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We build high performance Django and React apps

Mirumee specializes in high performance Django applications and e-commerce. We offer web development and support services for the companies around the world. We have over eight years of experience in building beautifully designed scalable and maintainable web applications. We love giving back, so we contribute to open-source as much as possible. We craft and maintain Saleor — an open-source e-commerce platform for perfectionists. We believe it is our duty to support the community we are part of. This means both in active cooperation and in providing financial support. We proudly sponsor Django: Under the Hood and our developers are also often seen coaching at Django Girls. Mirumee also supports Django Software Foundation via Corporate Membership. Every month we organize Mirumee Talks — an engineering meetup that is free for everyone to come and enjoy. We love sharing what we know and what we are currently up to our in the techy trenches. Talk. Share. Learn.

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$50 - $99 / hr
10 - 49