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Top Mobile App Development Companies in Houston

Today, mobile application development is one of the most dynamic and in-demand IT directions. Now it is hard to imagine any modern person without a mobile phone. According to statistics for 2021, about 5.19 billion people use mobile phones. This is what makes mobile development a rapidly growing area of programming, as the number of mobile devices has long far exceeded the number of personal computers, and this trend continues to grow. But what are the benefits of mobile apps for business owners? First, it helps win the battle for user attention, because most of the time users spend on their smartphones is spent visiting mobile apps. Also having your own mobile app will also have a very positive impact on increasing sales, because the majority of sales of online stores and marketplaces are made through the app. And also having a mobile application means investment in the future, the company which goes with the times, understands and accepts modern trends of doing business is going to have success, customer loyalty, and naturally profit.

Houston is rich with skilled and creative Houston app developers, with several experienced and professional mobile app development companies Houston located here. Mobile app development companies Houston will develop a unique mobile application, with an attractive design and necessary functionality that will meet all your needs and your customers' requirements.

We have collected for you a list of leading mobile app development companies Houston and hope that our rating will help you determine the ideal partner for your company. Hire high-skilled Houston app developers for your company's needs and to achieve your business goals with the help of SuperbCompanies rank.

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List of the top Mobile App Development Companies in Houston

Updated: 27 September 2023
TekRevol logo
$50 - $99 / hr
United States, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Pakistan


TekRevol was created in Silicon Valley in 2018. Now it is a leading provider of mobile and web development. TekRevol specializes in providing digital services such as the design and development of applications (iOS and Android), websites, games, e-commerce platforms, mobile app support, and other solutions for startups, small firms, and giant corporations. In their portfolio, there are applications for more than 100 happy clients.

Service Focus
  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
Kinetech Cloud logo
$100 - $149 / hr
United States, United Kingdom

Kinetech Cloud

Kinetech is an award-winning provider of custom enterprise software, delivered through the cloud with a focus on improved business productivity. The company focuses on cloud, mobile, and integrated technologies that solve real client problems.

Kinetech's service offerings are configured and integrated with other web services (APIs), platforms, and enterprise applications (CRM, ERP, HCM). Kinetech delivers its offerings via internet browsers and on mobile devices. The company designs, builds, and supports mission critical applications, client / vendor portals, and modernizes legacy systems. Its cloud offerings include the Digital Factory (Manufacturing), Kinetech PM (Construction / Project Management), GovTech (Government Technology) Cloud, and other bespoke solutions (Enterprise Cloud).

Key clients include the City of San Antonio (GovTech Cloud), (Kinetech PM / Digital Factory) a publicly traded pre-fab manufacturer of custom interior and medical spaces, ninety (90) year old Guido Construction (PM Cloud), and an Inc 1000 Benefits provider (Enterprise Cloud).

Service Focus
  • Mobile App Development
  • Consulting
Apptitude logo
$100 - $149 / hr
United States


The future is mobile. Apptitude helps you get there with custom-made, professionally designed and developed native apps for iOS and Android.
Service Focus
  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Development
Simublade logo
$50 - $99 / hr
United States


Simublade develops impactful, game-changing products by being product obsessed, collaboration driven and mission-focused. They work with companies of all sizes to further your current product goals or engineer something together from the ground up.

Simublade is a team of dreamers, explorers and creators passionate about crafting human-centered digital experiences. Together with the clients, they aim to build products that create positive impacts around the world.

Their team lives by agile methodology. Through iterative sprints they design and develop your product with an emphasis on flow, functionality, and reliability to create a flawless user experience.

Service Focus
  • Software Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Design
Groovy Web logo
$25 - $49 / hr

Groovy Web

Groovy Web is highly recommended for building cutting-edge digital solutions like Web, Mobile App, SaaS, MVP, MERN, Bots, and Browser Extensions to help businesses ranging from Startups, Mid-Size, to Enterprises digitize their ideas in time and in budget. Groovy Web is an evolving family of experienced, dedicated, determined, and skilled resources who strives to see you and your product grow and achieve new heights.

Our Offerings:

  • Mobile App Development;
  • Web Development;
  • MERN Stack Development;
  • MEAN Stack Development;
  • SaaS Development;
  • MVP Development;
  • Desktop App Development;
  • Browser Extension Development;
  • Bot Development.

All we care about is to successfully deliver what we promised and within the time we promised. Just like that, we have served more than 250 happy and satisfied clients, and we have worked on more than 500 projects with the rate of retention growing every year.

Service Focus
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development

The mobile app development Houston for a business should be trusted only to professionals. After all, everyone understands that both its work and popularity among users depend on how correctly the application will be developed. Mobile app development companies Houston consider all your requirements and create applications that meet your needs with all the latest technologies and trends.

In general, the process of development of a mobile application by Houston app developers can be divided into the following stages:

  1. analytics;
  2. terms of reference;
  3. design and engineering;
  4. development;
  5. testing and stabilization;
  6. publishing in stores;
  7. support and development.

Modern mobile app development company Houston offers such services as:

  • construction of applications to work based on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Apple Watch;
  • customizing application interfaces for different platforms;
  • mobile website development;
  • building programs for small businesses with connected databases;
  • marketing and promotion of business ideas and applications.

The portfolio of one of the mobile app development companies Houston and customer feedback will help you to choose the best Houston app developers for cooperation. So you can understand if Houston app developers have faced similar projects before, how successful was this experience, and whether they can offer you the most effective solutions based on their previous expertise.

Find answers to all your

Reputable app development companies prioritize app security. They implement encryption protocols, follow best coding practices, conduct regular security audits, and use secure authentication methods to protect user data and prevent unauthorized access.

Mobile app development companies in Houston may use various payment models, including fixed-price contracts, time and material (hourly) billing, or milestone-based payments. The payment model is usually discussed and agreed upon before starting the project.

Yes, many mobile app development companies in Houston can build apps that offer offline functionality. They implement features and data caching techniques that allow users to access certain app functionalities and content even without an internet connection, enhancing the overall user experience.

Ensuring cross-device compatibility is a crucial aspect of app development. Houston-based app development companies conduct thorough testing on different devices, screen sizes, and operating systems to ensure the app works seamlessly across a wide range of devices. They may also use responsive design techniques to adapt the app's layout dynamically based on the user's device.