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The Best Mobile App Marketing Companies in Delhi

There are millions of different mobile applications on the market today. So, let's face the truth - it is getting more challenging to stand out from analog applications and attract users. Even a mobile application with a novel idea, brilliant design, and rich UX may struggle to enhance its download statistics. This is where the need for the best Delhi mobile app marketing services arises to withstand the stiff competition. It is reasonable to consider it in the early stages of your mobile app development. That's why as soon as you decide to create an app, you should start looking for a reliable mobile app marketing services agency in Delhi.

To be sure about the effective promotion of your application, you should deal with only the best mobile app marketing companies Delhi that have corresponding expertise, skills, staff, good reviews, and rankings. Our professional team has conducted a survey and prepared a list of the top mobile app marketing companies Delhi to reveal you from exhausting and time-consuming research. Study this list of top Delhi mobile app marketing companies and pick up the most suitable candidates for future cooperation.

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List of the top Mobile App Marketing Companies in Delhi

Updated: 27 September 2023
Celltob logo
$150 - $199 / hr


Since our inception in 2013, we’ve been helping businesses reach leadership positions in their respective niches, among their desired audiences, most effectively. We’ve been helping entrepreneurs grow their digital footprint to scale, with our integrated, omnichannel marketing services.

Today, we’re marketing partners to businesses of all sizes – from B2B to B2C and eCommerce domains. Whether it’s the Multi national company, the sole proprietor of a fashion eStore, or the healthcare center providing life saving treatments at multiple locations – We’re all growing together.

Under the leadership of Mr. Abhishek sharma, Celltob is running its operations with a mission to unlock the potential of businesses. With the right digital marketing solutions, we aim to empower growing organizations. 

Celltob has the knowledge and potential to design intricate digital marketing campaigns for every business. Our popularity derives from our ability to stay ahead of the latest digital marketing trends. We have exposure to the new technology and resources that many of our competitors don’t have. Our research and development team of experts ensures that we remain at the forefront when it comes to delivering effective, creative digital marketing strategies for our customers.

Service Focus
  • Marketing
Media Striker logo
< $25 / hr

Media Striker

Media Striker is one of the leading Mobile App Development Company in Delhi NCR, Noida, India. We function as a full business partner, offering tech and digital marketing solutions that build brand reputation and offer real solutions to business challenges.We expedite our client’s most important goals and make lasting improvements to their performance.

Service Focus
  • Marketing
Techmagnate logo
$25 - $49 / hr
India, United States


Techmagnate is a leading SEO and Mobile App Marketing company based in New Delhi, India. At Techmagnate we help you to outline, evolve and employ proficient, best priced and top-notch Digital Marketing services inlcuding SEO, PPC, Social Media, ASO, Video SEO, Mobile App Marketing, ORM and CRO services to empower your business. With the highest standards for communication, teamwork and professional excellence, we are firmly committed to our clients’ success.

Service Focus
  • Seo
  • Marketing
  • Mobile App Development
Grepix Infotech Pvt.Ltd. logo
$25 - $49 / hr

Grepix Infotech Pvt.Ltd.

Grepix Infotech is a one-stop destination for Mobile Apps, Website development, and Digital Marketing services. Grepix has expertise in providing off-the-shelf as well as custom-built solution providers for the OnDemand Service Industry. Grepix has a vast portfolio of solutions ready for Taxies, Logistics, Delivery, Emergency services, Road assistance, Food delivery services, etc. We believe in maintaining a harmonious and long-term relationship with the clients/customers. We have clients in Europe, US, UK, India, and Middle East countries.

Our Expertise:

  • Mobile Applications Development;
  • Web Design and Development;
  • UI/UX Development;
  • Native & Cross-Platform Apps;
  • Internet of Things;
  • Amazon Web Services;
  • Cyber Security Services;
  • Digital Marketing (SEO, SMO, SMM, ORM, and Content Writing).
Service Focus
  • Marketing
Fuel4Media Technologies Pvt. Ltd. logo
$50 - $99 / hr

Fuel4Media Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Fuel4Media Technologies is a results-driven digital marketing agency that provides consulting and development services including website design and development, search engine optimization, PPC management, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, content marketing, eCommerce development and marketing services, and more. It helps businesses of all sizes across different industry verticals to create digital experiences that engage, educate, and activate customers.

Service Focus
  • Seo
  • Marketing

What is Delhi mobile app marketing?

Mobile app marketing can be defined as a marketing strategy aimed to promote a certain mobile application, increase the number of installations, attract new users, and retain existing ones.

Which services do mobile app marketing companies in Delhi provide?

Professional Delhi mobile app marketing agencies offer their customers a great variety of services in order to achieve the best results in mobile app promotion. The range of best mobile app marketing services Delhi includes but is not limited to:

  1. Design of the pre-launch marketing strategy;
  2. Design of the after-launch marketing strategy;
  3. Social media marketing;
  4. SEO;
  5. Paid advertising;
  6. Strong onboarding support;
  7. Ongoing user marketing;
  8. App store optimization;
  9. Influencer outreach, etc.

What are the main reasons to hire a mobile app marketing services agency in Delhi?

  • Better brand recognition;
  • Retainment of users;
  • Better user attraction;
  • Income increase;
  • Loyalty building;
  • Growth of installations;
  • Professional approach;
  • Competitive advantage.

When is it better to hire the best Delhi mobile app marketing services provider?

It is strongly recommended to apply to a mobile app marketing services agency at the outset while your application is at its early development stage. This attitude is very effective as a pre-launch marketing strategy is as essential as an after-launch marketing strategy. By implementing a pre-launch marketing strategy, you prepare your target audience for your app launch and let prospective users know that in a while they will be able to reap the benefits of your super helpful and user-friendly app. It really makes sense to build hype around your new app launch. The best mobile app marketing companies Delhi can easily help you with this and make your prospective users eagerly wait for your mobile application launch.

How do mobile app marketing companies in Delhi work?

In general, the work of a mobile app marketing services agency Delhi to promote your app can be divided into several stages, which you can see below.

Identification of business goals and target audience studying

First of all, a Delhi mobile app marketing company's team defines your business goals and your app objectives. After that, experts thoroughly study your target audience, their interests, requirements, expectations, and keywords they use searching for similar apps on the Internet. This information lets them define how to draw their attention to your mobile application and lead them to install it.

Identification of the right marketing channels

Using multiple marketing channels, mobile app marketing companies in Delhi encourage users to install your app. However, at first, it is important to identify the marketing channels that are the most suitable for your mobile application and target audience.

Development of the app marketing strategy

On the ground of their experience, available resources, customer's budget, application peculiarities, and target audience team of the marketing agency Delhi make up pre-launch and after-launch marketing strategies that include the most effective tactics and approaches.

App marketing strategy execution

As soon as everything is agreed on and the customer is satisfied with a designed strategy, specialists get to its execution in order to warm up your audience by the app launch.

Monitoring and adjustment

Top mobile app marketing companies Delhi continually track and monitor your mobile app marketing campaign. It gives an opportunity to update the marketing strategy on the fly to achieve better results and increase app downloads. They intensify tactics that are working well and change those that are ineffective.

Find answers to all your

Mobile app marketing companies in Delhi improve app visibility through various strategies. They optimize app store listings using relevant keywords and appealing descriptions, utilize app store optimization (ASO) techniques, create amusing promotional content, take advantage of social media platforms, implement targeted advertising campaigns, and establish partnerships with influencers and app review websites.

It can take a different amount of time to notice the first results of mobile app marketing efforts. A timeframe varies with regard to various factors, such as market competitiveness, app quality, implemented marketing strategies, target audience, and others. Generally, it may take from a few weeks to a few months to start noticing improvements in app visibility, user engagement, and downloads.

The cost of mobile app marketing services in Delhi varies depending on the client's goals, the scope of provided services, app complexity, and the provider's reputation and expertise. Prices may range from a few thousand rupees to several lakhs per month.

Yes, many mobile app marketing companies in Delhi offer ongoing support to their clients. They can monitor and optimize app marketing campaigns, track user engagement and analytics, suggest improvements, and implement efficient strategies with regard to the changing app market dynamics.

Mobile app marketing companies in Delhi use a great variety of strategies to increase app downloads. They optimize app store listings, create thrilling promotional content, execute targeted advertising campaigns, leverage social media platforms, establish partnerships with influencers, improve app visibility through ASO, and optimize conversion funnels to foster more downloads.