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TLK Fusion

TLK Fusion

Value our customers and make them succeed online

Ken Collis and TLK Fusion values our customers highly and makes every effort to serve their needs and make sure we are giving them the best value for their investment by tracking and making progress on the key marketplace indicators we have targeted for their company and client base. While social media has no guarantee of success, TLK Fusion employs the most up to date and highly skilled staff, keeping on top of current trends and changing algorithms to give our clients the most for their social media efforts, across the most relevant platforms. More than any others, TLK Fusion leads the marketplace by effecting world changing disruption for the brands and clients we service – ignoring outdated and now failing marketing strategies of the past to forge a new future where our clients stand head and shoulders above their competitors in the marketplace. TLK Fusion and Ken Collis specialize in Celebrity Alignments and is known throughout celebrity circles for their ability to generate positive attention and bring reputable products and influencers together for everyone’s benefit.

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$100 - $149 / hr
10 - 49
United States

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