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Top WordPress Web Development Trends for 2023

By Andrew Johnson • 11 November 2022

WordPress is a powerful website development platform worldwide. As per W3Techs, WordPress is used by 43.3% of websites on the internet. This widely used content management system (CMS) is considered the best CMS.

Top WordPress Web Development Trends for 2023

WordPress enables one to build a website from scratch. From a simple blogging website to a complex web development solution, like an enterprise-level website, you can use WordPress to serve your purpose.

The continual arrival of WordPress development trends creates new possibilities for website owners to make their businesses one step ahead of their competitors.

To successfully implement such trends into your website, you can hire a WordPress development company to ensure your website uses the best practices.

Do you want to know the latest WordPress trends to help you make your website rule in 2023?

This blog post will highlight the top trends you can use in your WordPress website to gain competitive advantages.

WordPress 6.1 With ReactJS

WordPress keeps on releasing its version updates. Even at the end of the year 2022, we will have WordPress 6.1 in the market. This WordPress version lets you use ReactJS as a front-end development technology.

The Best WordPress Development Companies | SuperbCompanies

When you're planning to create a WordPress site, you immediately notice that there are many WordPress development companies. But how do you choose the right one? SuperbCompanies has made a list of the Top WordPress Development Companies.

WordPress 6.1 will focus majorly on improving and expanding the new features from earlier WordPress versions. It will offer more improvised ways of developing websites and web applications with WordPress. Using this latest version of WordPress will ultimately be the latest WordPress web development trend of 2023.

WordPress VIP

WordPress is no longer limited to small and medium-sized businesses. With the emergence of WordPress VIP, it is more convenient to use WordPress for developing complex web development solutions.

It is now an appropriate option if a large business giant is looking to develop a complex website.

WordPress VIP is a high-managed WP hosting platform suitable for large businesses and websites with massive traffic. It is the fastest, highly secure, and has very strict coding standards suitable for developing complex websites or web applications.

Using it is now becoming a major WordPress web development trend that fulfills the need of companies that want to revolutionize and scale their business.

Great Use of Multilingual Support

In this era, the global use of the internet enhances the need for multilingual content on websites. Within the subsequent years, it is expected to see a large use of multilingual content on WordPress sites.

A variety of plugins are available that can be used to create multilingual content. One of the popular plugins is WPML which lets you create separate versions of your website in different languages.

It also includes features like automatic translation and a language switcher, making it easy for site visitors to view your website in their preferred language.

Drag and Drop Page Builders

It is an emerging WordPress web development trend that lets users create their website by choosing the components and customizing them as per their needs. These page builders enable them to see how their web page will look while the edits are being made.

Many page builder plugins are available on WordPress, including Divi Builder, Elementor, Beaver Builder, and others. If you’re still not using page builders for website development, you must try it once. It will help you to customize the blog or website without writing any code.

Parallax Effect

Another emerging web development trend is also popular in making sites with WordPress. Parallax works as an illusion that makes the content and images of your site more attractive.

It is a technique in which the background of a web page stays while the foreground shifts vertically or horizontally. It helps add visual interest to a website and engages users while they scroll through a web page.

By investing in WordPress development services, you can successfully implement the parallax effect on your website and web application and can make it more engaging and appealing.

Chatbot Integration

A major trend that will help you resolve customer queries more effectively. It is an easier mode of communication between humans and machines. This fun and quick way of solving queries will free up your precious time that you can use to focus on other business activities.

Businesses can opt for chatbot integration to deliver quick and efficient customer support by investing in custom WordPress development. It even enables them to resolve customer queries more efficiently.

Voice Search Integration

In this digital era, customers look for convenient options to make exploring websites easier. Voice search is one of the fastest growing trends, as it facilitates customers to no longer type their queries, as they can achieve results by simple voice commands.

It will be even more helpful in an online store, as a site visitor can search and explore a product just by giving some voice commands.

The popularity and success of voice search assistants like Siri and Alexa encourage business owners to integrate such a concept into their business website. You can hire a WordPress development company to serve your purpose of incorporating such a significant trend into your website and web application.

Dark Mode UI

To make your website experience convenient for your users, you can integrate the dark mode user interface concept into your website. It will help your site visitors to read the website content at their convenience.

It helps them to reduce blue light and even saves battery life, making the feature more useful. With a reliable WordPress development company, you can integrate the dark mode feature into your website that facilitates visitors to reduce eye strain and increase website visibility in low-ambient lighting.


WordPress is a widely used CMS used to build a reliable and scalable website. Irrespective of your business size, WordPress development is the best option to get a compelling website for your business.

This website development platform offers numerous plugins that provide users with all the different features that they need in their website or web application. It makes creating the WordPress website development process very interactive and flexible.

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