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We help Companies increase conversion rates.

** The Client ** There are several factors which influence the success of an online business. Their combination impacts the conversion rate, a critical benchmark for e-commerce. Underperforming websites throttle many businesses. The problems range from slow loading, user interface glitches or only bugs, which contributes to inferior user experience and lowers conversion rate. ** Value Proposition ** We believe people deserve fast, smooth and friction-free websites. We are a CRO agency helping clients grow their business. We are covering all aspects of modern CRO. We have in-depth knowledge because we stay focused working only with the Conversion Optimisation projects. We blend with Clients' teams, ensuring smooth cooperation. You can have a professional CRO unit from day one. ** Scope of work ** What are we covering while working on the project? We look at users and stakeholders and all the elements in between. Solving users' problems, we help stakeholders achieve their financial goals. Users are the most important, and we stick to user empathetic approach. They access the internet from a variety of devices, so we cover them all in our analysis. The websites are multifaceted, hence our holistic approach. We analyse site speed and how the tech stack can be adjusted. Finally, we communicate KPIs using dashboards. Users > Devices > Websites > Backend > Stakeholders ** Our secret ingredient? Triangulation! ** We believe it is crucial to triangulate issues, taking into account more than one perspective - users, data, competition. The spotted issues are ranked based on gain versus effort estimation. ** Who we are and why working with us? ** We are a group of people, covering all aspects of modern CRO: User research, tracking, data collection and analysis, technology, UX research, design and market intelligence. Why working with us? We have the experience, competencies, proven results and happy clients.

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$50 - $99 / hr
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