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National Billing Partners

National Billing Partners

National Billing Partners is an Austin-based medical billing and collections company that serves multiple healthcare providers across the US. The company deals with insurance verification, compliance assurance and regulatory support, medical billing, and an array of critical financial services to help its clients streamline and boost their businesses. National Billing Partners’ experienced staff provide medical practices with control over their medical billing through vigorous support at all stages of the revenue cycle – enabling them to concentrate on the core activities.

NBP reveals each client’s unique medical billing needs and customizes its services accordingly.

Some of the common medical billing challenges the company solves include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Reporting and financial practice management;
  • Insurance benefits verification/pre-certifications;
  • Coding, billing, and collections;
  • Denial and underpayment management;
  • Staff Training;
  • A/R and claim management;
  • Insurance Contract Negotiation;
  • Financial Oversight, Benchmarking, and Financial Projections;
  • Managed Care Services.

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United States