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Lithuania, United States, Germany, Singapore, Vietnam

NFQ Technologies

Software engineering and digital innovation

NFQ Technologies is an international digital innovation company. We implement projects for software engineering and product development, business digitalization, BI, and data science, and also provide UX, UI, CRO and consulting services, for travel, omnichannel retail, transport, logistics and sharing economy businesses across the globe.

We're happy to work with VC-backed startups, corporate spin-offs, and established businesses in need of reliable technology and sustainable scalability. We’re also ready to partner with consulting firms in search of comprehensive engineering support.

We have successfully built high-competence software engineering teams to work on the core of Kayak and drive the technology for the world’s leading vacation rental marketplace HomeToGo.

We also provide sophisticated solutions for the transport and logistics industry, from logistics process automation to door-to-door parcel delivery.

Our 500+ strong team is pushing the boundaries of possible beyond expectations.

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