

Collaborating with a software testing company in Toronto can provide numerous advantages such as enhanced software quality, cost reduction, quicker time to market, heightened customer satisfaction, and more efficient testing procedures.

When selecting a software testing company in Toronto, it's important to take into account a range of factors, including their experience, expertise, certifications, reputation, customer feedback, pricing, and the range of services that they provide.

The cost of working with a software testing company in Toronto will vary depending on the services you require, the complexity of your software, the duration of the project, and other factors. It is best to request a quote from the company you are considering working with.

The duration of software testing will depend on the complexity of the software, the number of tests required, the type of testing being performed, and other factors. Some testing projects can be completed in a few days, while others may take several weeks or months.

Numerous software testing companies in Toronto provide remote testing services, enabling them to collaborate with clients from across the globe. This approach can be particularly advantageous during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Toronto-based software testing companies offer their services to numerous industries such as healthcare, finance, education, retail, and transportation among others. These companies provide testing services for any software-based product or service.