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Software Development

How to Turn Your Idea into a Working Software Product?

Technology is today's best ally for businesses trying to expand and enhance their productivity and profits.

Andrew Johnson

Content Manager

31 Oct 2022

Nowadays, every merchant, company executive, and startup keeps wondering how to build a working model of software from scratch while they are preparing to launch a new business.

Do you want to bring your software idea to reality?

Are you looking into the process of building a custom software product? But are you unsure of what you require or how to put this idea into a working model?

Continue reading! In this blog, we'll outline its benefits for your business and how to develop a functioning working model of your software idea.

Why must businesses invest in custom software development?

There are various reasons & benefits that influence the decision of businesses of all types to invest in software development. Some of the benefits are:

1. Highly scalable

Custom software is made to meet the unique requirements and standards of your business. This is the first and most obvious benefit that applies to all businesses, regardless of their size, type, or market niche. Software developed to your specifications has all the required features and is carefully tailored to match your unique requirements. Additionally, you can alter it adaptably as your business develops and grows to meet the changing demands.

2. Improves business's workflow

Very likely, your business already utilizes a variety of software to carry out specific functions. They could be difficult to integrate with a product that comes out of the box. On the other hand, new software that is built from scratch is considerably simpler to connect with current software, enables cost savings, and accelerates its release.

3. Accessibility

Typically, a software solution makes a solution accessible from anywhere, at any time, for everyone in your business. Software can simplify things for your workforce, your clients, your directors, and your investors depending on the needs.

4. Reliability

Unauthorized data access is one of the most significant issues nowadays. When you invest in custom software development, you have the chance to select and incorporate the data protection protocols and technologies that are best for your company.

As you've seen the top reasons & benefits of software development, now let's move forward and discuss,

How to turn your idea into a software?

To turn your software idea into a working model, there are a few fundamental steps we advise you to take. The steps are:

1. Do some market & competitive research

You need users for your business to be profitable in order to convert your software idea into a reality. Choosing your target market or audience should be one of the first steps in planning.

  1. What issue does your product or service address?
  2. Who is most likely to require or desire the solution you offer up?
  3. Who has the motivation and resources to use it?

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You must be aware of your competition in regards to your target audience. Finding your competitors and assessing their advantages and disadvantages are both parts of conducting competitive research.

Competitive research includes,

  1. What makes your software unique and better than the rest?
  2. What distribution channels do your rivals use to market their software?
  3. What sort of features do they offer?
  4. Who else provides a service like yours?

Determine how you may differentiate yourself from the competition using the information you have gathered.

2. Select the type of software

There are three types:

  1. System software - Operating systems, disc management, utilities, hardware management, and other fundamental system operations are provided by system software.
  2. Programming software - Building software applications that provide developers with tools such as text editors, compilers, linkers, and debuggers.
  3. Application software - Media players, data management applications, office productivity suites, and security software are a few examples of this category.
  4. Embedded software - Automobiles, industrial robots, telecommunications networks, and other machinery and devices not normally categorized as computers are all controlled by embedded systems software.

3. Build a features list

Clarity and direction will come from outlining your feature list in detail. Any ideas you have regarding your software will become much more focused and precise when written down. It should outline every aspect of your software project, from your goals and software idea to any noticeable or distinctive features you want to use. This list can then be helpful to review, add to, and enhance the overall development of your project through definite changes at team meetings.

4. Build a brand identity

Among the most important steps in making your project a reality is developing a distinctive brand identity that will sell your product. In order to successfully describe and communicate the software to your audience, you must build brand awareness. This will help you be identified and acknowledged. This is accomplished not only through software usage but also by marketing your software through strategies like sharing on social media. Building your brand will influence the navigation, structure, color palette, and typefaces you use in your software, and it will play a crucial role in the software development process.

5. Create a wireframe

You can clarify the needs of your product and define its concept with the aid of a preliminary sketch or wireframe. A wireframe can be made using tools, while a basic drawing can be made on paper. Your software idea and feature list can be further polished once you start working on the sketch or wire frame. Additionally, this aids in determining how to navigate the application properly.

6. Approach staff augmentation firm

Once you have a preliminary wireframe and feature list, you should start looking for providers who can provide resources for software development at a reasonable cost. Make contact with a top staff augmentation company by carrying out a search for them. A competent provider might be able to provide you with some best resources for strengthening your development team. You should examine proposals from various providers that include resource cost and location. You should assess the vendors' willingness to work for you as well as their core competencies, procedure, pricing, and time. Eventually, you ought to be able to decide on a staff augmentation company and begin working with them.

7. Build MVP

An excellent way to explain an idea is through prototyping. Additionally, it enables you to gather feedback and might produce excellent advocates. To make money with your idea, you will typically have to go a step further. The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach is a wonderful way to create something worthwhile with few resources. Using this method, you may test your software's functionality and user approval while also defining the key characteristics that it must have. To gauge users' reactions, you can distribute or deploy the MVP software to a specific group of people in a selected location. If you want to ask potential investors for more funding, MVPs are a good add-on.

8. Start the development

Frontend and backend coding are the two phases that take place concurrently during the software development process. The part that users interact with and can be seen on a screen is known as the frontend or user-side. The data is entirely stored, retrieved, and altered on the server side, or backend, in response to user interactions. Your chosen development team, which is made up of front-end and back-end developers each skilled in a different technology stack, develops both of these phases of the software simultaneously.

To assist you in leading the IT team, you can also contact a professional of your choice. DevOps consulting services can assist you in choosing the features, functionality, or technologies that are best for the project you are building from the start.

9 Testing software

Testing a developed software is an important part of the software development process. It helps ensure that you have a quality product in your hands and nothing more. If you test your software properly, you can catch most bugs before releasing your final product to the public. When you don’t test thoroughly, those bugs can cost you thousands of users and lots of money.

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To ensure that your business keeps expanding and rising, one of the best moves you can make is to invest in software development. The ability to outperform rivals, provide a better customer experience for your clients, and create superior goods and services will all be made possible through custom software development.