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Matterhorn Public Relations

Matterhorn Public Relations

Matterhorn PR started shortly after Matterhorn Business Solutions and Bill Borger Jr. worked together on Bill’s $600,000 Calgary Handi-Bus fundraiser / Mount Everest Expedition of May 2011. This collaboration began in November of 2010 and saw Bill become the first-Canadian-ever (fifth-ever in the world) to have both swum the English Channel and to have climbed Mt. Everest.

Not only was over $500,000 raised for the Calgary Handi-Bus but together Bill and our Matterhorn PR team created a blueprint for public relations management, strategies, and tactics. This blueprint has since been used for MANY of our clients.

The testimony to this venture is that Bill and our leadership now share a strong friendship and they regularly meet to discuss business strategies for Borger Group of Companies and for Matterhorn PR.

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