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LAI Video

LAI Video

Unexpectedly Human

LAI Video is a booming, boutique video agency with a team of creative storytellers. Our marketers are trained in the art of being human, we don't make videos for businesses. We make them for the humans inside. And humans are looking for something very real. They want to be moved. And we're here to move them. To take them to a new place or to a new state of mind. We're here to make the ordinary extra-ordinary.

Or to treat our client's brand with the same love and care that you'd treat your own instagram. We're marketers, sure. Video-makers, absolutely. But we're also unexpected. We're unexpectedly human.

We specialize in video-centric campaigns that attract action or create change. Whether you’re educating a targeted group of movers-and-shakers or raising awareness to the masses, we help you write your story, tell it and roll it out.

Before we become storytellers, we investigate. We get to know our partners and the pending problem. We establish a hook—a hashtag—so irresistible that we can draw the right eyeballs, but also deliver a satisfying tale.

Next, we build out the structure for the campaign. Is it a pre-roll video ad? A content-rich series? Does it live on a new microsite or within an existing communication strategy?

Our creative producers wrap your message with a solid script. Something that cuts through the noise and sounds like it was written by a gosh-dang-it human being. Something that’s well-researched but carries a strong sense of self or humor.

Well-versed in design, cinematography and motion graphics, we convert your campaign into something wonderful. Our producers shepherd the campaign through production, keeping your products punctual while ensuring exquisite craftsmanship.

Following a controlled timeline, we invade the airwaves and socialwaves. We evaluate the initial response to grow the campaign and best adapt our approach for the next project.

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$150 - $199 / hr
10 - 49
United States