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$100 - $149 / hr
10 - 49
United Kingdom; Australia

Beyond Analysis

Putting data to work

Human Behaviour, Data Science and Data Automation

We combine the behavioural and data sciences to identify and predict consumer patterns to recommend next best actions that you can use to harness marginal gains and operational improvements in your business.

AI and Machine Learning Analytics Solutions

Our award winning team of consultants and analysts transform your data with the latest in machine learning to build models, actions and routines that optimise the customer experience and improve your business operations.

Automated Alerts, Reporting and Data Discovery Tools

Our Quick and Easy data automation solution provides everything you need to put your data to work, automating your analytics and reporting to radically enhance decision making and personal performance across your business.

Business to Business Insight and Data Commercialisation

Drive your competitive advantage, boost collaboration and open up new business opportunities by distributing your data and insights to your suppliers and markets using our B2B data commercialisation solution.

Agile Approach, Open Source Technology

We follow an agile approach, combining best practice Dev and Data Ops methodologies with best in breed open source technology, ensuring close alignment with your business objectives

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