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CRM Consulting Companies in Argentina

Argentina CRM consulting services will assist you in addressing scattered customer data, weak lead conversion, and low selling levels. We created a list of the top CRM consulting companies in Argentina that can take your company to the next level. By the end, you can get the answers to the most common questions related to CRM, like what the top CRM consultants choose? Is CRM worth it? What are the main advantages of using CRM? Do you need services from Argentina CRM consulting companies? What are the services that CRM consulting companies in Argentina are providing? Hope our list of the best CRM consulting companies in Argentina with real research so you don’t waste your time with companies that are not worth it. 

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List of the top CRM Consulting Companies in Argentina

Updated: 25 January 2024
CEDI Tech Consulting logo

CEDI Tech Consulting

Starting from a rigorous analysis of your company it seeks to diagnose the problem and know deeply your needs to apply the corresponding solution from IT.

 Company is a Certified Partner for Learning Solutions, these being the centers that guarantee the best way to recognize Microsoft products and get the most professional training. In these centers, you will find the best answer to your needs. It analyzes goals, objectives, capacities, and processes, to apply the optimal technologies and systems.

Service Focus
  • Consulting
Certa Consulting logo
United States

Certa Consulting

Certa Consulting is a Professional Service firm specialized in providing value to the entire Digital or Analog Customer Life Cycle of our clients. The successful partnership we hold with Salesforce allows us to offer a vehicle for such value.

Service Focus
  • Consulting
$50 - $99 / hr


It is a company with more than 30 years of experience and trajectory in the world of systems, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Team offers IGGLOBAL as an integral, modelable and scalable management system. The software provides solutions to the management of the different areas of the business. Some of its functionalities are ERP, CRM, SCM, MRP, HR, COMEX & BI. The platform can be configured according to the particular technical and functional requirements of each business, industry or activity.

Service Focus
  • Consulting
Triptongo logo


It is a company specialized in eCommerce based on WordPress and WooCommerce for small and medium businesses. Team has more than 5 years of experience in the development of the digital channel. 

It provides solutions, approach tools and train its clients so they can participate in the digital economy in an organic way, adding value to their offline processes and making the transition to the online world as simple as possible.

Service Focus
  • Consulting
AMG Business Solutions logo
$25 - $49 / hr

AMG Business Solutions

It provides business solutions based on No-Code and Low-Code Apps.

Its mission is add value to our customer´s processes assiting them to achieve their goals and helping them on their jorney towards the Digital Transformation.

Service Focus
  • Consulting

Each business has its own specifics, but no matter how different the business processes are, the beauty sphere or an IT company, a CRM system is needed in both cases. Customer relationship management (CRM) consulting includes not only implementation but also industry expertise, qualified staff, and support and service after deployment.

Argentina CRM consulting company services include:

  • CRM-Audit - the expertise of business readiness for the effective implementation of CRM-strategy. 
  • Formation of CRM-strategy and metrics to describe goals and monitor progress.
  • Development and improvement of CRM-strategy.
  • CRM Navigator - CRM metrics to identify and support the right business course.
  • Selection, development, and customization of tools to implement a CRM strategy.

Argentina consulting services accompany the implementation of CRM-solution at all stages of the project life cycle:

  • Optimization of business processes.
  • Selection and arrangement of CRM-solutions to the individual needs of the business of your company.
  • Implementation and maintenance of CRM-solutions.
  • Training of CRM-solution users.

Work on the implementation of CRM projects includes approaches to project management at all stages and affects all participants. This structured approach allows business consultants to close the customer's needs with the minimum time and budget for the project. This is expressed in the effective adaptation of the system to the specific tasks of automating business processes, sales, marketing, and service. 

The client base on paper is the past century. Electronic organizers and all-known Excel also couldn't provide an effective relationship between a potential client and the supplier of goods or services. The main reason for incompetence is a trivial - human factor: one of the company's employees could certainly forget to enter information into an Excel file or just make a mistake. The situation becomes more and more problematic when sales increase, which naturally affects the staff's expansion and the number of clients. The solution of the problem - CRM-system, which automates business processes and, as a consequence, eliminates failures caused by the human factor.

Sooner or later, any business owner comes to the fact that everything seems to be working well. Still, there are a huge number of gaps, without which business could get to a completely different level of business and management. To move to a new stage, you need to deal with the pressing problems and routine by implementing CRM.

The implementation of CRM has a huge number of advantages. We have found out the main ones, which allocate more of the number of entrepreneurs. 

Benefits of implementing CRM:

  • Maintaining a customer base;
  • Improvement of managers' performances;
  • Control of employees in the workplace;
  • Setting and executing tasks;
  • Automation of business;
  • Reporting on key performance indicators in CRM-system;
  • Increase profits and optimize costs;
  • Case planning and notification;
  • Electronic document management.

Do you need services from CRM consulting companies in Argentina?

Still do not understand whether it makes sense to purchase CRM or not? Let's deal with it together!

If you want to establish internal business processes of the company, work on customer loyalty, increase profits and reduce costs, improve management, reporting and improve the overall efficiency of the business - certainly, the implementation and configuration of CRM are necessary - hire CRM consulting companies in Argentina.

Implementation of the CRM is suitable for:

  • E-commerce store;
  • manufacturing;
  • Real estate agencies;
  • Agribusiness;
  • Small business;
  • Large chain stores;
  • Wholesale trade;
  • Retail trade;
  • Recruitment;
  • Beauty shops;
  • Dentists;
  • Realtors;
  • Public catering.

CRM can be adapted to any field of activity. Initially, you will be provided with a set of basic tools, and over time you can refine the functionality you need, depending on your requirements.

The purpose of Argentina CRM consulting services is to develop a strategy for achieving the company's goals in the system.

Services of the best crm consultants include the following stages:

  • Analysis of the necessity of automation of business processes at the enterprise.
  • Identification of required changes and diagnostics of capabilities.
  • Development of detailed system requirements.
  • Definition of budgets and terms required for project implementation.
  • Development of implementation strategy.