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Top Big Data Consulting Firms in Sydney

The top big data consulting firms in Sydney can help businesses with everything from data collection and storage to processing, analysis, and visualization. They start by studying the company's business needs, analyzing the existing IT infrastructure, creating a customized solution, integrating it into the workflow, training employees to use new tools effectively, and providing ongoing support.

When looking for a trustworthy big data consulting company, it can be confusing to compare vendors based on their skills, experience, and technical expertise in big data. To help with this, we've compiled a list of the top big data consulting firms in Sydney. These firms specialize in transforming big data into usable knowledge that can help businesses make smarter decisions and achieve their development goals. Check out our list and find the big data consultants that best meet your needs.

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List of the top Big Data Consulting Companies in Sydney

Updated: 23 February 2024
Altis Consulting logo
$50 - $99 / hr

Altis Consulting

Altis was founded in 1998 by Gavin Cooke and Hyun Choi, with a vision to grow a living company that would continue to be prosperous in 100 years. They drew inspiration from Arie de Geus’ seminal book, ‘The Living Company‘ and uniquely, they were not building a business to sell, instead they wanted to foster a culture that would outlast them. As Altis grew, it was important to formalise the core values of the business, and following extensive team and customer research, the core ethos of Connecting with Courage, Heart, and Insight’ became the central framework. In simple terms it means the firm commitment of our team to building lasting relationships with our clients and sharing the responsibility of delivering their outcomes. Although we have evolved from an implementation partner to designing and delivering tangible outcomes across the information management value chain, this ethos has remained at our core. We also implemented the Service Profit Chain, which is the management philosophy that happy, engaged team would equate to happy loyal clients, and the by-product is success. From the beginning our focus was on the success of the team and our clients, not profits. This has proven to be a success within Altis in that the average tenure of our team members is over five years and that we continue to partner with our first client, 17 years on. Since our first steps into Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence in 1998, we now have five offices across Australia, New Zealand and the UK, working within a range of industries including Telecommunications, Health, Transport and Logistics, FSI, Higher Education and Government.

Service Focus
  • Consulting
Empirics logo
$50 - $99 / hr


Empirics enables organisations to derive the maximum ongoing value from all their available data to support the achievement of their business goals. We provide a suite of data solutions from data integration and data provisioning, through to analytics and data science to assist our clients in achieving their desired outcomes. We have offices throughout Australia and Europe, service clients across numerous industries, and pride ourselves on continuous innovation and service for our customer base. 

Empirics is a subsidiary of the global Link Group. Link Group's core business, which consists of Retirement & Superannuation Solutions and securities registration, is complemented by their expertise in digital solutions and data analytics. Their clients represent all industries and include some of Australia’s largest superannuation funds and the world’s largest corporations.

Service Focus
  • Consulting
TatvaSoft logo
< $25 / hr
India, United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada


TatwaSoft is a custom software development company operating on various technology platforms such as Microsoft, Java, PHP, Open Source, BI, and Mobile. They specialize in providing high quality, timely, and cost-effective IT outsourcing services in a variety of industries around the world.

TatvaSoft serves clients worldwide with offices in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and the development center in India, employing more than 810 IT professionals. The company has more than 1800 successfully implemented projects on its account.

Their rich and varied experience of over 18 years in software development guarantees quality, timely, and cost-effective software solutions that give any business an advantage over its competitors. To date, the company's specialists have completed projects for 700+ small and medium companies and 500 companies on the Fortune list.

Service Focus
  • Testing
  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Consulting
Clade Solutions logo

Clade Solutions

Clade is a leading Microsoft consultancy – and we pride ourselves on getting the best results for our clients by doing things in a different way.

Our team of technical specialists have extensive experience creating business apps, mobile apps and providing you with a level of business intelligence that you may not even know can be possible.

Service Focus
  • Marketing
  • Consulting
Adactin Group Pty. Ltd. logo

Adactin Group Pty. Ltd.

Adactin has been successfully operating in software development and testing for many years. During this time the company has managed to accumulate great experience in software development of different complexity. The specialists are ready to implement various projects: from small automation solutions for individual business processes to large information systems for managing large enterprises.

The list of the company's services includes Development & Integration, Testing Services, Project Management/Business Analysis, Cyber Security, Data Analytics and Digital Transformation. 

Thanks to the work of Adactin large companies and startups can successfully compete on the IT market, cooperate more effectively with clients, and use in their work the analytical programs and tools.

The company uses the latest achievements, methodologies, and tools in the field of software development and testing.

The custom software development carried out by Adactin's experts are dozens of successfully implemented and used projects in different areas of software development in various fields. Adactin's team is about qualification and knowledge, due to which they create convenient, functional, stably working software products.

Service Focus
  • Testing
  • Consulting
  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Development

What should I consider while choosing a big data consulting firm in Sydney?

While reliable big data consultants in Sydney can open up new opportunities for business development, a partnership with a wrong big data consulting firm can lead to time and money-wasting as well as frustration. That is why it's better to take some time to consider things for which you need one of the Sydney big data consulting firms. Here are some critical aspects paying attention to which you will be able to find a proper big data consulting company in Sydney:

How can I determine my current problem and goals?

It is evident if you clearly understand your problems and goals, it is easier to go smoothly. That's why first of all, you should define your issues and figure out the results you want to achieve. After that, you can confidently start to search for big data consultants with the required skills, expertise, and potential to fix your problem.

Is experience important while choosing a Sydney big data partner?

Yes, experience is always of primary importance while choosing a Sydney big data partner. Consider only competent and experienced consulting companies. Make sure that they have many years of experience and keep up with the latest trends and cutting-edge technology.

Should I compare service fees while choosing a big data consulting firm?

Yes, the cost of big data consulting services in Sydney is one more important factor that should be taken into account. That is why it is advised to compare service packages, experience, and an estimated value of the project of several most appropriate candidates. Ask them for a quotation regarding the project, thoroughly study it, and choose a big data consulting company in Sydney that offers you the best value for money.

Is reputation important while choosing a big data consulting firm?

Yes, excellent reputation is one more thing that matters. Study the prospective consultants' background in great detail before making a final decision. Pay particular attention to their past performance. Check Sydney big data consulting firms' reviews, ranks, expertise, list of previous clients, received awards and certificates, and all other factors that can help you make the right choice.

Why should I consider data security measures while choosing a big data consulting firm?

Your business data is of the utmost importance and must be securely protected. So, never neglect solid legal agreements between your company and a big data consulting services provider in Sydney. It is essential if you want to protect your data and make sure that the consultant's data safety and privacy guideline complies with your security requirements and local privacy laws and regulations.

Can a big data consulting company in Sydney help me implement big data solutions?

Yes, implementation of big data solutions can provide you with numerous benefits and take your business to a new level. That is why do not waste your time! Any big data consulting company in Sydney from our list is ready to lend you a helping hand.