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Packetlabs Ltd.

Packetlabs Ltd.

Ready for more than a VA scan?

We offer a variety of services including infrastructure penetration testing, web and mobile application testing, social engineering, red team exercises, source-code reviews and exploit development all to help you protect your most valuable assets – your data and your customers.

Our clients occupy multiple industries including government, technology, media, retail, healthcare, financial, consulting, law enforcement, and more. We mandate each of our consultants to complete the most advanced penetration testing training available in the industry. The minimum qualification our resources have is the OSCP, which requires the successful completion of a 24-hour practical certification challenge.

Our slogan, Ready for more than a VA scan?® proves our commitment to the industry to provide only expert-level penetration testing. Our team of consultants think outside the box to find weaknesses others overlook, and continuously learn new ways to evade controls in modern networks. We refuse to compromise on the thoroughness of our testing and will never outsource our engagements.

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